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  1. @Iteo 1. Good idea, for now we'll just have to use the HTML table at https://politicsandwar.com/leaderboards/display=color to do this (which is a lot more work than everything else) 2. There is already an API for this (http://politicsandwar.com/api/wars/). I made a list of all the APIs I could find: Alliances http://politicsandwar.com/api/alliances/ Alliance http://politicsandwar.com/api/alliance/id= (AA ID) Alliance Bank http://politicsandwar.com/api/alliance-bank/?allianceid= (AA ID) &key= (API key) Alliance Members http://politicsandwar.com/api/allia
  2. If you run out of money or resources to maintain your improvements then they just stop functioning and produce nothing. I'm pretty sure you keep whatever military you have. If you run out of food then your gross income is decreased to 2/3 of what it is normally. Your cities will also gradually lose population. That's all I know, I think it's accurate. Toodles
  3. A new day starts at 12:00am Orbis time (which is UTC). There's a clock in game that can be found at the bottom of the left side menu that displays the current time in Orbis.
  4. Thank you Killzbob, very cool!
  5. ngl I used to sit at my computer doing homework for hours listening to this nonstop those we're the good old days...
  6. Shifty pls, most of BK isn't even old enough to drink
  7. I'd imagine for this heist to be as impactful as it was, all of the safekeeping nations were recalled on their aa bank holdings so the big man could "check how much they have to work with". I also don't think he could've sent it off to another nation because I remember it all happening very quickly and iirc you can't delete your nation within 3 days of your most recent trade (that's what the game told me, at least).
  8. I'm running on macOS so i can't get pubg, but I'd love to get some team kills
  9. @Jroc this seems to be limited to projects that are able to be posted to GitHub, is there any way a Google Sheet/Excel could be submitted to the Initiative?
  10. Essentially, BK received 8 billion in damages and only dealt 4.5 billion. You didn't gain anything from the war. Take the L given to you by our Lord and savior Buorhann the cultural hippopotamus and be on your merry way. Firstly, I want to clear up with some people in BK that I don't hate them in any way. I'd respect them more if they used their head more than their mouth, but I in no way hold any hostile feelings towards any of them (nor any member of IQ, for that matter). I feel like I need to clarify how I feel about BK, so I wrote up this little analogy: It's like when your paren
  11. Congrats @Dynamic and cheers to @Redarmy for your time as Rose leader. All the best
  12. If you're trying to compare buying infra and buying a new city for profit (as opposed to less spending) then you'll have to graph income (y axis) and cost (x axis). The income can be calculated, you'll just have to create/get a program that can do it.
  13. UPDATE: Spreadsheet broke, I'll try to fix it over the weekend. Send prayers.
  14. It must be another paperless treaty, we were never told about this
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