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  1. MY KITCHEN ’tis of thee, Sweet Soup of liberty, Of thee I sing. Home of a boiling pride, Where glorious chefs reside, From every table side, Let freedom ring!
  2. Thanks guys ❤️ I'm trying to eat healthier for the new year, so I made some motivational beer cans: DIET Now just imagine your own beer or soda brand...
  3. Dodge Colt Toyota 2000GT Nissan Skyline Volvo 240 VW Golf Harlequin Ford Escort Mk2
  4. Thanks, that means a lot I saw your Christmas announcement — I'm aspiring to that poster, haha.
  5. Hello to Mister and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea — I'm VERANO, rhymes with PIANO, and am a bit of a noob to P&W. But a long, long time ago, in a different username, I used to play this game called "Cyber Nations" (pre-Karma), and a beautiful failure called Lunar Wars, too... I was never anyone very important (all I did was sew flags), but if anyone knows anyone who was close to "Chimney" Chimera the once-and-always Emperor of the IAA, tell them I'm sorry I disappeared and I miss 'em all the time. I've aged like a decade since (yikes), and I'm still getting used to this Discordant post-Invision world, but I'm trying to find my way, make some friends, and maybe even meet the love of my life ? (just kidding - what is love, even?) So hopefully I can put my itching nostalgia for CN's elaborate costume dramas to rest in this game, and stick around a bit longer, too. (Fun fact: I was legitimately introduced to Cyber Nations through my middle school teacher. She said it was "educational", and boy was she wroignht. God bless New Jersey.)
  6. HOLLINGSWORTH UNITED FORCE (Defunct) Monogram, posters, and textured flag. The monogram's crown is made of two H's. Because the alliance didn't have a recruitment thread, none of the posters were ever used. The alliance also recently ceased to exist, so unfortunately these assets will never be used. But they remain here in posterity.
  7. DUMB Artefact, Logo, and Monogram. Inspired by corporate logography of the late 20th century.
  8. The Newark Iconographica is a foundry for graphic design, custom-made insignia, silk flags, and gilded signatures. Temporarily Out of Stock Formerly branded as the Galleria di Jersey and Trenton Arts Workshop.
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