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  1. Ah, it's the old "Everyone in the coalition submit the terms you want and we'll just forward them all along"
  2. You created this thread and all you had was "War of the Whales" and "Whale Wars". And you're whining that a better name hasn't shown up after one page?
  3. The Molten Salt Reactor?
  4. Oof Ouch Owie My Nukes
  5. Smithsphere would get annihilated tbh
  6. You obviously haven't seen how good our flag looks with the radiation symbol on it.
  7. Don't know what you mean guv, this "TKR" individual that you're talking about is just a humble nation in the Black Knights. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=35846
  8. Woot

    Sexy poll

    NK, because size matters and I can't ignore the girth of their nuclear stockpile.
  9. Alliance stats are infra value plus the sum of nation stats. And nation stats are nothing but money looted and unit costs. Which includes everything from the 2$ cost of a soldier to the price of launching a nuke. Although, the prices used are from halfway through the war, so if you add it up yourself using $1700 steel and $1000 gas etc you'll get a slightly lower value.
  10. War stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12Zx0rm8U1ULvB5XyjLlZT0j3mfPprUcCVV8vOipswiU/edit?usp=sharing
  11. You wrote a whole post about how aggressively Lordaeron counters pirates and you think that reflects badly on them?
  12. The obvious exploit is that I could pay a pirate to fight me and also take my resources through a blockade and send them where they need to be sent.
  13. Fight for 1 day and sign a NAP for 1 year. These micros have it figured out, man.
  14. Woot

    Name the War

    The Yosodog Memorial War
  15. Or send your resources to the Inquisition, for a similar result.
  16. Those are some sweet snails and knights. mediæval/10
  17. Woot

    Name the War

    For the poll, can whoever makes it please be elitist? If we go by the number of comments and votes in this thread the poll will be filled with "Kastor was wrong", "something something united airlines", "Mikey War", "LPS's Vacation Mode Party", and so on. Nobody wants that shit. Here's all the names in this thread that aren't total trash and had some momentum: Names based on the start date: The Good Friday War Git Gud Friday Names based on the treaty shredding: The War on Paper No More Papers, Please The Treaty Cleansing The Great Divorce The Great Schism Names based on the length: The Long War The Longest Day Names based on the tactics: The Submarine War And I think it would be a good idea to vote by category as well as specific names, to avoid vote splitting between nearly identical options.
  18. We spent a while testing it once and it seemed to work. However, API pages will always report the true score. So I can't think of any practical reason to actually do a Schrodinger's militarization like that.
  19. Nuke 7 - Remove Spaghetti Nuke 9 - Join Slack
  20. Woot

    Name the War

    The High Ground War
  21. GG Lordareon. I didn't fight them for long but it looked like they declared a lot of wars and had good damage stats. Bad terms like simple concessions of defeat?
  22. My total amount of net damage done is pretty inaccurate at the moment, since a lot of nations were left out. But I think the remainder are a representative enough sample that the *ratio* of damage done is very accurate. http://i.imgur.com/3af4ven.png I'll refine my numbers later but I don't expect to see Syndisphere's net resource damage get any smaller.
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