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  1. Yes, but there's a reason it's called a suicide attack. In fact, losing infra in all cities is likely a benefit with the strategy.
  2. Oh god, I think I should sleep too holy shit...
  3. I meant, why the sarcasm? This thread is already a dumpster fire
  4. Where is this quoted from 0_0
  5. Yo, not sure how y'all are gonna react to this but I am this guy, https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=109464 and I got granted one city by nova riata, I don't believe it is fair to say I 'profited the most' but feel free to take that city plus one more away if you want, I didn't have any reduced because nova granted me the money to buy it before the resource injection.
  6. Legitimately got clickbaited by this thread by this profile picture >_>
  7. I see your point I guess, have fun doing what you do then.
  8. Really? I thought you said you spent a lot of time on this game on your alliance? What would you to if it were to all be gone? Is your negative attitude, pride and ego, worth more than all the hard work I'm sure you've put into this game?
  9. HAHAHA that's pretty fricking good
  10. I can handle it just fine, I don't expect you to lie, I didn't expect you to say 'pantheon is doing really well!' However, I'm trying to say that it would be most beneficial for the survival of the community to adopt the attitude that if you don't have anything nice to say, especially on the OWF, then why say it? Of course, you have free will to do what you want but I intend to keep the best interests of this game at heart and hope you do too.
  11. True, nova wanted TF to have some fun too though
  12. It's not about being positive about pantheon, it's about keeping the community alive by keeping a positive attitude with respect to any alliance, even if they may be in a sad state of affairs like pantheon is. 'Why does anyone care about you again?' isn't a great way to keep this community alive, a positive attitude makes this game more fun instead of constantly telling people they are garbage which seems to be all you do on the forums. Hence, positive attitude, as usual.
  13. Find me a better one, or else it will be best thread 21st century...
  14. Very interesting. I'd never heard of that before.
  15. How do you delete a city?
  16. While playing it cool is usually the better option, I'm not sure that they're truly wrong in wanting to wrap things up. Perma-global-war seems unhealthy for this game, at least from my perspective. Many will quit, as someone said a while ago about 'vacillators' or something, ordinary players who make up the masses in this game. Now I get it, many people think that that's good, it would leave only quality players behind, willing to fight to a bitter end, or no end at all even. However, the game wouldn't grow, it would just be the same old people if we were in permawar between the same people, no change of scenery and no dynamic interplay between allies and enemies. For example, say peace comes about at this moment. Everyone knows what the dynamic will be then, a $yndisphere vs IQ power struggle, sides of similar strength. While I can't predict the result, the ensuing conflict will at least be INTERESTING. All I can say is, as a non-participant in this war, the longer it goes on, the less I am interested in the politics of this game, not saying that I reflect the views of everyone, but I am saying that peace for a short while may be better for the game than a 3/4/5 month war.
  17. Thanks guys, your thoughts have been duly noted. Thanks for showing me this post, gives me a whole new perspective on how this game has formed over time, especially considering that it only happened about a year and a half ago.
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