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    Project D

    I regret to say that I have only a limited amounts of reactions to give. Though, will predict a good 28 downvotes by the end of today.
  2. I do believe that KT/ET thought that you were making sweet sweet dosh from raiding all of UPN's inactives. They do/did have a reputation for being whales, and whales generally mean lotsa money. Past that though, even if it was with TFP and our no raids rule in peacetime, moment you hit outside that guy, automatic raid response goes into action. There's a reason TFP counters only the raiders and not the raider's alliance mates.
  3. Nay, not just any third sphere Sketchy. A TFP-GUARDIAN-WESTERN UNION SPHERE WHICH WILL GLORIOUSLY EXPLODE FORTH LIKE A CHESTBURSTER FROM WHATEVER THE HELL ROSE'S SPHERE IS CALLED! Sadly the Western Union's a bit small, but we can make it work right?
  5. Quichwe10

    Stuck on the Toilet

    Image's a bit borked there. Not showing up.
  6. Quichwe10

    Stuck on the Toilet

    Shit. @Keegoz! @Theodosius! Our treaty plans have been leaked! WE MUST MAKE THE KT-TFP SPHERE QUICKLY TO REVOLT FROM ROSE!
  7. Quichwe10

    Some random stats 3.0

    And how many people basically log in and basically never play again.
  8. Quichwe10

    Some random stats 3.0

    That seems strange that a combined 70% or so of nations in PnW are beiged or in grey. Did a decimal point get bumped somewhere? Granted though, then again, about 30% of the player base is at 1 city, and 50% or so is 2 cities and lower, so it could be that. Lotta chaff in PnW I guess.
  9. Quichwe10

    Some random stats 3.0

    Just a little confused here, but what do the percentages mean on that misc stats section?
  10. Quichwe10

    IQ vs KT war name vote

  11. Quichwe10

    By The Way...

    Damnit, I just got used to the old theme. MRRAAGGHH *old man noises* Anyway, congrats on the rebranding! I'll see what fun war decs I can come up with next time with this.
  12. Quichwe10

    What if: The greatest political debate convention ever

    Well, for one, that'd be cool to see. Maybe the presence of Bernie will actually have THOSE FRICKING IDIOTS not turn out and burn everything. PS: Forum, stop trying to moderate my language damnit. You aren't even keeping the caps in there.
  13. Quichwe10

    Help for Fraggle

    Jesus. On behalf of The Fighting Pacifists and myself, my deepest condolences @Fraggle. You've been a great joy to have in this community as well as being a kind and caring person, and I believe you'll continue to do the same for your brother's children. Best of luck, and may you find your way through these trying times as yourself. -Quichwe10, Facilitator of the Fighting Pacifists.
  14. Quichwe10

    The candles burn the brightest.

    ....Good luck with your war I guess. I wonder who'll blink first as each side glare at each other angrily across a border.
  15. Quichwe10

    Bad Pacifists

    The original idea was proposed something like 5+ months ago, but nothing like a sense of urgency (Prefontaine the Ever-Chosen raising a new warband for Chaos Undivided or us resolving to get off our lazy asses and do things? Why not both?) to kick procrastination in the balls and take control and do stuff. Also, laughed way too hard at that comment, Pre. Least the cafeteria's mostly empty.
  16. Quichwe10

    Terminus Est Announcement

  17. Quichwe10

    War Stats 3.0

    Aww... Well, at least the accuracy for non-infra stuff's pretty there. If Frawley posted his stats, we could probably get a fairly accurate measure of damages via combining Frawley's infra and military damage and Johan's loot damage.
  18. Keegoz's Birthday Gift
  19. Not-IQ Struck Back?
  20. Quichwe10


    Well, you could always go out with a bang. But, barring that, you can always donate what you have towards a good cause (cough many cough people need cough rebuilding cough resources cough).
  21. Quichwe10

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Alright, that's mildly disturbing. I'm getting shades of crazy religious zealot here.
  22. Quichwe10

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    Welp. Glhf guys, and remember to get the political discussion containment room ready to go. it appears you might need it, along with some folks to lock it back inside of that room.
  23. Quichwe10

    Important ODN Announcement

    We stand here today in the memory of the Orange Defense Network. While I did not know them well, or, for that matter, barely at all, I'll speak some words on their behalf at this solemn affair. ODN was a NPO protectorate. They were great fans of the color orange, bros who vowed to fight together in defense of the networked nations, and guys who stared the Mongol Horde in the face and asked for more. They may not have been gifted with a sense of self preservation, but they were indeed gifted with a sense of courage, though some may say foolhardiness, with a set of giant balls, though some may say that it drew away too much blood flow from the head (different head, get your brain out of the gutter), with loyalty, though some may say poorly returned loyalty, and with honor, though some may say it to be a wish to be put out of their misery. No matter what we may say though about their gifts, I believe that all who are here can agree on one thing. For ODN, we salute you, for this unique decision on behalf of your alliance, and for your sacrifice to the currently watching, popcorn munching, pixel burning audience to sate their hunger for war. Amen. Alright guys, how was the eulogy?
  24. Quichwe10

    Important ODN Announcement

    Errr... Well, you're not lacking in balls. Self preservation.... well, speaking as someone who was did that against TEst, good luck. o7 But seriously, yer gonna die so goddamn hard. I'll begin writing the eulogy.
  25. Quichwe10

    Thank you, Inquisition Coalition

    No idea. Let's ask other folks. Keegoz already mentioned Sandbox Mode Coalition.

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