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  1. A bit late, but thanks for bringing me into this game. I still kinda regret not staying in Arrgh with you, would have been lots of fun.
  2. Huh, I missed this too. Farewell old friend.
  3. Yang

    Slot filling

    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=29271 Ruler Name: Pablo Nature of Violation: Slot filling t$ guy hitting a e$ guy and only doing one ship navy attacks to minimize damage: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=354842 War history clearly shows Pablo dropping from e$ while the attacks were made: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=29271&display=war It's clearly a treasure transfer, but it's doing so at a time of war when others are about to loot the treasure. Not doing the full extent of damage that one would expect in times of war.
  4. I'd say make the bar a little lower. 7 cities and 60 days. You'd be surprised how long 90 days is when you first start. 60 days is enough time to muck around a micro, join a proper alliance, pass the tests, make a spreadsheet breaking down trade/manufacturing income, get into a war, get in low gov of a top 10 alliance, lead a bunch of people, splinter out into a micro. I think I got in Rose high gov within 90 days, led a test server alliance, and was whining a lot about the newbie trade restrictions making me want to quit the game. Another option is to have a paywall around bypassing the seniority restrictions. Like 4 credits if you're below 90 days.
  5. I prefer the idea of increasing resource production. Inflation has the same impact of nerfing long term hoarding and letting younger alliances catch up. Increase cash gain a little more. Let people build more cities, and be forced to buy more tanks and ships. It's a little more fun than watching resources magically disintegrate. It will also naturally act against VM manipulation and bank hiding. I like the intent behind the main idea, but 11% annual resource destruction seems trivial compared to the current inflation.
  6. Not even combat mode, just a plain "lite" mode. I find all the images and quotes rather annoying, and I'd just be happy with a plaintext HTML thing. None of that fancy bootstrap either. The game can drain hundreds of MB of data during wars.
  7. This sounds remarkably similar to Dark Brotherhood. It comes with a cult theme too!
  8. #1: Viridian Entente. Rest in peace. #2: BK-Rose rematch, no allies. Assuming both get to hit each other at the same time and it's not a one way blitz. If it's one way, then Pantheon onto TKR. #3: Grumpy Old Bastards. Give them something to really be grumpy about.
  9. I was literally waiting until the last minute for someone else to do it as I was trying to lay low lol. Other nominations would have been Mensa as well - Avruch, Vanek. I'm not going to leak what went on, but I would bet on a very different war outcome if it weren't for you guys.
  10. I mean, I admitted it. This is the only way I've been enjoying these games. You guys can play it however you like. I enjoy it this way. It's not about alliance or faction intel. It's about individual intel. You do this to learn as much as possible about individuals. Not leaders but all members. Koso has influence on TKR, Sax has influence on Rose. You won't necessarily get to these people through FA, nor can you identify them. You can't influence an alliance just by influencing its FA or heads. Coalitions are made up of alliances. Alliances are made up of individuals. You want to control a coalition, control the individuals. Learn what makes them tick. What triggers them, what baits them, what guides them, what morals they stick to, how and why they play. Build this beautiful rube goldberg machine consisting entirely of Batman Gambits. But if you get stuck in an alliance, even as its leader, your hands are tied, your moves are limited. It is easier solo. It is like a heist. The more people are in on the secret, the more easily it leaks. Friends are really hard to manage too. They follow their own paths and goals. It's easier to make friends the second time. You know everyone's personalities. You can build rapport by telling them what they want they hear. And you can mislead them. Rerolls don't try to move mountains with sheer force. They plant explosives in strategic places. But idk. It's fun. It becomes a real game. But I regret that it cuts real friendships. I feel really bad lying to people. It comforts me when they don't believe anything I say. It builds barriers, to actual trust, actual friendships. To quote someone, "I would ask how you're doing but I feel you'd just make something up." And sadly, that feels a lot better than, "I'm in your area. Wanna hang out?" There are nice people here. And it is regrettable to put on a mask, a persona, a VPN every time I touch the game. To never know the person on the other end, never showing up for their weddings, or inviting them to mine. Maybe one day I'll settle down.
  11. He's sort of my type anyway. To quote myself from a past conversation Nights would be a lot like this: And I can use the girlfriend bill of rights to take over his accounts every once in a while. Then people can truly feel the weight of NPO's jackboots.
  12. I'm not nominating anyone from TKR, Rose, or NPO out of bias. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: Black Knights. Did one of the biggest game shaking moves, got hit hard, still bounced back. Most Powerful Alliance: Nuclear Knights. Not my first choice, but power is about being able to do what you want to do, and NK has the biggest swing effect. Best Military: Guardian Best Rookie Alliance: Church of Spaceology Best Flag: Guardians of the Galaxy Best War Flag: TKR. something something Lordship... fine gentleman (disqualify this nomination idc it was worth nominating) Most Active Alliance: Pantheon, based on individuals Most Honourable Alliance: Pantheon Most Improved Alliance: Zodiac, went from two mid tier alliances into one alliance capable of pinning Mensa. Best Diplomatic Team: Pantheon Best Economic System: The Coalition Best Recruiting Staff: Black Knights Best Propaganda Staff: Cobra Kai Dojo Best Alliance Growth: Knights Templar, looking it over 2017 rather than recent months Best Forums: Mensa HQ Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2018: Guardian Most Immoral Alliance: Viridian Entente Most Controversial Alliance: The Viridian Entente Best Alliance for New Players: Black Knights Most Missed Alliance for 2017: Mensa HQ PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Buorhann. Literally writing this post just to nominate him. People praise the limbs and the muscles behind a coalition, but Buorhann was the backbone of a distrustful, paranoid coalition. Most Powerful Player: Zed. Power meaning being able to do whatever you want to do. Best Alliance Leader: Chaunce. Really hard pick here. Most Controversial Player: Bluebear Best Player Sig: n/a Best Player Avatar: n/a Best OOC Poster: Micchan Best IC Poster: Spaceman Thrax Nicest Player: Mayor Funniest Player: Sargun Most Active Player: Ripper. The rest of Arrgh also win this by a long shot. Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018: Tiber Best New Addition to the Community: Ripper COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: n/a Best P&W Forum Topic: n/a Biggest Controversy: VE vs tVE Funniest Event: Alex putting everyone in Rose Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): Pantheon Best Treaty Announcement: Guardian + TFP Best Declaration of War: Biggest Meme: n/a Largest E-Peen: Kastor Best Villain: Jessica Rabbit (?) Most Hated Poster: Mad Max Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): LordStrum WORST CATEGORIES (not including micros) Worst Alliance of the Year: Cornerstone Worst Military of the Year: Seven Kingdoms Worst Diplomatic Move: BK split from syndisphere. Good move, but was done absolutely terribly diplomatically, by both sides. Most Inactive Large Alliance: Top 15? Zodiac Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2018: Guardians of the Galaxy Worst Player of the Year: Leo the Great Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Curufinwe (?) Worst Treaty of the Year: VE-t$ Worst Forum Poster: n/a Worst Nation Setup: Ace Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2017): n/a Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2018: Hogwarts fakeedit: Oh come on Bezzers, I'm still typing and it's still 1/12
  13. Most of the people nominated seem to be more good leaders and good at articulating their thoughts or convincing people, rather than actually intelligent. I'd say the benchmark would be whether I'd like the person around as an advisor with no gov ability. I mean you have people like Ripper who are smart and understand the game deeply - they're also great people to have leading an alliance and will grow an alliance rapidly. But you wouldn't take him in on opsec channels just to hear what he has to say. I could name maybe 30 people. But I think most interesting are the ones who nobody thinks of. Top of my underdog list would be Nation Ruler (NPO) and Kosonome (TKR).
  14. Just missing one pigeon.
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