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  1. Can you freeze over hell that has already frozen over?
  2. I for one like this new Bloc A bit late on the cowardice clause....... as for Camelot.... Epi and arthur senpai pwease be gentle i promise to be nice also Goons... please make another meme post, This time it be a MDAP with Tkr we gotta feed them some political movement after all
  3. Kewl GOONS+TKR i'd ship it. even as a local ayylien i would support this action
  4. also my post do not represent BK's opinion on matters only mine. Heres the tCW leak that started this war
  5. Summary from the average ayylien of dial up 1) KETOG and Choas Bloc go to war with each other for about 30 days 2) then a leak of tcw gov talking about hitting choas bloc while n$o hits KETOG (1 month before surfs up happened) 3) Choas and KETOG (Rose joins in too) sign a nap/white peace and war dec on The Covenant + BK 4) someone then claims surfs up was a war to lower KETOG and Choas infra levels to prepare for a hit on BK+Covenant 5) t$ goes to war against Guardian and Grumpy old bastards but latter signs a white peace (the war remained isolated to those 3 i think) 6) NPO goes in full balls to the wall against all of ketog and choas + rose and it relives alot of pressure off BK+Covanant 7) Coalition A side (KETOG+CHOAS+ROSE) claim IQ never disbanded 8- Fighting pacifist gets rolled by BK since we had nothing better to do.... 9) micros surrendering on both sides 10) OWR and Carthago sign a white pace with Coalition A and get an MDAP with t$ 11) Brotherhood of the clouds sign a white peace with Coalition A 12) fark sign 6 month nap with Bk and Convent 13) t$ starts taking in war dogers from coalition A 14) AT SOME point i forgot when Frontier records alliance a member of the covenant disbands and becomes sanreizan and signs Church of spaceology and T$ 15) Bk and The convanent get sick of T$ and war on them (Npo stood back and let the war between t$ and BK+Covanant happen) (NOTE npo did deter BK for a while due to there tie with t$ but after recent FA actions by t$ *MAINLY anti coalition B "Memesphere" ones they decided to let the flood gates loose) 16) RnR sign 6 month nap with BK 17) After a solid 30 days of war on t$ "memsphere" declared on Carthago and OWR (due to them signing a white peace earlier and "war doging") thats my recap from your local ayylien but the timeline may be slightly out of order but heres all the major events @Insert Name Here
  6. Nation in question: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=69426 War timeline: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=525221
  7. We all know BK is just a vassal to camelot
  8. thank you robert, very cool. thats alotta rss.... (looks at war clock) *begins caressing it* "soon baby, soon."
  9. ET > KT This is well known fact among the big thonkers like me
  10. More of an item the less it will cost by chance did you fail economics class?
  11. Memes memes memes memes memes memes with a side of memes TKR & folks getting rolled Market Prices going to hell did i mention memes? Everyone staring at IQ's delicious BOOTY of mid tier domination. Micro Bank evaporating ET was recreated and is at war with KT which everyone knows ET will win (Not really) Something about a Gun debate on p&w forums A bunch of shitty April fools treaty signings (all of which were trash) Oh yeah and memes.
  12. Im not in england Also did you know americans eat as much lbs of bacon on april 1st as possible who ever eats the most bacon gets the title "Lardex, Destroyer of buffets." This is the day where we americans truly show are fatness
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