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  1. Welcome Agathor! I am new on Politics and War as well! I would recommend you join an Alliance that's in the top 50, and one that can help you grow and give tips! Best of luck, - Louis II, Prince of Monaco
  2. Welcome B0SS! I am relatively new on Politics and War as well, and I can sure tell you it has been amazing so far! Best of luck, - Louis II, Prince of Monaco
  3. Hello Richard! Very interesting description! I would recommend more water! ? Cheers! - Louis II, Prince of Monaco
  4. Monday, May 21st 2018; Does Trump Fear China? On Sunday, May 20th, in a surprising announcement from the Trump Administration, the United States announced it would pull back on its plan to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. This is a surprising move from the United States and the Trump Administration in particular, because for months now the Administration has been tweeting about how China's "unfair" trading practices. The Secretary of the Treasury for the United States called the hiatus "putting the trade war on hold." Many members of the Congress from the Republican party are saying that China is winning the negotiations and say that the United States is being blocked by China without tariffs China can keep stealing intellectual property & keep blocking our companies while they invest in the United States without limits of how China can do this. The abrupt reversal had even seasoned trade experts scratching their heads, with some expressing concern that the United States had weakened its position with on-again, off-again threats of a trade war.
  5. Nope, no reports of Prince Louis II of Monaco ever crossdressing or anything.
  6. In this thread you give a critique of the above nation This means you criticize a nation's policies, government, people, military, etc. (Not OOC stuff though because that's a bit flamey, speaking of which be civil when criticizing the AN, don't say "You gay lol" or something stupid like that.) Rules No Flaming Keep it Civil Have fun
  7. June 22, 1922 Prince Louis II stares outside of his luxury suite inside the Palace in Monte Carlo. Today is the day he becomes Prince of Monaco. Prince Louis II has waited for this day to come for a long time. A knock on his door interrupts his thoughts. "Good morning sire, time to get you ready." his aide Johann Bichen sat waiting for the Prince's response. Prince Louis II sat staring out his window looking at the Palace Gardens below him. He turned around and looked at his aide. "Are the preparations moving forward directly as we planned?" "Of course, sire. The guests will be arriving soon." Prince Louis II knew he had to make an impression to his guests for he knew he would need their support to create a new Empire.
  8. So on May 14th, 2018 the United States moved it's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Historically since the late stages of 1990 the US Presidents could have moved the Embassy to Jerusalem, but they all declined to move the Embassy and keep it in Tel Aviv. I personally think that this was huge for the Trump Administration and he is delivering on his campaign promises. Moving the Embassy to Jerusalem will increase our tradeship with Israel and will increase relations with Israel. The United States having strong relations with Israel will benefit both the United States and Israel for military, diplomatic relations, and trade. Now of course the Palestinians are going to protest this move that the United States made, but it shows that Donald Trump is not scared to deal with them. All in all I think this was a great move towards eventual peace in Israel and our friendship with Israel.
  9. Monacan Wehrmacht Information Monacan Heer - Armeekorps (Infantry, Cavalry, Armor, Artillery) - Landwehr (the National Guard, Militia Units) - Abwehr (Military Police, Intelligence Department) - Unterstützungsdienst (Support service) Simplified Statistics Motto -- "Deo Juvante" Colors -- White, and Red Role -- Protecting Kaiserliches Monaco and its interests by ground force. ( Size -- 2, 401, 250 Total 1, 250, 300 Reserve 1 ,150, 950 Active ) Organization Kriegsmarine - Kriegsschiff Abteilung (Warship Department) - Unterseeboot Abteilung (Submarine Department) - Unterstützungsdienst (Support service) Simplified Statistics Motto -- "Deo Juvante" Colors -- White, and Red Role -- Protecting Monacan ally waters and its interests through marine warfare. ( Size -- 451, 070 Total 162, 680 Reserve 288, 390 Active ) Artillery Numbers: 50, 000 Naval Ships: 150 Tanks: 500 (Military is Fully Equipped) Armory *Our arms are directly from Germany who is our primary trade partner Small Arms Luger P08 The main semi-automatic pistol of the German Empire. Equipped with a detachable 8-round magazine or a 32-round drum magazine with 9mm Parabellum rounds, fire rate of 116 per minute. Beholla Pistol Second standard-issue pistol. Iron sights, detachable 7-round magazine. 7.65x17mm rounds are fired from a 75mm barrel. Has a rate of fire of 95 rounds per minute. Mauser C97 A automatic machine pistol issued to direct combat troops. Utilizes an internal, upgraded 35 round magazine with .45 APC or 9mm rounds. Gewehr 98 The standard bolt-action rifle of the German Wehrmacht. Utilizes 5 round stripper clips with a fire rate of 15 rounds per minute. Makes use of 7.92×57mm rounds. Its effective firing range goes up to 500m, the rifle is known for its precision. Gewehr 1888 Non-standard issue, yet the Landwehr uses the rifle. 5 round clip in a permanent internal magazine. Utilizes 7.92x57mm cartridges, fire rate of 15 rounds per minute. MP-19 Main submachine gun of the Wehrmacht. Fires 9mm or 7.6 rounds from either a 35 round drum magazine or from a 60 round box magazine. Equipped with a universal safety mechanism. MG 09 Heavy machine gun of the German Empire. Requires a 4 man crew to operate, fires 8x57mm cartridges via a 200-round belt. 600 rn. per minute. MG 15nA Standard light machine gun of the Wehrmacht. Puts 8×57mm cartridges to use via a short recoil system. Magazine belts vary between 150 and 200. Capable of handing out 500 rpm. MG 11 Variation of the Madsen. Fires 7.92x57mm Mauser rounds adapted to a 50 round magazine. Can make do with 550 rounds per minute. MG 11 Aircraft machine gun, the rate of fire is 700 rounds per minute. Fires 8x57mm rounds with a 7.9mm caliber that uses an electromagnetic trigger. Support Weapons Flammenwerfer M.16 Man-portable, backpack flamethrower, requires a two-man crew to operate. Mauser T-Gewehr Anti-tank rifle of the Wehrmacht. Two man crew to operate fires 13.2mm TuF cartridges, and single-shot system with a 500m range. M17 Stielhandgranate Standard Wehrmacht issue grenade, metal cover cap, TNT explosive filling, friction igniter with a 4-second delay. Lanz Minenwerfer Light infantry mortar with a breech-loading system. 91.5mm caliber mostly fires 3.8kg shells. Maximum firing range of 450m. Mittlerer Minenwerfer Medium mortar of the German army. Utilizes a 170mm caliber with an adaptable elevation. The range of fire goes up to 1.600m and can fire 20 rounds per minute. Infanteriegeschütz L/21 German infantry support gun used for the destruction of machine gun nests. 40mm caliber, capable of firing 30 rounds per minute. Effective firing range of 2.300m. Infanteriegeschütz L/27 Infantry support weapon, 77mm caliber, fires 6.85kg rounds with a maximum range of 7.800 meters. Armored Vehicles Sturmpanzerwagen Niedersachsen Main light armor tank of the Wehrmacht. Operated by a crew of 5 men, this tank reaches a speed of 20km/h with an operational range of 130km. 32mm of welded armor shield the vehicle, the crew operating two MG 09's alongside a 57mm cannon. TYE-2LC "Amalric I" Tank A light tank designed in the Tyre, it reaches a stunning speed of 40km/h while carrying a 4 man crew. A machine gun sits in the front under a strong 14 pounder gun, guarding the crew is 30mm of welded armor. Two key features are a 360-degree cupola and a periscope for the driver. Sturmpanzerwagen Preussen Super-heavy tank of the Armeekorps. The vehicle is operated by a 9 man crew, its main armament being a 75mm forward gun with MG 09's on the front, sides, and rear. Has a side-turnable cupola. Reaching up a speed of 14km/h, it is slowed down by welded 45mm armor in vital areas and 30mm elsewhere. Panzer Colossus Medium tank produced by the Swiss, requires a 5 man crew to operate, features 45mm armor alongside one 75mm velocity gun/one 155mm howitzer/heavy flamethrower/4 barreled AA cannons. Secondary armament consists of two 7.92x57mm machine guns. Capable of reaching a speed of 31.8km/h. 186km OR. Ehrhardt E-V/5 Refined design of the original V/4, this armored car features 9mm armor with three MG 11 machine guns. Capable of carrying up to 9 men, the vehicle can reach a speed of 64km/h. Mostly used for policing and escort purposes. Artillery FK 16 Field gun of the Wehrmacht, boasts a 77mm caliber breech-loading system that fires 77x230mm shells, has a maximum firing range of 10.700m. K 09 Heavy, breech-loading field gun with a 135mm caliber that fires 42kg shells. Has a maximum range of 16.500m. K 16 Heavy field gun used for coastline defense or general artillery duties. Has a 149mm caliber that shoots 51kg shells, max. firing range of 22.000m. K 17 German long-range field gun, utilizes a 105mm caliber for 18.5kg shells, a maximum range of 16.500m, and breach loader with a block system. FH 98/09 10.5mm howitzer with a 105mm caliber, maximum fire capability range of 6.300m. IeFH 16 Field howitzer that fires both high explosive and armor piercing shells. 9.225m firing range, various shells are fireable. SfH 13 Heavy field howitzer, 149.1mm caliber, fires 42kg high explosive shells, 8.800m range. Mörser 16 Heavy mortar-type howitzer of the German Wehrmacht. 211mm caliber, uses a sliding wedge firing system, 11.100m range. M-Gerät L/12 Heavy mortar-type howitzer of the German Wehrmacht. 211mm caliber, uses a sliding wedge firing system, 11.100m range. SK L/45 Naval gun converted to a coastal defense battery. A 210mm caliber fires 113.5kg shells. Flak 16 88mm AA cannon, fires 9kg shells. Navy Vessels "König" class Dreadnought Grand class battleship/dreadnought of the Kriegsmarine. Reaches a speed of 21 knots while owning 400mm, 350-300mm and 200mm armor in different areas. Utilizes 10 large guns of 381mm, 18 guns of 153mm, 4 anti-aircraft guns, 8 submerged torpedo tubes of 530mm and 8 saluting guns of 47mm. Depth charges and a sonar radar are maintained. L20 a-class Battleship German design battleship, reaches a speed of 26 knots while carrying an armament of eight 42cm cannons, twelve 15cm cannons, eight 8.8cm cannons and three 70cm torpedo tubes. Armor between 350 to 150mm. "Derfflinger" class Battlecruiser Kriegsmarine battlecruiser with a speed of 26.5 knots. Utilized in the design is armor between 100-300mm, the ship has eight 30.5cm cannons, twelve 15cm cannons, twelve 8.8cm cannons and 4 torpedo tubes. "Opriz" class Battlecruiser Battlecruiser of the navy, the design has been laid out with 230, 190 and 100mm armor, carries 4 aircraft. Reaches a speed of 35 knots while carrying six 38.1cm cannons, six 15cm cannons, eight 10.5cm cannons and twenty-five AA's, alongside these six torpedo tubes. "Hangelberg" class Battlecruiser Capable of reaching a speed of 32 knots, these foreign battlecruisers carry with them four 15-inch Mk I guns, 16 5.5inch Mk 1 guns, four QF 4-inch AAs and ten 21 inch torpedo tubes. Armor between 305, 279 and 127mm. "Königsberg" class Light Cruiser A class of light cruisers, capable of reaching a speed of 27.5 knots. Armed with eight 15cm L/45 guns, three 8.8cm AA guns, 4 torpedo tubes and 200 sea mines. 60mm armor placed all around. SM U-19 Submarine boat built for the German navy. Designed to reach a speed of 15 knots when on water, the speed lowering itself to 9 knots when submerged. Additionally with an operational range of 18.000m, armed with four 50cm torpedo tubes, one 8.8cm gun, two 10.5 cm guns and one light, 3.7cm gun. “Danzig” class Aircraft Carrier The single German aircraft carrier model, capable of holding 25 planes with 150-200mm armor and a speed of 24 knots. Present on deck is six 140mm guns and four AA guns. “Lützow” class Monitor light bombardment ship of the German navy, capable of reaching a speed of 11 knots with 100/200mm armor for defense. Two 381mm guns are reinforced by two 150mm guns, another two 381mm are on deck with the 102mm support of 8 guns, 4 AAs, and depth charges. A-class torpedo boat light destroyers utilized as coastal ship-sinkers. The reachable speed is 27 knots, meanwhile, they are armed with a 45mm torpedo tube and two 8.8mm guns. Simplified Statistics Uniforms
  10. Alright thank you. I will think about it.
  11. Hello everyone, I am currently looking for a new alliance due to mine being inactive and cannot support my nation as I grow. Below you can find what I am looking for: Requirements: Help Smaller Nations Have an active discord Have an active Alliance government and a chance for smaller nations to get involved Active RPs Strong Military Forces Active nations Thank you all!
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