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  1. adding such mentioned quality changes to increase options for treaty web visualization sounds cool to me, (since i really like to just at a random given time just fling them around and get angry that i cant fling them into space but i digress) However i wonder if this idea were actually implemented? How different would you think it might be to your original idea? but since this post is pretty simple, probably your original thoughts with maybe some other cool features?
  2. (insert counter argument that is clearly really bad) Well who is an impostor to not and try to convince you and me they are someone else?
  3. Imagine trying to name a P&W war an unfunny name *;)
  4. Did Alex steal the air money too? I believe you have atleast some, am i not correct?
  5. I was going to write something about how much i honor that you would admit to your mistakes, however i feel as if that would be too emotionally integrated and clearly directed at making me more 'prominant' in this situation despite the fact that nobody would care about my post neither would most P&W players actually react to it. HOWEVER, i was quite sad that i could not find the words for a joke about this situation, or without introducing what i said i already wanted to avoid. I really like to make comedy of possibly the most serious, neutral, or 'emotionally deep' situations. In all seriousness, Farewell.
  6. Theres a new bug in P&W for commendations and denouncements: panik You Message him about the bug because he reads all messages* : calm Its ThanksGiving, hes not on today: panik! You posted an unfunny meme about it on a forum that nobody posts memes on: calm NOBODY POSTS MEMES: F*
  7. a man staring into the empty void, contemplating his choices, questioning why this universe was created, why he was sent here, going deep into the recesses of their memory, questioning ones own consciousnesses. As the man goes insane he gives up as he realizes he has been trapped in this world forever,as to not upset whoever has brought upon him the worst punishment a man could face.. staying perfectly still and silent.
  8. I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees. The trees say "If you arent active in the next 20 hours I swear to god I will become the alliance banker, I want my bauxite back. Unfunny memes or images: post here |
  9. I mean, focusing on increasing your annual average income (for your citizens) not the tax rate, If I would assume the tax rate does tax your average annual income by your population, this would be how you would create tax revenue (even if the tax rate doesnt change depending on your policies, i would assume it would have an around a 5% basis that doesn't change. (Focusing on increasing your citizens annual income instead of taxes. This could only partly be true if taxes (whatever the basis would be) does interfere with your annual average income (citizens) So your tax rate would go up if youre annual average income goes down? and vice versa so it would always be the same, and depend on your population.. or would it just be if your taxes go up your annual average income goes down, but not vice versa?
  10. Does Increasing your citizens average annual income increase the money from which you tax your citizens? if I would tax my citizens by 15% and they had an average income of $60,000 (annually) and I had 300,000 population, I would receive 4.5 billion dollars (US dollars) this would be a lot of money, this would only happen annually though (in P&W years I would assume) Since it could not be manipulated, you could only achieve such godly amounts of revenue through increasing your commerce, there fore increasing citizens national income. A nation with much more population could possibly receive tens of billions of dollars each P&W year or 182 real life days which is why Its 2058 instead of 2020. (Only assuming this is how the game works) I would wonder if you would collect taxes daily which would be 1% of the revenue of the annual tax revenue. (or if it would collect your entire annual taxes daily) which would be insane amounts of money (This would probably be diminished by many other factors, but I digress) So if a nation in P&W had the average annual income of a real life nation, take Iceland or the United states, would create insane amounts of money (of course every 182 real life days, so perhaps it would be belittled? unless thats not how the tax system works, and it taxes your annual average income every day? Of course though, reaching $60,000 annual average income would be insanely hard to reach, if not improbable, possible, but improbable, perhaps taking tens of years to reach that goal, sacrificing military security, etc. unless I were exaggerating.. I wonder what the maximum possible average annual income is.
  11. Time to read the whole Wiki three times so I can understand this. (joined 2020) All i know: War = maybe bad | people = mad | duck with knife = good or bad? Literally everyone i know in P&W: haha my OBL baseball team better than yours haha! People who are in Global War 16: -$1b and 9 nukes 6 wars, my infa destroyed, this is bad. My inactive account that got deleted before i made my new one: Gonna cry? lmao your trash. *10 pop* *10 infra* relevance: page 1/10
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