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  1. Personally I agree with you on this one point - if an alliance can not make the arrangements to protect oneself as soon as possible, find another alliance to join as a group. However the types of individuals who start alliances tend to do so because they want at least some level of being able to make their own decisions. Otherwise joining some larger alliance makes sense. So, if another group turns around and says do X or else, the last thing an independent minded group is going to do is X. Sometimes it just fires them up to do the opposite. In this particular case ( i. e. with ODN) in the short term you win because eventualky you will beat them down. In the long term they either become more inspired to join/stick with your enemy or quit. Perhaps you do not care, okay, but it does not change the fact that it is against your interests long term. Maybe a few might decide to join the more powerful side. If you want THAT type, enjoy.
  2. You have to read the previous discussion in the thread.
  3. I am also not saying ODN are victims. What I am saying is that attacking a group who were planning to stay out of the war was a bad move. Also assuming that you all really did think ODN would get involved and this was not some sort of glorified raid becsuse you felt like it, once you found out otherwise, you could have. said something along the lines of “okay, guess we misunderstood. Sorry” and just arranged White Peace. Instead ODN got told they needed to drop their treaty with NPO. That’s a bit harsh for peace, don’t you think? Switch the situation around - would you take terms forcing you to drop a close ally for peace? The fact that ODN could have taken peace when NPO got it makes no difference. In fact, I get why they refused. You all apparently are under the false impression that Roq decides everything for the rest of us like he is the Bot Master General. That is uncorrect. If ODN took peace at the same time, it would not do anything to show otherwise. This way reinforces the idea that ODN makes their own decisions.
  4. Well, Wifi got questionns about why we chose to back NPO as one of their Protectorates because in theory we did not have to do so. Yet here people are attacking ODN who planned on staying out exactly because they are another protectorate of NPO. If nothing else, you all have done NPO the favor of demonstrating to their allies who might otherwise decide to not back them in a war because they can that there really is no choice. The group that comes out in top in that situation is NPO. I bet Roq is smiling to himself at this point.
  5. Read the section of the OP I quoted above, Kastor. You’re Welcome. With all due respect, that will never happen, OsRaven. PM me. I know Kastor better than you. What type of treaty does ODN have with NPO here again? Oh yeah, a Protectorate. Remember you are in PnW next time you shitpost.
  6. The amount of e-lawyers in this thread warms my heart .
  7. Sylvia

    A WiFi DoW

    Actually I did not know banned was in Ragnarok. I knew he was in RUM but not that RUM has anything to do with BC. I was in HBE before joining WiFi. HBE disbanded and so I needed someplace else to go. Like I said, I did NOT talk to banned about why NPO. Just took a guess from what I do know. I do know he was in NPO for a long time however and regardless NPO is our Protector - not Ragnarok or BC. It seems natural to me that a leader of an alliance that has a protectorate from another alliance would want to do what he can to help out - especially if the help is needed. Both you and banned need to give up your personal shit against each other from that other world and move on. If nothing else, get it out of your system this war. That's my opinion but neither of you will probably listen. Do try to keep the rest of us out of it if possible once this war has finished.
  8. Sylvia

    A WiFi DoW

    I can not speak for Horsemen since I personally do not know anything about them. In terms of Wifi, Banned was a loyal member of NPO for awhile. When he decided to leave and start his own alliance, NPO was supportive of the move , enough to agree to be the new alliance's protector. I have not talked to Banned about this in particular but given that he is a former member who left, my guess is that he wants to make sure that his friends in NPO understand that just because he left the alliance does not mean that he forgot them or somehow left to avoid war. So yes, NPO did something - they backed the establishment of Wifi when banned decided to leave NPO when they could have said something along the lines of "you want to leave, fine - good luck" and ended the relationship.
  9. Sylvia

    A WiFi DoW

    A hell of a lot. We are a Protectorate and under no obligation to defend NPO. Now go piss off.
  10. Sylvia

    A WiFi DoW

    I am teasing. That is why I used the ? after my comment. Having said that, this IS PnW and my name in PnW is Sylvia. Most people are fine with that.
  11. Sylvia

    A WiFi DoW

    Who, MoonShadow? ?
  12. Sylvia

    A WiFi DoW

    Arrgh is not worth fighting for more than a few days, to be fair.
  13. Any visiual artwork I attempted would be shit. I know that and thus do not bother this community in that fashion. Maybe if an artist would team up with me as the writer, we could manage something good. Does not change the fact that the OP use of that particular hittler peice is older than PnW and should be retired, which was my original point. If people want to share with new people who have not seen it, share the first time it was used. At the rate we are going, alliances can use the varoius incarnations as a hidtory lesson. Might as well dump the wiki in that case ?
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