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  1. Iteo

    API Improvements

    it's like a record/website, but on the internet and for computers, it returns information about the game in a readable format (humans/computers) based on the url & parameters you use. http://politicsandwar.wikia.com/wiki/Category:API
  2. Iteo

    API Improvements

    There is only 1 proper response to this. "F" But really, tbh I haven't been touching the nations api that much, I just assumed I was experiencing this delay since I slapped a synchronized onto it to threadsafe it until I felt like touching it again
  3. Iteo

    Why Trump Will Not Be President in 2018

    Soooooooo basically Orange man bad
  4. Iteo

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Repect, nice.
  5. Iteo

    You're Disowned Rose!

    F to pay respects Strike through text has failed us
  6. Iteo

    API upgrades, plz

    I think we should just have cities api in general, list of all cities and some basic stats. graph is a little too much to put 1 api request same for battles
  7. Iteo

    Discord Directory

    mostly coding, but that's not a category, but we have gfx too so that I guess
  8. Iteo

    Discord Directory

    might as well
  9. Iteo

    Discord Directory

    DevTech https://discord.gg/R2DxPmD
  10. it's spooktober, idk why I brought that up. DOOT https://discord.gg/R2DxPmD We handle personal requests, make discord bots, we have recruitement bots, and more We have some of the cheapest prices in all of Orbis! Legendary team, and looking for clients. We are the THE fastest public Coding Service in Orbis (On the weekend ) Webscraping, API, browser automation, are some of our specialties, automated tasks in p&w, alot of projects. ATTENTION DEVELOPERS If you want to join our team or participate in the community projects which we will try to open soon, please message Devan S. on discord or ping @dev in the discord chat.
  11. Iteo

    API upgrades, plz

    one more suggestion, big list of all nation ids, just a list of nation ids, nothing else.
  12. Iteo

    API upgrades, plz

    nah, too much extra text, every nation having another attribute would be extra, we could just have a list of each UID and all the nations under it.
  13. Iteo

    API upgrades, plz

    Oh, woah thanks for all the API links The wiki really does need to be updated lol. But for 3. I'd help with finding noobs to message xD, finding experienced players and also more simple info as buffer so your results page doesn't look so bland
  14. Iteo

    API upgrades, plz

    1. Colors API, basic info about colors, like the current name, and the boost. This is pretty useful and makes sense 2. Wars API, like the nations API, but a giant list of all the wars, though it should probably be capped at the last 500 wars or smth. 3. Add date created to nations API, This should be on it because I feel it's part of the basic info of a nation, and also helps out a lot 4. Transactions API, you can go on a nations page and see their transactions anyways, so it would be nice if it was in API form, just a big list of all the recent transactions across all nations. I'm about to start a project that would really benefit from this, downloading every nation's bank transaction page and sifting through it will make me want to die xD 5. why not, a UID API, to look for alts during the low-load times a large list of every UID with all the nations under it, yes I know public networks, but I'm sure we can figure something out/ Don't think much else is needed, anything else that's more specific should just be web scraped tbh. I don't mind web scraping for colors API, but it just feels like it should be a thing. 1. is just a small utility that just makes sense 2. would be immensely helpful 3. simple enough would be a good alternative to sifting through every player page. 4. Maybe a little too OP? But the information is already public, and I would love to use it, would simplify managing IA and stuff alot 5. why not
  15. Iteo

    Unity under the Norse Gods [DoE]

    Winter war style lmao

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