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  1. Lordran has always been close to IQ, and it is our pleasure and honour to finally officialise our relationship and to have been welcomed so warmly into the bloc!
  2. I agree that we have dropped a quality ally here, and the simple reason is, essentially: As all of you with allies across the sphere divide will know, it's tricky avoiding conflicts of interest. We want our existing treaties to be articles of good faith, not awkward channels of occasional backchannel communications. We continue to deeply respect Rose and of course continue to see Redarmy as a friend. It is because we respect them that we do not wish to impose this treaty, that was clearly a little out of place for both our alliances, on them. I hope so. I'm surprised at anyone being annoyed at us leaving them at all.
  3. ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Alliance of the Year: TKR - rank 1 for an entire year is not bad Most Powerful Alliance: TKR ^ Best Military: Arrgh Best Rookie Alliance: ODN Best Flag: The Eye Best War Flag: Lordran Most Active Alliance: Lordran Most Honourable Alliance: NPO Most Improved Alliance: Lordran (rip kas) Best Diplomatic Team: TKR Best Economic System: ---- Best Recruiting Staff: ---- Best Propaganda Staff: Roz Wei Best Alliance Growth: Sparta (albeit briefly) Best Forums: ---- Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2018: Arrgh (because win or lose, they'll claim success) Most Immoral Alliance: KT Most Controversial Alliance: Roz Wei Best Alliance for New Players: Lordran Most Missed Alliance for 2017: Lordaeron PLAYER CATEGORIES Player of the Year: Thalmor for founding OWLS Most Powerful Player: Apeman Best Alliance Leader: Kynlo Most Controversial Player: Reda Best Player Sig: ---- Best Player Avatar: ---- Best OOC Poster: ---- Best IC Poster: ---- Nicest Player: Chidz Funniest Player: Sval Most Active Player: Gorge Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2018: Bombdiadani Best New Addition to the Community: Rip Hunter COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Wall of Text: (provide a link) ---- Best P&W Forum Topic: (provide a link) ---- Biggest Controversy: Getting a Charter for OWLS Funniest Event: Valk getting couped by KB Most Entertaining Discord Channel(Please don't include Slack): OWLS Best Treaty Announcement: (provide a link) ---- Best Declaration of War: Roz Wei on Duat Biggest Meme: ---- Largest E-Peen: ---- Best Villain: Partisan Most Hated Poster: ---- Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Snowflake WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: Valkyrie Worst Military of the Year: ---- Worst Diplomatic Move: Duat paying for help Most Inactive Large Alliance: The $yndicate Alliance Most Likely to Fail in 2018: Assassin Order Worst Player of the Year: Killzbob Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Killzbob Worst Treaty of the Year: ---- Worst Forum Poster: too many to chose Worst Nation Setup: ---- Worst Fighters of the Year (must have fought in 2017): ---- Alliance Most Likely to get Rolled in 2018: KT
  4. That's a fair question, and in truth, I do not. But then, at least by the laws of my country, I am a christian myself. Also, there are no drones flying over my head killing my people. I am far more sensitive about the mockery of people I already feel we are treating badly. And finally, it depends for me on the public mood. I have received multiple downvotes here already just for suggesting that maybe we should not mock people, despite agreeing with Rozalia that he should not have had his post banned. When it is this popular to hate on one group, and this unpopular to even say "well, but maaaybeee we're being dicks?" then I feel like this mockery is part of a more dangerous current of islamophobic tendencies and therefore worth at least warning against. Like I said, I'm German, I have some notion of where the total disregard for another culture can lead.
  5. Well, I think everyone playing an online politics and war game basically agrees that we'd rather not live under Sharia rule But taking Sharia rule, calling it "Islam" and mocking 1 billion people's varied and differing beliefs with that blanket term ... is kind of douchy? I wonder how our moderators would have felt btw if instead of "Islamic Rules" Rozalia had used the specific term "Sharia law", which refers to one specific code of laws in which a version of what he was saying applied... Not that it would change the basic point behind it, which is to mock others...
  6. The American belief system condones daily massacres. From the accepted use of drones, to torture methods, to letting anybody buy a gun - that does not mean individuals calling themselves American support all those values. And it's a discussion, especially the bit about internal gun abuse, that you guys need to have amongst yourselves. If you were playing this game on a majority chinese server and they kept mocking your perceived barbarism *and* chinese drones were actively killing americans in america on a daily basis, you might feel different about a harmless joke here or there at the expense of your values. And most tragically, you might be inclined to defend things you normally would not, just because the person attacking them is foreign to you, and from a culture that is killing people of your culture. Letting other sort their shit out and not mocking them while they do should not be a highly contentious opinion... in my opinion ^^
  7. Islam is not a person. It's not even a single law or single religion really. Do most muslims condone the behaviour? Hard to say. Certainly many do not. But the phrasing suggests that this is how "muslims" (steriotype) think. And that, while to me also not a bannable offense, isn't really great. On the contrary, I think it enforces an existing growing islamophobic trend.
  8. You were mocking Islam just as saying "jewish rules" to pick your favourite coins, or "American rules" to pick your favourite mass shooting would have been culturally insensitive. In all of these cases it leads to things enshrined in their core text, the fact that jews were allowed to be moneylenders at a time when christians were not, or that americans can legally buy machine guns while mentally unstable, but is either a sore point for most members of that community, or a steriotype that has historically been linked to discrimination against them. Most Muslims don't have multiple wives or treat women as being of a lower value, but by taking something that their religion (and for political reasons, sometimes their laws) actively support and speaking of it is if all muslims acted in that way, you do mock a whole group of people. I'd agree with you that you stayed clearly on this side of racism or discrimination, I did not like your post, but I would not have banned it. But as a German I can tell you that our country's collective weird hate for jews didn't just appear one day when Hitler said: "Right, it's all their fault" - it was a societal understanding that grew out of an increased intolerance towards another culture, propagated by "just a joke" style banter, until certain steriotypes became so ingrained in people's minds that they saw a jewish person and instantly "knew" that person to be part of the reason why Germany was going down the drain. If a muslim posts what you posted, it has an air of self-criticism. If Tywin here says: "I'm muslim and I think it's fine", then that's great. And it seems that right now, Islam is beginning to rethink itself, especially in the wake of ISIS. But to mock another group of people, as they themselves and not you are the ones struggling with whatever problems they may have, feels distinctly improper. Post about the problems in your society, there are enough around. I think there is some Christian idiom about checking for the wooden pole stuck in your own eye, before you point out the dust in someone else's, but what do I know, I'm an Atheist. Still, it is generally not a bad rule not to mock other people, but to instead just work on yourself.So while I would not have banned it, I do think it was not a good post.
  9. AM declaring war on you... and pretty much nothing else
  10. As USMC has fallen victim to a coup, with the "leader" krazymonkeyninja first demoting the other members of high government, and then himself resigning from office, our protection of USMC now shifts to the new home of its members, Apocalypse Meow. Our protection continues to cover all members of the USMC for the next 72 hours beginning 11/11/17, and will cover AM from now until the end of this pact. We wish our allies the best of luck in this period of transition, but expect this to be little more than a minor cosmetic alteration. Until then, the following articles now apply to Apocalypse Meow and Lordran Article 1: Shan’do, Thero’shan. Both alliances shall henceforth be joined in mutual respect for each other, and will engage in public discourse only in such a way that reflects this respect. Article 2: Oorah! Should an attack occur against AM, without a valid CB, then Lordran will immediately assist AM to the best of their ability, through diplomatic, economic and/or military measures. Article 3: Leeeeroyyy Jeeenkins Should an attack occur against Lordran, or should Lordran attack a foreign power, then AM may move to assist Lordran. Article 4: Semper Fidelis While Lordran respects the sovereignty of AM, the latter hereby agrees to consult Lordran and receive approval prior to signing any treaties or agreements with powers that are unaligned to- or actively aligned against- Lordran. Article 5: Speak to Aludane Whitecloud Both alliances agree to share any intelligence that directly affects the security of the respective other. Article 6: A Final Salute In the case that either alliance wishes to terminate this agreement, they must provide the other with a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. Signatories Lordran High King: Kynlo Paladin of Foreign Affairs: Syrano Apocalypse Meow Leader: Morphine
  11. Contemporary Lordran wishes you and your alliance all the best. You've shown before that you can build a top rank alliance that will endure even after you leave it, I have no doubt that the Assassin Order will flourish under your leadership.
  12. Good on you guys for posting this - and in such good style too!
  13. I love how every comment now seems to be: "But you barely made and changes and kept the same tag", as if we weren't aware Thank you for being the first and pretty much only person to take that last line with a sense of humour If you can't infuse a comedic sub plot into your long awaited theme change, without people criticising it as being inherently illogical, then what have we come to?
  14. We naively assumed that with just two syllables, we would not longer have to explain it?
  15. Maybe we're just avid Dark Souls fans with a sense of self deprecation and too much cash in our bank? The possibilities are endless, but I do highly recommend you come up with more theories! We're considering a collage of them next week, the one we like the most will become our official reason <3
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