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  1. John Smith

    NPO The Teacher

    Thank you Killzbob, very cool!
  2. John Smith

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate posts

    ngl I used to sit at my computer doing homework for hours listening to this nonstop those we're the good old days...
  3. John Smith

    Worse than Christmas Creep

    Shifty pls, most of BK isn't even old enough to drink
  4. John Smith

    Shifty's Investigative Report

    I'd imagine for this heist to be as impactful as it was, all of the safekeeping nations were recalled on their aa bank holdings so the big man could "check how much they have to work with". I also don't think he could've sent it off to another nation because I remember it all happening very quickly and iirc you can't delete your nation within 3 days of your most recent trade (that's what the game told me, at least).
  5. John Smith

    Orbis Open Source Initiative

    I'm running on macOS so i can't get pubg, but I'd love to get some team kills
  6. John Smith

    Orbis Open Source Initiative

    @Jroc this seems to be limited to projects that are able to be posted to GitHub, is there any way a Google Sheet/Excel could be submitted to the Initiative?
  7. John Smith

    TJ vs IQ: who won?

    Essentially, BK received 8 billion in damages and only dealt 4.5 billion. You didn't gain anything from the war. Take the L given to you by our Lord and savior Buorhann the cultural hippopotamus and be on your merry way. Firstly, I want to clear up with some people in BK that I don't hate them in any way. I'd respect them more if they used their head more than their mouth, but I in no way hold any hostile feelings towards any of them (nor any member of IQ, for that matter). I feel like I need to clarify how I feel about BK, so I wrote up this little analogy: It's like when your parents held you back from going to school and made you stay home to work on the family farm your whole life, then one day you turn on the TV and see how much more interesting other people are having. So, you leave home and go to the local school. When you get there, you realize how farms should be operating and you compare it to your family's farm. You then realize that your family's farm has been slowly dying out of business since before you started working there. You only planned to be away for a few weeks, but it turns out that you wouldn't mind staying off of the sinking ship of a farm your family runs. Having gone through that, you love your family and hate seeing them believing in the crippling business that their farm is and keep telling it to their faces, but they seem to not understand anything you're saying and continue making the same mistakes. When you see people saying things that contradict your opinions about game issues, you should be responding either sarcastically with memes or honestly with reasoning for your opinions. Also, if you have an issue with me or the things I say, then message me. This video portrays pretty accurately what occurred on the BK front of the war: Leaked photo inside of NPO's brainwashing facilities, possible answer as to why the alliance with the most members and second highest score has nearly no active members on the forums: According to the following image of a wild Messi caught live on the Terminal Jest discord server, it appears that NPO's above facilities are being used on all members of IQ to enforce synchronicity: On second thought, this may be an issue with BK's education system. Here's another member of BK who's made it all the way through the Black Knights University and fully embraced the "facts" provided to him by their internal affairs: Evidence of Failed BKU Education System. Here's a little snippet of the linked pastebin conversation (which occurred on the BK server in #bk-public): keelan - Last Sunday at 10:30 PM but we are such a great alliance, and we actually win wars 5-0 Since it seems like you guys honestly believe that you've won the war, I'll show you my main argument as to why you actually did lose: Here's a direct link to the damage report spreadsheet: TJ-IQ War: Damages Report There has been no evidence from IQ arguing that these statements are false. As can be seen in the spreadsheet, the band of 28 members known as Terminal Jest has dealt nearly $43B in damages, while the entire IQ bloc, consisting of more than 450 members (of which 174 members were involved in the conflict), has dealt a little over $19B in damages. If your argument is "TJ disbanded, therefore they lost", then I'll remind you that WW2 was won by the allies, but they both pose very different situations. In the second world war, the Axis powers were defeated and rendered incapable of causing any more damage, as well as a division of Germany among the allies (The era of partition). In the TJ vs IQ war, TJ was neither defeated nor rendered incapable of causing further damage. They can strike again whenever they like and there is nothing stopping them. If you are so confident that IQ won the war, I welcome you to explain why. TL;DR
  8. John Smith

    A Dynamic™ Rose Announcement

    Congrats @Dynamic and cheers to @Redarmy for your time as Rose leader. All the best
  9. John Smith

    City/Infra Cost Effectiveness

    If you're trying to compare buying infra and buying a new city for profit (as opposed to less spending) then you'll have to graph income (y axis) and cost (x axis). The income can be calculated, you'll just have to create/get a program that can do it.
  10. John Smith

    Public P&W API Sheet

    UPDATE: Spreadsheet broke, I'll try to fix it over the weekend. Send prayers.
  11. John Smith

    Terminal Jest status update on peace negotiations

    It must be another paperless treaty, we were never told about this
  12. John Smith

    Terminal Jest status update on peace negotiations

    Maybe. Maybe not.
  13. John Smith

    Terminal Jest status update on peace negotiations

    I'm not in IQ, I used to be in BK but left about a month ago
  14. John Smith

    Polaris Cancels with AO

    This has gotten to the point where you can quote anything on this sub forum and include this image for some well deserved upvotes

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