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  1. Lmao, I don’t need to prove anything to you. If you wanna help me prepare for my test on ion conduction channels and modelling said signals, my computer programming assignment and my research presentations that are coming up soon, buy a ticket to canada, I will send you the address.
  2. No class today for me. Yesterday was the weekend. Wanna keep me occupied.
  3. Oh, looked like it would come out of a really cool movie though.
  4. >Implies they are looking for a fight
  5. This was a really good DoW lol Could you please tell me where this shot came from?
  6. Not really, the sheer nos against us are no joke.
  7. Hmm, over 10 days have past then.
  8. I won’t need to extend VM. Like I said, went on VM over a week ago, and set like 1-2 months before I come out. That way, I should be out by the holidays. Yay me!
  9. Btw, I have been on VM for more than a week now cause of school. Logged in today to check in on Orbus so will shit talk as much as I can for the next day or 2 before I have to return
  10. Sorry we don’t use slack over here. We sow discord. And what if I ask shit from VM? Oof!
  11. What else can we expect from suicidal fanatics? Don’t worry, we will send you off to your paradise soon enough.
  12. Premed. It makes them feel better when they gang on us. Don’t worry, we will tame them into our harem soon.
  13. To be fair, have been on vm for over a week cause of school. But today is Saturday so yey me! lmao, just pointing out facts.
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