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  1. Slots Not Found! (I couldn't get anything if I didn't have multiple tabs open to declare right at turn change)
  2. GG, Hollywood! It's good to end a war on pleasant terms in spite of all the destruction.
  3. I second that notion. Holly molly. Your preferred side, then, but I don't really care at this point.
  4. Not gonna make any assumptions about that either, but your side had to have been more active overall. It is what it is.
  5. Bro, it's news to me. Plenty of us wanted to do shit, but plenty of others apparently had other shit to do. I don't know what other peoples' schedules/priorities are, and I won't pretend to know. lol
  6. Forgive me, but I haven't heard of Morf Radio until this discussion; I've looked at one of his YouTube videos, are these talks had on discord and streamed on YouTube?
  7. Then it pleases me to be one of the rare ones, granted I didn't do a good job. This being said, I second your point, and hope more players feel comfortable and obligated towards public discussion in a Forum setting like this; it would definitely aid the community at large.
  8. @Aiya Of course, I will try my best not to fall into that state of mind again, and respect peoples' privacy on that topic especially. That being said, I should get better at IC ad hominems and argumentative strategies, if I'm to survive another such firestorm here. xD Lol, that pretty much sums it up. No, I'd be a pretty terrible member of FA if I was one before this exchange, I kind of allowed my emotions determine my course of action rather than focusing on just gauging attitude and gathering info (strictly for my own use, and not on behalf of my alliance). They've been too good to me to have one of their own members further sully their name.
  9. Sorry, but it didn't at all seem that way to me. For example, this is all I've gotten out of you since I started posting. Can you try to be less hostile for me? I get now that the comment was inappropriate, but provocation isn't called for either. IC or not That's why I'm here, chill out, buddy. 👍
  10. I was a bit concerned with how heavily I was being laid into ad hominem, I just wanted to make sure it has nothing to do with IRL issues that I should know about.
  11. No, I think it could. But this comes down to a number of factors including IRL shizz and commitment to the game; I heard that an important person in our milcom was camping as the war started and I was dogpiled. Regardless, our numerical superiority below C24 was a lot more than it was above that, generally, and lots of our folks at c26 might have not been militarized enough to make a difference, regardless of our numbers. On the same topic: Planes and tanks are the most important units to winning conventional wars and keeping people down because they can both attack planes, which are still the best units. I, personally was short on tanks, which is a mistake I admit to. Very true! General Patton said something similar.
  12. If I have been smarmy, I apologize, it wasn't what I set out to do. I have this thing where I don't like getting talked down to for simply inquiring into a matter I evidently didn't know much about and now know more about. So, I'm sorry, but you should know that I denounced you in the game for different reasons than this forum, the forum is just how I found it.
  13. Don't forget you did the same; also I denounced your nation for other reasons once I laid eyes upon it, buddy, and evidently half of your visitors did too! 😆 It isn't my fault that your page has something unappealing about it... Refer to Cherise's chart.. this bar graph seems to be deeply flawed, who did you say made it? 🤔 Cherise's chart: I am putting this remark here to replace a very stupid one made earlier. Peace, everyone, I'm out.
  14. While I won every single war I fought in that GW, I was also a new player during Knightfall, so I agree with your assessment fully. 👍 FYI, it wasn't really "contested", but totally dominated by your coalition as my Milcom told me when I asked for help and coordination. I also decided to win as many wars as I could while losing as little as I could with my time. Now, if you are quite done with insulting the fact I have quite a few other activities outside the game, I'd like to move on from this forum. My little inquiry into exactly what happened this war is satisfied, thank you. :P
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