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  1. Just to clear some whatevers up, yes, we entered the war because FR invoked the treaty. Not Rose or Ming. Mostly, I agreed on it to give our guys some more experience and to get some sense into their heads. Knightfall was a complete and utter failure, with us losing over half of our member base, going from 120 guys to 50. Now, we have a solid core of 60 members who are willing to fight. And look, we've only had 1 leave/reroll/delete. Of course, we're TFP, so our performance was probably pretty bad in the eyes of others. Eh, I don't care. I say that on my nation description. I think it was a good idea on the terms of getting experience, seeing what our core is and where to go next. I didn't want it to be like Knightfall where both sides kept us on the fence and neutral until there was no one to protect us, and we got steamrolled. If Rose and Ming drop us, oof. We were only doing what we were supposed to do. But we'll accept it, since we'll have 1 side to join and no debates on it. I think it'll make it easier for TFP to go forward. tl;dr pixelhuggers suck. Have a cookie.
  2. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Replace every 'a bee' and 'bee' with 'TFP', every 'fly' with 'war/go to war/something something boom boom boom', 'humans' with 'everyone else' and replace every 'wings' with 'meaning of existence'. You got yourself a something. So. How would you like to dance? tl;dr TFP declares DECLARED war on Empyrea, because why not we need action dammit, and activates ANSWERS ODP with Frontier Records. Enjoy P.S. I know it was a few hours ago. Happy now with your grammatical grammarisms?
  3. 1) I am an attention seeker, thx.

    2) Enjoy some popcorn, lads, cause this war will be entertaining for 3 days and then fade into non-existence. Cheers.

  4. How the hell did Empyrea screw up that badly lol
  5. Verduras is just super active in the trade market. Probably.
  6. I like being a general butt and/or losing because I'm outnumbered 3 to 1. Good times.
  7. Looking at Jonas' posts, my God, horrible.

    1. Franziska von Karma

      Franziska von Karma

      Glad you can join the party. 

  8. Excellent, everyone will die now and the world will end with 3 Resplendent Three on top. Joy.
  9. So, yeah, for anyone who's online right now you can probably see something different on the treaty web apart from the whole Rose-T$ thing. Reasons why this happened: 1. D1 split from OP. 2. OP rebranded to La Mafia. 3. We don't really know each other anymore. 4. Secret stuff. 5. Nothing has come from this. 6. We look like treaty hogs, don't we? 7. TFP needs to change. 8. La Mafia has already changed. So there you have it: the little minor entree beside the main course. Goodbye. <throws egg> Goodbye. <throws egg> Goodbye. <throws egg> Goodbye. <throws egg> (The Fighting Pacifists cancels the ODP with La Mafia, effective immediately. There will be a 72 hour NAP between the two alliances in case of any salted beef.) P.S: 23-15-23, 25-15-21 18-5-1-12-12-25 4-15-14-20 8-1-22-5 1 12-9-6-5, 4-15 25-15-21?
  10. So, yeah, since everyone else in our sphere is getting on with this I suppose we need a treaty. An ODP, to be exact. Now let’s hope we don’t screw this up like, ahem, the ‘incident’ that just happened a few days ago. ARTICLE I: Sovereignty Both parties agree to respect each other’s sovereignty, and agree to conduct internal affairs without external interference, meaning that no party will conduct any act that may or will infringe the other’s sovereignty. ARTICLE II: Non – aggression The two parties will not engage in any form of aggressive conduct with each other, that includes but is not limited to: declarations of war, espionage, aiding an enemy in times of peace OR war. ARTICLE III: Intelligence Both parties will share information with each other if it aids the other party or affects the safety and security of the other. False information will not be spread. ARTICLE IV: Optional, but encouraged defence and/or aid In the event that one of the parties is attacked or threatened, the other party is not obligated to defend but is strongly encouraged to. They may also aid the threatened party in any way, such as but not limited to: funding, espionage, resource trade and military action. ARTICLE V: Non – chaining If one of the parties declares a war on an enemy and is the aggressor, the other party is not, in any way, obligated to help. They may, but at their own risk. ARTICLE VI: Withdrawal If one or both parties wishes to withdraw from the pact, there must be at least 48 hours notice prior to the withdrawal. Afterwards, a clear 72 hours of non - aggression will be put in place between the two parties. Signed by all leaders of TFP Signed by all leaders of OP
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