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  1. You probably should have chosen a panel of judges that understand the categories and have the ability to be fair and unbiased in their judgment. I personally would give the fastest growing alliance within the past 2 months to the Avengers Way to Go Krystel and Team!!
  2. Interesting idea Fraggle but can you be more specific. Coal is directly connected to steel so are the sights set in that direction. Why coal?
  3. Hello guys, our first topic is regarding the resource market and the various ways that it can be used to add value to a business portfolio.
  4. Hello I’m looking to find out more information about the CFO and COO positions posted. Thank you Sir Reknott
  5. I appreciate the feedback. Bank safety Is best accomplished how?
  6. I’m interested in investing where can I get details?
  7. I’m trying to find out the process
  8. How does one start a bank or lending institute
  9. For the integrity and prosperity of our member nations and our alliance commonwealth we form this Alliance of The Most High Kingdom. Our goals are multifaceted and we intend to achieve those goals maintaining within our alliance mutual respect and honor with the strong bonds of brotherhood. Our principal purpose is to become the Supreme Alliance of the nations with fidelity to our constitution and laws holding aloft the banner of fair Politics and War. Join Our Alliance
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