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    just so I can eat some meat
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  1. Mama, just grilled a ham

    Put a pun against his bed

    Pulled the finger now he's fed

    Mama, Strife had just begun

    But now I've gone and blown it at Way

    Mama, oh oh

    Didn't mean to make it dry

    If I'm not farting then its tomorrow

    Ferry on, ferry on, as if cooking really matters


    Duet by Queen and Gordon Ramsay from the new hit album "LAMB SAUCE"

  2. Tell me your stories of your best meal ever.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rimski


      Tbh not sure what my best meal is, but my largest foodgasm was when I was eating like a medium sized chocolate bear, man that shit was good

    3. Charlie Traveler

      Charlie Traveler

      Any Brazilian steakhouse ever. Meat on meat on meat.

    4. Rimski


      I feel like an ig chick but thats so relatable

      Like 6/7 days in a week has MEAT in my meal

      Like if meat is murder then why does it taste so good

      Checkmate veggies

  3. I hope I have friends in KT or anywhere : ) guys?
  4. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Rimski out
  5. Rimski

    awful nation names

    go to CN if you want to RP. Here in pnw hang out the cool kids
  6. Rimski

    Join the International

    so was your mum... checkmate
  7. Rimski

    The first meeting of the International

    doesnt matter if its the wrong subforum as the PROLETARIAT WILL ALWAYS RISE UP
  8. Kicking dogs is animal abuse and a very dick move. This is something special, the Templar Syndrome! Brought to you by Dr RebelMan and Dr. Vet. Rimski (apparently cannot make fun of my own name by maming it kinky)
  9. Do u want to tango the mango uwu

  10. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Moving the yello province, i have one more movement Boint, to Corsica
  11. Rimski

    Political Realignment

    The funding for the projects will be accepted as well as the offer to construct a statue in the name of the workers class. The Diplomatic relations are still gonna be shaky but they shall be reestablished, says Jeremy Corbyn, while the answer for the offer of an international organisation to combat fascism and improve the world is denied. The statement of Jeremy Corbyn goes as follows - There shall be an International organisation for that exact purpose one day. But it will be without the USNE.
  12. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    hey, thats my line
  13. I think people should start to acknowledge that humans were meant to be gay. It says it in the title, ho~mo sapiens

    1. San Fortunado

      San Fortunado

      Just a word of advice, coming out for the first time on a gaming forum isn't a good idea.

    2. Uncle Iroh

      Uncle Iroh

      proud of you babe

  14. Rimski

    The Eastern Question

    "I have said that people claim that are pupeeteering China, whilist we only supply them, since the days of Rokkenjimian aggression we have trained, helped them reorganize and helped evacuate people from critical and risky areas, whilist aiding the people to fulfill their human needs. They think that we are some big bad red wolf that wants global communism. We have tried to make them understand but they deny everything what we say. We can evacuate quickly, but the process of moving the land is tricky and will take longer (cause ya kno game rules), I hope this process goes swell with no accidental firing. I think that you should inform your army of that as military access is granted throughout those lands, whilist you cannot access our plans as they are confidental and I don't think you'd enjoy that happening to you. Now about China again, you should understand that we are going to send not only aid, but also weapons, from basic firearms to artillery and tanks when needed. And sometimes SAS units to support the PLA movement from time to time. I have said that just to put an accent on a part of a sentence, if you overheard it. Next on the agenda to better relations, an exchange of students, we are happy and ready to send over 50 Students of various ages, skills and education to your schools if you desired to do the same. Adding to that, there is already free travel, but I think we should grant and make it public, visa less travel between the two of our states. Furthermore, we'd like to ask you if there is a need in your industry or trade. If you are interested our exports are based around metallurgy, pharmaceutics for humans and animals, agricultural machinery and other vehicles, oil, tobacco and alcohol products, electronics, refined metals, plastic products, laboratory equipment, chemicals for the already said labs, household chemicals, tea, all sorts of meat in a limited number, oil, etc I think that you gentlemen can see the basic premise of it. I think that free trade is beneficial for both of us, we'd like to hear your main exports if you want to condcut a trade agreement. You list your interests and we will list ours. And when it comes to industry, we'd be glad to offer help in any way, as you are a new state founded off the ashes. Not meaning that in a negative sense. And as an ending, we were planning on leaving our, so-called 'colonies' after the progress of elimination of Rokkenjimans is done as well as the development programmes. But I think that you are destined to finish the job after our leave."

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