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  1. Now this is a challenge, a real war I look forward to meeting everyone of you guys in the field of battle. May we turn the ground and rivers red with blood
  2. Lets have a great war TGH May we destroy so many pixels that the game breaks
  3. And so the first Queen has arrived. A new era for TKR The milcom deepstate is in control now
  4. I do not recognize your baseless claims to the name of Rome Rome is mine
  5. I dont know why people think we are pixel huggers, TKR has never been afraid to burn pixels. Hell we burned so many pixels throughout our history we lost count on how much we lost. If anyone really wants to challenge that TKR are a bunch of pixel huggers then attack TKR and see what happens. p.s. FF suck <3 Micchan
  6. Ha, you think your FF members are loyal to you, half of them are loyal fighters of Slack . Bring upon your war onto slack and watch the FF crumble.
  7. Welcome to Orbit friends Glad to see this up
  8. No for all should be afraid. What was one shall be one again An event that will change TKR
  9. Also lordshit as usually failed to post this correctly, forgot the most important part, TCL theme song
  10. Congrats to our allies o/ Now when can we expect your first album
  11. Augustus Caesar https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=20814
  12. Can confirm that is what happened to Woot
  13. Good luck OST May you protect all of Orbis o/
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