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  1. Sphinx

    BK Adds Some Ink

    ASS.....I approve of that name, Honest question what's the point of a "one way MDP", either you defend them in war or you don't, signing a M-level and trying to not defend someone isn't a good look for an alliances rep. (Unless your name is TFP then, what even is war?) Its because they wanted their blocs self-contained they didn't want to get bogged down in any treaty web which might lock them into working with more parties than just their immediate allies. What?!? Talking shit on the forums is the best part, without KT/TGH this place would be a hella of lot more boring.
  2. Sphinx

    The formation of the bean bloc

    https://imgur.com/AeSvpZ7 That lasted long, I'm sure attempt number 19th will be more successful.
  3. Sphinx

    SNN-Too big to fail

    Pre classy as always, totally not biased or anything. No need to apologize mate, it wasn't your fault. It was Rado's actions not your or anyone else. Needless to say the bank was more than one person and as Shifty's post said it, it was too big to fail as we're still here and we'll recover from this, albeit it'll be a long road ahead.
  4. Removing the population cap is a good thing and helping newer players is also good, so its a win win, excellent idea.
  5. Sphinx

    Our not so secret war

    Best of luck to you Pantheon, you've been through some pretty rough times but hope you can pull through. Might be a tall order and wishful thinking but hope you kick Nova's arse and prove the doubters wrong. ,,P Also good luck to Nova,
  6. Sphinx

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Long term if the ROI for loans gets too low we'd just transition into full time resource trading instead of doing both loans and resource trading. If these changes take place we'd still make money from the billions we have Invested. Orion/Horizon/BV will be fine but smaller banks might have their customer pools dry up as it necessitates people taking far larger loans something that smaller bank's can't provide as much. I'm not that concerned with the impact it'll have on my bank, what my biggest issue is with its impact on people trying to grow from 20+ cities, something that effects my alliances growth prospects which I hold more dear to me than my own financial profitability. Either way this is still a band aid fix and Id much rather wait until Alex has finished his University work for him to actually do a proper update to the game rather than this idea that merely kicks the can down the road.
  7. Sphinx

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Its not being held hostage at all, it seems you have at best an indifference at worst contempt to a community created aspect of your game that falls outside the established mechanics. I'd argue is a great shame since these communities don't "rig anything", they simply provide longevity by bolstering the player driven narrative which I'm certain is a far greater driver for player retention than anything that could be coded and implemented into the game. Banks are just one part of a vibrant community from alliance discords/forums, Orbis news discords, marketplaces, mercenary services and radio shows like Great Job etc etc. Games that embrace community driven aspects have far greater longevity than those who attempt to shut down or minimise such communities. Take a look at the Total War gaming community, Rome Total War and Medieval 2 Total War are 15 and 13 years old respectively yet their online communities are larger than several of the newer titles released by CA. Why you might ask? Because these games have a massive player driven modding community which has turned these products inside out and created everything from simply unit skin mods right through to massive Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones based total conversion mods, that have been downloaded millions of times. The later titles have far greater restrictions in their moddability and as such they simply don't evoke the same passion that fans of the earlier games have when CA embraced modding back in the day. The same can be said for banking and other communities in PW, they simply compliment a game which at times apart from logging into once to collect your log in bonus has some rather deary times with minimal to do unless you're at war. No one here is asking for you to forsake development over the complaints of a "few small people", but its quite clearly not just a "few small people" that find what was proposed here to be at odds with their wishes for what this game could be. The only reason banking took hold was people found it beneficial for two reasons. Firstly it allows larger nations the ability to accelerate their income to fuel their growth through Investment, and secondly it allows smaller nations easy access to cash which enabled them to fuel their growth at a much quicker pace evening the playing field between the whales and the non-whales. To just disparage that undermines a community aspect which hundreds upon hundreds of players partake in and enjoy, whilst I'm all for evening the playing field the ideas presented by Pre are a poor attempt to fix a problem (Resource glut/ discrepancy between whales and newbies), which isn't even that pressing of an issue for the game. There are excellent counter ideas presented in this thread which have just been ignored, @Psweet's ideas on the implementation of Consumer goods for a nations upkeep is one such idea which adds something to the game, instead of punishing players who like a particular play-style and provides another sorely needed resource sink. Of course you're free to take on board what feedback you may choose but, its pretty obvious that a majority of the player-base at least aren't in favour of these changes, so I hope you take on board some of our concerns/feedback before implementing something that could alienate large segments of the community.
  8. Sphinx

    Triumph and Existence

    You guys must be very observant, I wish I had your detective skills to know Felk's not here anymore. He's still been getting his pension checks from the mail but he hasn't been cashing them, so we were getting quite worried.... I know right now we can move on with other more important things like making fun of stupid suggestions for the game or arguing about the disappearance of Emperor Jonas.
  9. Sphinx

    P&W: Imperator

    A meme is never late nor is it early, it arrives precisely when UPN finished making it, ;,P Thrilled to be working with ES though.
  10. Sphinx

    Romans March North!

    Uhmm, you should ask Varus what happens when the Romans try to march too far North. ;,P But congrats on the treaty HS & RnR.
  11. Sphinx

    Water to quench my thirst

    I'm not American so Baseball sucks IMO, but if you add "Football", can you please add Cricket as well? ;,P Also Water if added would be a great to use as another resource as upkeep from the cooling of nuclear power plants along with daily population water needs. (And maybe even used in the refining of some resources like Steel or Aluminium)
  12. Sphinx

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Pretty much hit the nail on the head Aku, These changes just dry up our potential customer pool for loan takers. Seb and I as well as the other whale bankers would then have no reason to keep tens of billions in reserve for loans and would just buy a bunch of cities irrespective of the cost (Since Seb and I combined make like $1.4b a week from nation income and Investment income(We're actually competing to see who can grow the most)). I could build to 43/44 cities right now and Seb could do 45/46 or so, but the only reason we don't is we actually like what we do. Not to echo Trump, but its pretty enjoyable as a banker to see loans and Investment deals finalised and to see alliances and players (who you let billions of your own money to), grow and advance their city tiering. You're certainly right Aku, that its pretty much a meta-game since banking is pretty much the only player driven economic system entirely outside the confines of the games mechanics, its players who organise and agree on deals and who provide the funding that so many alliances and players rely upon for growth. These changes just make it so Orion, BV and Horizon won't keep such assets on hand for such deals. I know between Seb and myself we currently have loans to players/alliances from pretty much every single sphere and bloc in the game, we don't discriminate when it comes to customers we'll do business with all but these changes are bad for business for us and bad for business for the game as whole. *Obligatory plug* DM me in Discord or in game for a loan, ;,P
  13. Sphinx

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    I know if this was planned to be introduced. Then Seb and I and all the other whale bankers would cash out all our Investments and build a bunch of new cities and then sit on whatever amount we reached. If anything this is regressive for both newer players hampering their growth and shutting down any future upper tier growth. Also, Pre mate you're normally on par with your posts/ideas, but this one missed the mark I'm afraid.
  14. Sphinx

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    The only thing Increasing the cost of cities does is makes it harder for newer players to grow and the whales who made it there long ago can sit comfortably knowing that people won't reach them anytime soon. A retroactive cost to new cities does nothing to the imbalance cause I could just sit on my 35 cities and know that for some alliances it'll be impossible for them to reach me in any short time. If anything what the game needs is more resource sinks or if you really want to admit that changing the resource production formulae broke the market revert back to the old system. EDIT: Maybe adding something like consumer goods (Could be produced from various raws and refined resources) and have the usage amounts scale to the population of a nation.
  15. Sphinx

    This looks like it could possibly a multi.

    He's not a multi @SauceMaster, Valk is an older player and friend of Ryleh who rerolled, Ryleh asked me to send Valk some of his money (As you can see from bank records) to help him get started and so Valk can do resource trading. Its the same Valk and Ryleh that tried to steal Pantheon's bank from me back in 2017. https://politicsandwar.fandom.com/wiki/Bank_Heist_War

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