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  1. Kyle N


    But I can make like 2:1 Odds with blackjack. And with things like counting cards, and probability, u can severely raise the odds
  2. Kyle N


    As many of us know, Keno and Dice are where billions are spent, and the money all goes poof! They are completely random, and Alex has confirmed, the payout is supposed to be an average of around 90% for them both. I feel as if there should be some strategy integrated into the casino, like in real life, but its still in the house's favor. That's why I propose blackjack be added to the casinos. I for example, can usually make some profit, but its risky, whereas some of the people I know who have played blackjakc would lose all of the money they put in. Its also a game thats easy to learn, hard to master, which makes it great for a huge, expanding online game. Let me know what you think below, and any other suggestions for casino games!
  3. Kyle N

    Merging Bounties

    Ahh yeah, I or some hidden thing because not useful most of the time, unless randomly investigating who placed, and using the time and such
  4. Kyle N

    World Wonders?

    So. I know we have project which boost production, military and such, but I think it'd be cool to take a page out of the Seid Meirs Games and their "World Wonders" National project name: Statue of Liberty Small description: Helps boost population and Immigration Project effect: Population is boosted in all cities by 2% Resource cost: 10000 Steel, 10000 Aluminum, Cash cost: $10,000,000 National project name: Pyramids of Giza Small description: A building wonder, leads to advanced building techniques Project effect: Lowers resource and cash cost of projects by 5% Resource cost: 5000 Bauxite, 5000 Steel, 5000 Coal Cash cost: $30,000,000 National project name: Hanging Gardens of Babylon Small description: Helps improve crop growth and beauty Project effect: Food production boosted by 10% Resource cost: 10000 Aluminum, 10000 Bauxite Cash cost: $40,000,000
  5. Kyle N

    Merging Bounties

    As we all know, the bounties page is very cluttered with tons of mini bounties, albeit on the some person perhaps. This is only after a month or so with the system. Imagine how cluttered it will be in years from now....that's why I, and some other people i've talked to believe that they should be merged into one mega-bounty. For example, if someone has 10, $1Million bounties on them, they should all become one, and be places wherever $10 Million would fall on the chart. The only problem I see with this is that the date posted... something with that would have to be worked out or changed. What do you think?
  6. So.. as we all know, Alex added the feature where income includes resources and such. I was just wondering if he could add a little thing like that for the cities individually, it would make creating a city build much easier, and I don't think it would relatively take too much work. Also, would just be interesting and such. Thanks!
  7. Kyle N

    Project Suggestion Thread

    Sounds like a great idea to me, i'd just increase cost to $100 Million to build and also like $30mil extra. Also how would MAPs work? Would all have to be extremely expensive and such because could cripple most people
  8. How do we enable them on chrome?
  9. So... Global War?

    1. Generalisimo


      No. BK bad.

    2. Chief Savage Man

      Chief Savage Man

      i hope the lord spares us the horror of war! be sure to pray

  10. Kyle N

    Color senators

    We could just turn this into like meta-game concept
  11. Kyle N

    I'm Triggered

    "I've failed more businesses than Trump" Well its comforting to know because you hold my money xD
  12. Kyle N

    Reparing infra

    yeah, how would the mechanic work? What % discount?
  13. Kyle N

    Game Ideas

    Yeah I like the vault idea
  14. Kyle N

    PROJECT PROPOSAL- Research Lab

    Yeah it was more the idea of decreasing then the specific amounts

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