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  1. Iteo

    Let's Dance!

    ;( no nuclear winter, what kinda war is this.
  2. Iteo

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    oi, I need to sell me food, I didn't build my food reserves for a non nuclear war. Ay, also since I'm an unbiased and mostly uninvolved person in this, I'll just point out all the salty people
  3. Iteo

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    HEY, START FUKIN NUKING EACH OTHER PLZ. Also I can taste the salt from all the way here in the middle.
  4. Iteo

    Let's Dance!

    So many salty people lmao.
  5. Iteo

    The candles burn the brightest.

    Where is your "alex"? kek, you bluff, we bluff. After all this, its our time to laugh.
  6. Iteo

    The candles burn the brightest.

    XD you should have told me xD
  7. Iteo

    The candles burn the brightest.

    Hah, lol you guys said we didn't win. TGU was couped, and the misfits are now just remnants of a once proudly standing alliance. The war finally, after this much time, Has officially come to a close. We managed to damaged the misfits enough, and purposely white peaced before the war ended so no one got beige, and then atlast ... typhon finished them off. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4590 <-- the last bits and peices of the Misfits. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4866 <-- "new" TGU
  8. Iteo

    The candles burn the brightest.

    i was winning, but afterwards the blockade made me run out of munitions. Either way we won the war. We got what we wanted, Short left the Misfits and we taught them a lesson, in i was winning, but afterwards the blockade made me run out of munitions. Either way we won the war. We got what we wanted, Short left the Misfits and we taught them a lesson, in the end Co-Tin and CaNDLeS took ALOT less damage than than you guys. Don't get so full of yourself.
  9. Iteo

    The candle is out of string

    I have to admit this is pretty good, and it's not like you aren't a micro either...
  10. Iteo

    The candles burn the brightest.

    Lmao I'm have all 8 wars against TGU and TM filled and I'm winning most of them 8v1 xD
  11. Iteo

    The candles burn the brightest.

    Heh, finally learns not to cuss because it makes him look bad, atleast you learned something :)
  12. CANDLES prevails, The Misfits are nothing but debris among the desert wind. And TGU has fallen, today marks a day when even the smallest micros can fight the strongest macros and still win. For everyone in any alliance, let this be a lesson, no matter how small they may seem, no matter how bad they are, in the end, its all about the planning. I will tell you the story, from start to finish, the rise of Co-Tin and Candles, and the fall of TGU and the Misfits. On April 24, 2018 Co-Tin had just reached 100th place on the leader board. ...100th place, keep that in mind, yea I know feking tiny. After some tensions with the FA of The Misfits, (April 25)Co-Tin engages in a cold war with the Misfits, not much happens here, except for most important parts that end up giving Co-Tin the advantage. At this period and time TGU and the Misfits are INSANELY more stronger than Co-Tin and have many allies, so... what do I do? I go to their allies, win them over and establish stronger bonds with them, bonds stronger than the little red line connecting the two alliances on that treaty map. VDS is attacked by the misfits, and peace is agreed to, for awhile atleast. I place bounties with the money given to me by my 2 great nations Handor, and (blank) , soon they are raided, and shortly after IMU joins our side and Orbital Knights. A few others join the fight, and the coalition is named CANDLES, and then later renamed (CLOVIS) but, I like the original name 😛 Then we attack again, VDS, to damaged to join again, stays back. Co-Tin and IMU launch a major offensive, then after I started to lose because my army had degraded from fighting so many wars, I quickly agreed to white peace, so no one won any wars, and no one got that oh so sweet beige. But, the worst wasn't over for them, IMU was friendly with typhon and so we we're kinda unharmed by the regular barrage of raiders that would normally follow after losing a war and not getting beige, unfortunately for the Misfits, that wasn't the case, raiders and pirates abroad came to scavenge the remains until the Misfits had practically been destroyed. Fast forward a few days, TGU gets Couped, and is *trying* to rebuild https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4590 < last bits of the Misfits https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4866 < rebuilding TGU And to all those people who doubted me, and insulted me... eh, sometimes you have to stick to the plan, and the reputation damage is all part of it. The only acceptable term for peace: disbandment of The Misfits.
  13. I don't want to waste my or anyone else's time here so both the DoE and the Recruitment propaganda stuff are both included here. And this will be short-ish. So well we nearly have missiles now and our alliance score is 1k so I thought I may as well make a DoE. $100,000 starting bonus! We are Co-TIN, the Coalition of Technologically Inclined Nations. (and yes we actually made a proper acronym with all the letters) We exist, and we are a partial dictatorship. We are built to help develop newer players and keep older ones alive, we provide loans and each member has a job or "sector" in which there nation must be built around. Dictator: Iteo of Inion Distribute resources and manage the alliance. Allgemeines: <Not yet voted> Assist in distribution of resources and provide advice to the dictator. Kommander: RedMatrix of Matrice Provide advice Economic Sector Head: Iteo of Inion Econ: Make resources for the military, we give loans and assistance, more taxes. Military Sector Head: Dema Lee of Canasia Milit: Defend the alliance, we provide aid, assistance loans, and minimal taxes. R&R Sector Head: <Undecided> of [unknown] substitute for now is Iteo of Inion R&R: Execute recon operations and recruit new members into the alliance, with average taxes. You must have max spy count that you can get at all times, and you may be the alliance chest in times of war or desperation. We are soon to be protected by missiles (tommorow) Older nations must help newer ones with advice or resources, but these will usually be distributed automatically by the Economic sector head. Current treaties We are looking for a protectorate right now.

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