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  1. Congrats you degenerates
  2. I hope this is real. I need the money!!!!
  3. o7 InGen Management have your way with me (sexually)!
  4. My approval rating in SWF, in comparison to other unpopular things: Milkman < Dead Babies < Horse Poop
  5. My mistake, the funeral is where the priest/pastor tells the deceased's closest friends and family about them
  6. You &#33;@#&#036;...a funeral is when everyone comes together and says nice things about the deceased who they hated.
  7. As long as they can keep oppressing that Hawkeye guy. If he ever gets big enough to actually fight....well i don't even want to think about what might happen
  8. o.o Must mindlessly hail o7 SWF o7 Triumvirate o7 People's Council
  9. Idk why Hugo and Heinrich are so excited to be friends with a bunch of odd balls! For really though, wooo! <3 O7 SWF 07 Odd Squad
  10. We are all held captives by our sins. Jesus paid the ultimate price to atone for our sins. He has set each one of us free from the chains that have bound us since the beginning of time!
  11. You have to keep reading my brotha. He died but he dis not stay in the grave, for on the third day he rose up and set the captives free!!!
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