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  1. I offer change policy in policies I offer change issue about polygamy on more actual issue. F.E. Issue about prostitution or gambling in modern times no one of county use polygamy. Countries, which still use it, begin to refuse it
  2. Hi, I have a new Iidea It’s about social Policy no one country gave a polygamy marriages NOBODY!!!! I offer change the issue about polygamy marriges Society have more actual issues i offer change issue about polygamy to issue about prostitution
  3. I suggest to ad some new information to fact book. About Policy: Social policy Economy Policy Description of political system Current ruling party (Ideology of party) Popularity of CRP (ideology) Second party (ideology) popularity Third party (ideology) Third party popularity —————- I suggest to ad News of Country in game. People can write news about domestic situation in the country and who go to NP (Nation Page) can read them. I think people will like it
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