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  1. Yeah, I read the document. Sorry to say this, but there's literally dozens of screenshots PROVING that they were running this setup for months. They then proceeded to destroy evidence not realizing Alex had already found it and screenshot it, then refused his attempts to offer them a lighter sentence in exchange for an offense he already knew they committed. If you guys wanna be mad at anybody, be mad at the NPO government for willingly cheating.
  2. Nope, joined BotC before Minesome recruited me into TMC
  3. Still does, just taking a hiatus.
  4. Funny, I didn't see Politics and War crash and burn like the 1929 stock market when Pantheon's banking system got robbed the first three or four times.
  5. Then stop making me repeat myself. You're not getting paid by TCM for the theft. End.
  6. I probably should've thought of that... eh. I'll allow it. One bet per person, though.
  7. First, never said we were gonna attack, just rebuild and recruit to prevent this happening again, as you were told in Discord. Second, we both know you only posted this to virtue-signal to GOONS in an attempt at getting peace. Ever watch the news? If there's one thing a leftist mob doesn't get, it's "forgiveness." Mark my words, they WILL find an excuse to roll on you. They did it to Nokia. They won't stop until they get their hands on TCM. And if anyone here fancies themselves a gambler, the betting pool on WHEN they'll attack can be found at
  8. Here's my betting pool of how long it's going to take GOONS to find some half-baked excuse to try and roll the alliance of EM paid for this. Betting will last until 12 A.M. December 1st, and the minimum bet is $1, the maximum bet is 500k. Your bet must be within the next year, and must be a specific timeframe, (2 weeks, 6 months, ect,). Therefore claiming sometime between now and eternity as your bet will not work. To place your bet, post your name, betting amount, betting guess, and nation id in the box below. Send me the cash you're betting, and if your bet is within 30 days of the rolling of the alliance mentioned above, double your money back. Example, if you bet $5,000 on GOONS finding an excuse in 2 weeks, and they do it in five weeks, you win $10,000. If you bet $5,000 on 6 months, and they do it in 3 months, you get nothing. In-game cash only. My nation link here: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=147052 Keep in mind, they have to actually declare the war for it to be valid. Saying "TCM aRe TrAnSpHoBiC or some other inane stuff then not follow through, it doesn't apply, since there's no rolling.
  9. You're not getting the white flag. You're not getting reparations. And I said Pantheon, a top ten alliance. needed help to AVOID getting beaten by a micro-bloc. But congratulations on starting, fighting, and pulling your allies into a war that was completely pointless, since, I repeat, you're never getting anything from us, and now we're in a new alliance that's being protected by The Commonwealth until our members can rebuild, arm up, and recruit allies, at which point we will rejoin TCM. Again, reiterating two points: that you needed 5x the members from 4 different top 20 alliances in order to fight a micro, and it was completely pointless since you have not, nor will ever be getting anything out of it.
  10. Yeah I have a kid and work so I can't always be online. I still make a point to log in at least a couple times a day. As for being rolled, yeah not too worried, I assume once this war is over and done, we'll be rebuilding infra with alliance taxes to raise up our income.
  11. No I really don't care. The fact that you pulled a Pantheon (calling in your friends to help you despite having a stronger nation) actually kind of amuses me. CAD. I'm in the U.S. where pot is still illegal on the federal level, and in most states.
  12. You're definitely underselling. Weed goes for $10 to $15 usually, depending on the strain, although price does vary by area. Places that are more expensive like NY or Cali, are more likely to charge higher for the same weed, cause they got higher bills to pay.
  13. He didn't steal your stuff. You're lying. You're not getting anything back, ever. The Coal Mines alone makes 6B a month, not to mention his ownership of Summit Banking. Guess what? He doesn't need to steal from you, and this is just a greedy power move to try and take his money, while making everyone think he's the thief. Trust me, the war's barely started.
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