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  1. dmjohnston

    7/9/2017 - The Great Deflation!

    At least I can just blame Oblige now.
  2. dmjohnston

    7/9/2017 - The Great Deflation!

    Did you talk to anyone about this at all? Why no warning before going life? Ffs man.
  3. dmjohnston

    War. War Never Changes.

    @Fanag, I'm never too tired to spam or shitpost.
  4. dmjohnston

    War. War Never Changes.

    Yeah, that 2nd term cracked me up when I saw it. #safespace
  5. dmjohnston

    War. War Never Changes.

    The only reason this thing lasted as long as it did is because you dinguses wouldn't admit you had lost. That's like literally all we really wanted. Dio is glorious.
  6. dmjohnston

    War Range Calculation Delay

    Wouldn't it make sense to at least update it when I click declare war?
  7. dmjohnston

    War Range Calculation Delay

    Apparently it doesn't update until I refresh my own nation page? Wat?
  8. dmjohnston

    War Range Calculation Delay

    There is a significant delay between a change in my nation score and an update of attackability on other nations. By example, if I decommission military units to attack down, it takes a few minutes to be able to do so because it doesn't correctly calculate. At the very least, when I click on "Declare War" it should redo the calculation, even if it doesn't display the graphic on the page.
  9. dmjohnston

    Can't build spies

    Deleted the cookies for the site and seems to be resolved.
  10. dmjohnston

    Can't build spies

  11. dmjohnston

    API feeds down

    Feeds aren't loading.
  12. dmjohnston

    Can't build spies

    I'm unable to do anything on PC. Works fine on mobile.
  13. dmjohnston

    Can't build spies

    Had this error multiple times even after logging out and back in, refreshing page, going to another page and coming back, etc. Had the same error when trying to send stuff from the alliance bank as well.
  14. dmjohnston

    API Timeout Issues

    I've had a lot of time-based errors in the last couple of weeks in my scripts accessing the API. Nothing has changed on my end in terms of code, so I'm wondering if something has changed recently on your end, or if others are seeing this as well? I use Google Scripts, so my scripts have a time limit. I've never run into these limits before, but now I am, which means it's taking longer to make calls to the API.
  15. I recently heard about someone who intended to buy infra to put their city at 1900 infra, but instead accidentally bought 1900 infra. Perhaps just a simple "are you sure" pop up if you're buying more than 1000 at a time, or moving to more than 2500? Something like that.

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