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  1. Finally...A post that wasn't downvoted. Looks like my complaints worked! Still not about wars. Not for me
  2. I was banned for having multis, yet I simply play with 2 friends who I live with. I think the dev team needs several new eyes and mods that actually care and know what they are doing, not the idiots we have now. Heck, anyone can do better then them. Secondly, I've been banned from the game, but I can still talk here. I will probably make a new account in-game along with my friends if the devs do not listen. I'd like you all to quit downvoting me and think about why. Why do you like war? why do you hate me? I'll be sticking around to share my ideas, but will be less active and probably less vocal too.I'm absolutely disgusted inthe mods. Yours truly, Emperor Jonas P.S. just heard another war broke out. @Charlie Traveler I'm absolutely shocked at your idiocy.
  3. Eh, it's just people who repeatedly downvote because they can't accept they are wrong. I realize that there is a small but significant portion who really doesn't like me.
  4. Let's see if anyone comes up with a good reason
  5. I've been inspired to make a series of polls around me being destroyed in this game. Am I a puppet, or an autist? Am I a troll, or actually stupid? Am I really that bad? We'll find out. Trying to figure out how this community thinks of me. Please answer and for once don't downvote
  6. At the moment, approval rating is purely cosmetic. I think, in order to make wars even more detrimental (they already are, but apparently not enough for you idiots) that the approval rating should affect your nations crime and population. If you keep doing wars, you will have you approval rating go down (with the current system) but it has no effect. With the new system, declaring war would increase crime and population, further decreasing revenue. Thoughts? Also, enough downvotes. This is just a suggestion.
  7. Not trolling...Though I am purposely being inflamatory now that you have destroyed my reputation. Can't go down any further, eh?
  8. The sad thing is that you call me stupid,but you have an IQ lower then room tempature. I plan to amass cities to get to a higher score. I will not frick everyone below, however.
  9. You can't do anythin except kick me, that will only make you less of a 'pacifist' alliance.
  10. Not true. There is a silent majority out there
  11. Good idea. But we need more commerce and resources, maybe trading heat too. No complete removal of politics, just war. Politics and Building.
  12. Doesn't really make sense. This game needs more building options.
  13. Exactly. That's why it should be abolished both here, and IRL.
  14. @Quichwe10it was my alliance that got me thinking.
  15. You idiot. I support peace, not war.
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