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  1. Sphinx

    If I put NPO in the title will this thread be 30 pages?

    Nope, its the video the OP posted. But yeah thanks for reminding me.... we never got that video either.....
  2. Sphinx

    If I put NPO in the title will this thread be 30 pages?

    Tell me about it
  3. Sphinx

    Really NPO

    I fail to see how we are lossing, your side has already lost you've just not come to terms with the loss just yet. Taking out that frustation on people whom bare no fault of their own for the current political situation and calling them "cannonfodder", or "pawns" is just being a dick. You're simply making assumptions due to your biases against the NPO, if you have a community outside this game who you think might enjoy themselves then go right ahead and invite them, just have some perspective for once and don't post mindless ramblings on the OFW. Not really contributing anything to benefit the dicussion here mate. Agreed 100%, these guys will be ages away from shifting any potential balance in NPO's favour and by then I'd wager several would've deleted, left and joined new alliances or gone inactive. The fact is we've had an influx of new players to the game which is a net positive and instead people are being salty because they can't put OOC aside for one minute and are just using it to attack NPO. I admit when it first happened I was at first a bit wary but after thinking about it absoultely no harm can be done from this recruitment drive as more nations means a more fuflfiling game. (Asuming Alex's dodgy servers can hold up), So? Even if it is if they don't get something out of it they'll leave. People accept the 100/100 taxes in NPO because they believe in the community and support their fellow members. Regardless your opinions aren't really important on this anyway, since being an online game the members in that AA have every choice to walk away if they want to.
  4. Sphinx

    Like a Virgin

    Nah more importantly they stole Goon Squad's flag.
  5. Sphinx

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    @redfive Hey mate, Akarin over here might be trying to steal your identity. ;V Also, mfw when I see the new NPO invasion force....
  6. Sphinx

    How long will this war go on for?

    What a strange person.
  7. Sphinx

    How long will this war go on for?

    TCW had regular 6 month elections, before back in September 2018 during Felkey's Prime Ministership. Then it was changed so once elected the PM can remain in office as long as they like and new elections are only held if the current PM retires or is impeached with a 66% vote of the Membership and majority of the gov. So tCW's basically an elected autocracy now. However TBH I have thought on occasion of bringing back regular elections because I like the debates during the last one, and we've had no problems with it in the past. Although a caveat would be providing some requirements in place for eligible candidates. (IE, minimum membership length, previous gov experience required etc) My reasons were much more than just "war rep", its amusing you guys are still going on about that. Haven't you got new talking points yet?
  8. Sphinx

    Parts of the game not loading.

    Just to add onto Nizam's point. My load times the last 3 days have barely dropped below 25 seconds to load just one page, also getting that 524 error with alliance pages pretty much everytime I try to load it up. Some days I'm close to 2 minutes to load a page. So its unplayable for most of the day. Today has been pretty good, only got as high as this: On the bright side I'm having fond memories of my old Dial up connection from the late 90's and LAN parties with school mates in the early 2000's.
  9. Sphinx

    Achievement Suggestion Masterlist

    WAR ACHIEVEMENTS Achievement Name: Carthago delenda est Achievement Description (how to unlock): Reduce a city to 0 Infra in a war Achievement Name: Bomber Harris Achievement Description (how to unlock): Destroy 1,000 Infra in a single airstrike Achievement Name: Demolition Man Achievement Description (how to unlock): Destroy 5 Improvements in a single war Achievement Name: Tis but a scratch Achievement Description (how to unlock): Loss 34,000 Steel and 6,000 Aluminium worth of military units in a war and end up victorious. ECON ACHIEVEMENTS Achievement Name: Metropolis Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have a population of 500,000 in one city Achievement Name: Megalopolis Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have a population of 1,000,000 in one city Achievement Name: The old world will burn! Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have 500 pollution in a city. Achievement Name: Industrial Revolution Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have 8 manufacturing improvements and 12 raw resource improvements in a city. Achievement Name: Utopia Achievement Description (how to unlock): Have zero disease, 115% commerce, 0% crime, and less than 100 pollution in a city. Might have more ideas soon.
  10. That's what Rosey meant, they know they've obviously lost the war so he's having a good time in other games, just not this one. :V
  11. Your desperation is quite telling. 2 micros leaving doesn't change the fact KT's screwed, but whatever makes you sleep at night.
  12. Sphinx

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

    Nothing will top that...... greatest thing in this thread. Also.... @Charlie Traveler You have an incredibly sexy voice, if you're not being paid millions to do voice overs one day then this world should burn.
  13. Sphinx

    [DoE] Long Live The Emperor!

    Serves DB right for sending assassins after me on numerous occasions, and for stealing my sweet roll. :V Good luck PO in your fight, and good luck DB hopefully you can use this war to bounce back from, learn some hard lessons and have a stronger presence in FA in the future rather than just clinging to a Prot for safety. Nah mate, its just speaking the truth.
  14. Sphinx

    Love at first sight

    @James T. Kirk @Frawley By order of the Radiant, jokes are punishable by death. Frawley and Gorge you are to report to your nearest Chaos Interrogation site for immediate termination.
  15. Sphinx

    INH's thoughts on pixel huggery

    We share our pain. ,;p Also I think the worst part is, its not localised if two improvements of the same type get destroyed. I've seen either: "as well as a hanger and a hanger" and "as well as two a nuclear power plants".

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