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  1. I'm not sure how SK is participating when it's an AA of all pretty much retired players that haven't deleted their nations for some reason (seriously I don't know why I still maintain it. Pretty sure we're just getting raided for kicks. Not important rambling of bad game mechanic: The city tiering still stucks though. I have 24 cities and one of my attackers has 30. 27 to 24 ain't even bad, but 30 vs 24 is straight up diarrhea. Literally a 25% increase. That's an issue of how the scoring value of cities has always been horrible though and not scalar like it should have been 5yrs ago. #fixthegamesheepy Anyways, enjoy your war kiddos.
  2. Interesting changes. I still think cities scoring needs to change some to increase as you have more instead of a flat value.
  3. So basically copy Cybernations with a slight addition. Also on the main topic, removing beige will just cause more slot filling. There's literally no in-game system to say a micro not tied to any AA is or is not in an AA that slot fills is breaking any rules.
  4. Great work to the obviously time consuming investigations and for enforcing standard rules that are in basically all games across the internet. To those involved in it, shame on you and you don't deserve a temporary ban. There's a reason Terms of Service exist. Good luck to everyone else that is still playing.
  5. Says the guy playing a game that runs about 80% off of numbers. Statistics exist for a reason. They're not for the mathematically challenged though.
  6. From what I've seen from years in these nation sims is that NPO has, ever since coming from CN, tried to pull CN's gameplay style into PW. Contrary to how some people argued/stated every bit of display over time has proven this to be true. NPO isn't alone in this cause either. They're just a larger component of it. Months long wars in a game that moves at 3x the pace of CN is atrocious and ruins this game. You can try to spin your words anyway you want, but actions all point to the fact that this game has become extremely boring due to the community. You can bash on the relatively large issues the game still has, but many of these issues are still exploited by those that can, instead of having even and ounce of integrity. These forums are equally dismal. Too much trolling and not enough actual playing. This game can only be fixed by the players. Good luck!
  7. I'm not your friend and I don't need your sass. I just prefer to read less cancer on the OWF. It's just a dream though I guess. There's reasons why this game has become as it has, and stuff like this doesn't help. You of all people should know that. You've been here long enough.
  8. This should be retracted. Credits should also be reduced trade-in value. Really if anything, the thing PW suffers mostly from is no hard resets.
  9. A 3 hour war... This thread seems more like spam to me. Can we keep the forums a bit more professional please?
  10. I've learned that it's better to not trust anything anyone says. Least of all anyone with a big head or inflated ego. Just typing sophisticated doesn't make one smart.
  11. I'm more surprised that parti is still playing this game. I don't even know why I am still, which surprises me just as much. GF I suppose.
  12. I don't get the crossover. Too new age I think. GL I guess?
  13. Lol. Guy deletes his nation. What a sap. Why am I still playing this game though? No one knows how to war anymore anyways.
  14. I went on a half-deployment at the start of the war and back before the end (lol). From my observation and knowing PW mechanics (that haven't changed since it's inception), it only took about 3 months more than needed. We coulda' already been through an entire second war after recovery of the first one by now just for kicks or to keep the game more interesting. Good fight to all involved though. Cheers to better futures~~ Oya! o/
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