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  1. A guide would be sent to the location of arrival for the representatives of Britannia. They would show them at the locations of their desire, whether it be their residence in Durotar, attractions or something third. They can call upon a meeting anytime with the Committee of the Union. They are giving the representatives time to enjoy their stay and hold the talks comfortably. In any case at least one member of the committee would be available to hold the talks.
  2. @Lelouch Vi Britannia
  3. The Union of Durotar agrees on it's already presented template as both parties have agreed upon on the matters. -a NAP between the Union of Durotar, Soviet Union and Israel - Israel withdraws all units and support for the anti-communist armies of Russia - An agreement of line division, where parties won't intervene, only in the most direst stances, after a conformation by the other party, when it comes to the question of security of one people or plural. That means, that the Union of Durotar, itself is guaranteeing total isolation from any involvement in Middle Eastern affairs and Israeli claims, if it doesn't interfere with the security of the people of the Union, in return Israel doesn't intervene in Africa, and especially not attempt again to violate air space, land, waters or any other means that belongs to the Union. The Soviet Union and Israel can make their own lines in this charter. - The claims against the Soviet Union to commit crimes against humanity to be dropped upon evidence presented and after the explanation of affairs - The White army won't be allowed to retreat to Israel, if parts of the White army went into Israel to seek refugee and get support from the Government, it would be considered a breaking of the pact - In return, the Union of Durotar might aid if necessary on the clearing of mines and ensuring of normality in the Eastern Mediterian after a mass-up of Israeli navies
  4. The Union was willing to discuss the matters of the presence of the Union in the Americas. Durotar had a plan in mind on what would be the best resolution for those territories. The question that is more important is the aftermath and the establishing of security for other areas of the Americas threatened by Britannian anti-communist sentiment. Nevertheless Britannian representatives would be still invited to the Union for discussion of the terms, and would be presented with a tour, already mentioned before, after the talks have finished.
  5. The Unions dont care about the legitimatization of Israel on their states. They are fully functioning extensive powers, not a small pushover state, while Israel has violated the security of both countries multiple times and attempts to play off a victim after their actions have consequences. It is in no position to bargain, and the demands are reasonable as it would rewind the problems caused by Israeli action The UoD -a NAP between the Unions and Israel - Israel withdraws all units and support for the anti-communist armies of Russia - An agreement of line division, where parties won't intervene, only in the most direst stances, after a conformation by the other party, when it comes to the question of security of one people or plural. That means, that the Union of Durotar, itself is guaranteeing total isolation from any involvement in Middle Eastern affairs and Israeli claims, if it doesn't interfere with the security of the people of the Union, in return Israel doesn't intervene in Africa, and especially not attempt again to violate air space, land, waters or any other means that belongs to the Union. The Soviet Union and Israel can make their own lines in this charter. - All claims upon the mistreatment of people, and accusations of the Soviet Union running labour camps to be put off as there was no evidence of them being built or people forced into them, besides some pictures from Israel which could be and probably are faked. If there be any crimes against humanity, the other Union would know. If Israel wishes so, it could be put on an international tribunal on this topic. Both Israel and the Soviet Union, if they agree on this template of an agreement, can add on or edit selective demands and negotiations.
  6. The UoD informs that Israel has been violating sovereign lands and air spaces of both of the Unions and has threatened both of them. The UoD recommends that Israel backs off from the conflict immediately, the people of Russia have chosen and have to combat an oligarchy which seeks to maintain the status quo and oppress the people of Russia. There were no war crimes committed by the Soviet Union. Israel is the one that has interests defending the side that has been an oppressive totalitarian state against the interest of the Russian people. If Israel wants to stand as a beacon of hope and liberty in their own vision, then they shouldn't be supporting tyrannical leadership and support on what the people actually want and are fighting for. This is the first and only recommendation given to the State of Israel to retreat from that conflict. If Israel gives one more reason to go to war with the UoD, and there have been many already, all of the industry and populace will be ready to fight it.
  7. The Union informs that the Holy Britannian Empire should have no restrictions if they had intentions to pass through Gibraltar when it comes to the question of regular trade. The only matter would be regular inspections under UN established laws, to ensure no material of war would be sent to organisations that could be deemed as terroristic. In return if HBE remains neutral on the crisis of the East. HBE had no quarrel with any of the Unions, and the UoD offers a visit to their nation where they could discuss the removals of any restrictions and the talks of general improvement of relations on both sides of the matter. They seek no hostility directly to each other, and both nations are focused on overseas matters. Britannian representatives would be escorted to some landmarks in the Union, both natural and artificial, if they so desired on their diplomatic trip to the Union.
  8. As mountain combat is difficult as it is, combating on the most unforgiving mountain range of Europe will be hell in many aspects. The UoD offers to form a few branches of mobile scouting units which alongside of modern technology can map out vital objectives and passages for the two Unions' efforts. The UoD brings on the table to neutralize a large portion of Anti-Communist armies by pushing from one side towards Tbilisi and from the other going towards Tbilisi as well, but first starting to push on the Azerbaijan perimeter. By doing so with selective pushes depending on the location, they could force a significant portion of the Anti-Communist army deeper into the mountain range where they would be cut off and suffer from lack of food or supply with the only border being the Union and Anatolia. The hindering of supply routes to the Caucasus front has definitely changed the rationing and strategy on an individual level because soldiers don't know when they will get a replacement for each bullet shot let alone if their gun is considered unusable. The chances of the Anti-communist forces trying to break through those units are slim, especially as any transports they possessed would be considered useless. Trucks are no use on parts of mountains with no roads where the threat of being shot is not if but how quick. Air transports would also be unusable or would make no significant effort because even though their numbers are small and there is the question of if they will be able to coordinate any rescue mission, the threat of the Soviet air force is still largely present. Whatever the strategy it may be, even if troops are surrounded at the Caucasus, the Anti-communist forces still aren't defeated nor kicked out. They have no chance of gaining the upper hand on an offensive level or perhaps tactical, but they are by no chance beaten yet and still hold a lot of numbers in their reserve and on the field, even though they are poorly supplied.With retreating out of the Caucasus front being no option through the Caspian Sea, they would hold their ground or retreat through foreign land to fight the Soviets on an another front.
  9. The Union also proclaims if any Durotar civilian or transport were to be harmed or hindered would be considered an act of war, and the people have the right to protect themselves against illegal measures of Israel. All it had done is violate everyones borders and international regulations. They are not a global police state nor by choice nor by power. The UoD suggests that the Soviet Union attempts to disasemble some smaller patrol boats and ships and reassamble them at the Caspain Sea to harass supply lines, as the Baltic and Black Sea arent fields of war with there being no ability for the anti-commumist forces there to wage war. The Union officials ask the Soviet ones to state their opinion on the Caucasus front and on the further planning in the future.
  10. Due to Israel's policy, the transports would be protected by the navy of the Union and will not comply to any requests to search the ships outside of the waters of Israel as they are going to the Soviet Union and do not intervene with the safety of the population in Israeli occupied lands. The Union of Durotar would call upon a UN meeting in the matter of Israel hostilities as it has been nothing but hostile towards the Unions unprovoked. Anti-communist forces in the Caucasus frontier have been forced to withdraw to more a more favourable position, establishing mountain regiments from already existing units and placing them for the defense of the Caucasus while the remainder protect the flatter areas including many roadways or act in the reserve. Due to these changes in the battlefield a meeting was requested by the UoD commanders with the Soviet ones on the further continuation of the war in that area. A selective amount of forces have been placed to look upon the IDF forces on Durotar borders with artillery positions taking priority. Positions are constructed to increase the concealment of the heavy artillery units, while scouting missions are conducted regularly to ensure that the IDF is not moving, and if it were to move into the Union, the artillery would retaliate in a show of barrages to subdue and discourage attacking into Union lands. The people are briefed about the situation and are given an option to be evacuated or to join in the defensive force at the border. Those whom want to stay and fight, together with engineers establish underground ways and positions beneficial for guerrilla fighting. On a more positive note, a member of the Committee sends a hawk pet as a proud present to the leader of the USSR, and an exotic snail to the second in command as well.
  11. In a showmanship of unity and cooperation the construction forces of the Union of Durotar with Soviet permission undergo together with the Soviet one to expand their industrial strength in the way of establishing more factories for the war effort, manufactured so to be converted to domestic product factories after the Revolutionary War. The bigger part of the project is the expansion and reconstruction of many railways and roadways connecting rural locations to the most major of cities of Eastern Europe inside and outside of the Soviet Union.
  12. Two patrol boats are sent out to investigate and find out the sea supply route from the rest of Russia to the Caucasus units. The Revolutionary Armies of Durotar have gained intel from different sources on the industrial strength and supply transport vehicles in the Anti-Communist Caucasus army, suggesting that the optimal situation for them would be to retreat to shorter lines of defense where they would get a feasible amount of reserve units ready to go to areas where there are attempts to breakthrough and at the same time not rely on supply from the rest of the nation. Such operation would be expected to take some time and if they just abandoned the lines and retreated to a the shorter line they would have no time to reorganize and actually go along with their plan of continued resistance. The Durotar armies in the Caucasus have attempted to assault vital roadways leading to the eastern lands of the Caucasus, like Azerbaijan. Units have managed to push back the Anti-communist forces because of a ration on ammunition and they have retreated away from the road, pushing a small regiment of armoured mobile forces with them. The Durotar forces barrage the retreated units and constantly scout out to suppress any attempt of breaking through from the besieged pocket. The rest of the army went south until they reach The Bridge connecting the Chechen-Georgian lands to Azerbaijan, while on the way establishing hard-points on vital roads and junctions. It is suggested not to launch a general offensive into the Caucasus yet until the sea routes to Baku are discovered and ready to be hindered by the Soviet Air Force during the General Offensive. The General Offensive would force to increase the ammount of supplies going to the front, and if it was hindered in any way the Anti-Communist line would surely be damaged severely, but not won yet. In the North of the Soviet Union in Karelia, anti-communist attempts to assault the railway of Murmansk have failed to strengthened positions supported by Artillery,
  13. The Union would send military advisers to the USSR for their current large stage operation in the Caucasus. These are the recommendations that have their own either tactical or strategic significance -A naval invasion at Bat'umi and North at the mouth of the river, they should connect and move down the river. That would expel the fleets of the Anti-communists from the Black Sea as it is the only large port they can use in the Black Sea. -High points at the Caucasus mountain range should be taken, Mt Elbrus taking priority as it is the highest mountain in Europe. The ranges should be there for artillery emplacements so they can constantly harass Anti Communist forces in the south. They are expected to be unorganized relying on the populations there for much of the supply and reinforcements. -Baku is the key to victory in the Caucasus as it presents the only connection between the Anti-communist units in the Caucasus and the rest of the Russian lands The UoD would send the last units they had that fought for the Soviet Union and fled and reorganized in the Union during the Liberation War of Africa. They are tasked to defend the Murmansk railway line, as well as reconstructing and reinstalling the Murmansk defense installations, to repel any Anti-Communist assault on the main supply line in Karelia. To support the Caucasus Operation the Union sends mass produced infantry AT weapons and AA as well to keep the advance mobile.
  14. As the revolutionary flag is going to be raised upon Gibraltar, the Union increases its charter on the Proclamation of Liberation, in which it says that Revenge comes back, they used to be colonies of the British Empire, an empire so powerful it had colonies all over Europe on critical points, now it is a fragment as everything is dissolved and Gibraltar is in the hands of a nation that has sworn to liberate the world from Colonialism. While passage through Gibraltar is freely granted to allies and nations neutral to the Union, some restrictions would be put up upon other nations that have been hostile or violated the Union's matters. Civilians from the former lands of the British Empire are granted freedom of entrance to the Union if they have paranoia upon the fall of the British Crown and its dissolution, paranoia centered on the question of survival.
  15. Weapons and supplies are immediately sent alongside two military units, the 4th Guards October Unit of Mariya Oktyabrskaya and 1st Guards Samusenko Unit. The 4th Guards is landing at Crimea while the Samusenko Unit is deployed in the Caucasus to support the Red Army forces there. Shipments of weapons, medicine and other aid are being sent as they go to the Soviet fighters. They are given standardized mass produced infantry weapons. They will be re-equipped with new uniforms. The 4th Guards are awaiting reinforcements from Durotar, a large medical unit who will establish a large medical hub in the Center of Crimea. Further shipments and units could and will be sent if it were required by capture of more Black Sea ports. Currently the Central Committee is planning a problem filled launch for an operation in the North of the Soviet Union. That is it for now.
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