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  1. This is the update I m waiting for long time safe me from getting wrong trade offer. Also I want so have confirmation during making project and city also and during buy and sell on trade offer page
  2. Great job Alex , continue it so we enjoy more this game
  3. Finally peace is at our door . Make it warm welcome and enjoy.
  4. We gladly welcome you to the Paradise
  5. It's inappropriate use of moderation in Orbis
  6. Congratulations, Although you r on opposite sides of war but i expect you to get peace in new year 2020
  7. It's growing power at good pace welcome ironfront as new member of bloc
  8. This shows don't mess up with black . They kick off your ass.
  9. Good luck guys hope we see you in top 50 soon. I saw your advertisement on discord and preety good theme you choose. I hope you guys decorates alliance page it's slightly boring now . Congratulations to you
  10. It's new era of cooperation and support between new bloc in Orbis . I m hoping good understanding and cooperation develop between all of us guys over time. Congratulations
  11. Alliance of the Year: The Commonwealth Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: The Commonwealth Best Fighters: Goons Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: The Commonwealth Most Active Alliance: The Commonwealth Best Government Line-Up: the commonwealth Best Rookie Alliance: Immortal Most Honorable: The Commonwealth Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: The Commonwealth Best Forums: Black Knight Best Discord: The Commonwealth Best Alliance Page: The Commonwealth Most Controversial Alliance: Goons Best Alliance for New Players: The Commonwealth Best Economic System: The Black Knight Most Missed Alliance from 2019: N/A Best Re-brand: N/A Scariest Alliance: The Manhattan cartel Best Alliance Ad: The Immortal
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