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  1. If he was using a VPN, he'd still have the same IP, and thus the same Unique ID, unless he's gonna change to a different country for each account. I'd keep an eye on the ID, to see if it changes. Are you 100% positive that it's the same guy?
  2. You can already see their IP. Just go to their profile in-game and click on the "Unique ID." For example, you can see yours here. This was introduced as a way to find out if a player was cheating and/or using multis. Although you can't see their actual IP, if they're on the same network, they will be under the same Unique ID.
  3. TL;DR AT BOTTOM This sounds an awful lot like the military perks suggestion by Viselli. To help summarise why I dislike both ideas, let me quote the great god Sheepy: It seems like Alex is trying to make the game a little easier for these noobs. Adding a whole bunch of confusing mechanics is not going to help with this. That's why I think we should simplify ideas like these. Here's something I posted on the military perks suggestion thread a while back: Simple, intuitive blocs like this will help newbies find their way around and discover their playstyle. TL;DR: Too complicated for the noobs. Building off the built-in, non-functioning Perks system with simpler ideas and "skill trees" (maybe - on the fence about this one...) will be better for people who have just started up their nation.
  4. Literally all of this. Not kidding. I even have a Jed body pillow... WIAT A SCEOND IS HTIS FOR TEH ORBIA AWARDS?1???!!??
  5. Welcome. We, from the Code of Honor, welcome you! ? As per your "Swiss model," be sure to ALWAYS max out commerce. You ever know if they market's gonna crash, again, after all. ? Commerce is a safe bet that will always reap a reward. Also, be sure to focus your military on Aircraft. They're the most effective (kinda). Good luck!
  6. @Alex I don't see why not, for all the reasons Ivan has outlined.
  7. I disagree. Right now, Alex is focusing on making the game intuitive. If we really want this, maybe having it in sets would be better. For example, Comms and Flamethrowers could work together - they both make them more powerful. There could be blocs like "Power," "Efficiency," "Defense," and so on. If we have it like this, it could quickly become overwhelming to new players.
  8. Exactly. The general idea is that we want to make coming into this game as smooth a transition as possible. Adding more confusing mechanics is not going to help this. @Alex, you have my go-ahead.
  9. Do you really expect a noob to understand what a "trade bloc" is? For all they know, it's just a typo.
  10. Thanks for you guy's recommendations, but I'm looking for specifics at the moment. Like, I want to know the interest rates for the different banks, paying policies, etc. I'm really looking for a post like this:
  11. I would like to ask that @Alex would lock this thread, so I can eternally be the last person to say anything.
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