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  1. Valdoroth

    Terminal Jest: TGH surrender

    I'm more surprised that parti is still playing this game. I don't even know why I am still, which surprises me just as much. GF I suppose.
  2. Valdoroth

    SNN-Consolidate Your Credibility and Save!

    I don't get the crossover. Too new age I think. GL I guess?
  3. Valdoroth

    My last request after deleted my nation

    Lol. Guy deletes his nation. What a sap. Why am I still playing this game though? No one knows how to war anymore anyways.
  4. Valdoroth

    Good Game Grumpy

    I went on a half-deployment at the start of the war and back before the end (lol). From my observation and knowing PW mechanics (that haven't changed since it's inception), it only took about 3 months more than needed. We coulda' already been through an entire second war after recovery of the first one by now just for kicks or to keep the game more interesting. Good fight to all involved though. Cheers to better futures~~ Oya! o/
  5. Valdoroth

    API upgrades, plz

    Agreed for the city manager. This would vastly speed up my current system in-place that pulls all my alliance cities. Or just convert the individual cities into just the city manager with all relevant info. I doubt most people have much use of only a single city's data rather than all the cities in a nation.
  6. Valdoroth

    69 Days Later

    Exactly right. About 110% jealous. Divided by the number of cares I give (hint: cares given < 1) Am I not allowed to give flak and not be complained at too? That's alliance-ist!!
  7. Valdoroth

    69 Days Later

    So the war was about 50-59 days too long. Nice work guys. You really showed them up! Give yourselves a large pat on the back.
  8. You read wrong. Re-read it again. I said those not in alliance either don't get the bonus, or only half the bonus. The issue is that basically no matter how good your income is, more people on a color basically lowers the rates.
  9. Simplify stuff. If you're not in an alliance, you simply don't get the bonus, or not being in an alliance reduces the bonus by half. That's pretty straight forward and promotes wanting to be in an alliance. With the new-comers bonuses, it hardly takes any effort to get them up to snuff so they're not much of a liability. You could also just use only 10% of the avg of the turn revenues within a color, with the cap staying at 75k. That'd require a 750k turn revenue avg to even cap out. Nothing elaborate needed and still decently tough for the avg nation to attain. Not everything in the game needs some sorta complex formula to be more balanced, or even properly work. It's also significantly easier to adjust simple stuff if needed. 10% seem to high, just lower it some. Easy, quick, and less work.
  10. Valdoroth

    And So the Dust Settles

    You are responding exactly how I just explained is one of the reasons why pw has gone downhill. Also, I never once claimed you lost. Also I did not say you don't fight back. Obviously that'd be stupid. Clearly you did not understand what I said a single bit.
  11. Valdoroth

    And So the Dust Settles

    Not everyone here likes CN-styled war, and you haven't got over the major differences even still. Shoot, half the active players in PW now probably don't even know what CN is. Wars are fought not on the ability to be able to fight back, because then you'd have perpetually never-ending wars since everything in PW is relatively quick to build. This is the primary error in your thinking. The main aspect of war is knocking your opponents down fast, which is how PW is designed. The risk is not getting the jump on or not having good counters (mostly the latter). That's how wars in PW are. That's why older AA blocks and how Arggh still persists so well. The flipside and counter to your "doormat" is that if you have been beat down a few times consecutively and actually accept your losses, there ARE enough reasonable leaders and players that will respect your inability to rebuild, and let you rebuild back. However, when you consistently flame and complain, you'll never get the respect that you're wanting. A change in attitude is needed from most of PW, but since that'll never happen, this game will continue to drovel in the mud-hole that it currently is in. Trying to be a single power-house only goes so far, as we've seen, and if one continues to try to be top of the pyramid and doesn't respect their opponents and those below them, they'll obviously be looked at as a PoS by anyone not. Respect your opponents, whether you win or lose. Glad to see that there were no reps were demanded at least. There is almost always enough damage dealt in infra alone to not need reparations. Reps are better suited to more particular cases between alliances than general large-scale wars, and should be dealt similarly even within large-scale if they are deemed valid.
  12. Valdoroth

    And So the Dust Settles

    This is the same conclusion that should have been reached like 3 weeks ago. Wars in PW CAN and SHOULD be quick. The outcomes are decided typically within the first 12 days, like it or not. Sheepy even added attrition war to make them faster. If you enjoy war, have shorter wars instead of cold-wars for months on end and then actual wars for month+ long duration. You'll enjoy it more. For those of us who were too big to hit anyone even after getting rid of nearly half my military, it's extremely boring when you drag out wars needlessly among only low-tiers. That's my 2-cents. 'Grats on the "peace" I suppose.
  13. Valdoroth

    War Stats 2.0

    This is how I see everything BK most everyone says: https://imgur.com/r/gifs/4W6a7sg
  14. Valdoroth

    War Stats 2.0

    Ok, then take every 2-3hrs instead of daily, even 6 probably. Then you get even the infra re-buys. Granted rebuying infra during a war isn't very smart, but knowing how people play this game (both politically and not) I'm really not surprised. The entire sheet has a vast majority of the values wrong. You're trying to use data that is invalid as a valid argument point. It doesn't work that way.
  15. Valdoroth

    War Stats 2.0

    Point being, that tracking sheet is 100% useless for basing anything since everyone's data is wrong in one way or another. You can try to blame Alex for his stat tracker not working correctly, but ultimately you're the one using it. That's on you. If you want accuracy, you simply measure daily infra and military levels, then net those values. That's about all you really needed to look at. If you wanted to look at a very generalized, you track whole AA totals instead of individual players. The numbers of both should add up with errors being VM-ers and deletions.

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