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  1. You are not hostile enough, according to their standards. Apparently they regard you as a pest.
  2. Should be changed to Rose can Blitz btw
  3. You could be deceiving us, who knows
  4. Thats pantheon's bank right there wait they were part of the plan? hmm
  5. I am waiting for Fist to come say, "I am back !@#$es: lol
  6. I expected this to be a GPA announcement.
  7. they should both still disband btw, orbis would be fine
  8. So this thread here is just a way to bring down capy's vote to negatives nice, keep doing it guys lol
  9. So Smith is small in this case?
  10. joke alliance of the year? lol
  11. ^ more like here to get reputation
  12. why not vodka? /me coughs up some blue moon into this, wait that was an alliance?
  13. unofficial without them gifs jk but nice
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