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  1. It's my belief that you have tied a rod for your back with the war mechanics you created. They sucked dick from the start and no amount of band-aids are going to fix it. The only way to balance them and make them interesting is to start afresh with brand new mechanics. Which would cause even more outrage, butthurts and ragequits but it's the only way to breathe life into your stale, shitty boring ass mechanics.
  2. See you in a few weeks o7 Laters Perry o7
  3. Every time t$ steals one of my raid alliances I review our treaty with them. Mensa will continue to be derps And pfluff will continue to be a dick. That's what makes Mensa, Mensa.
  4. I'd say the dog shit game would be more to blame for the shitty player retention then a handful of raiders preying on those mostly inactive anyway... This seems to be a problem people have invented. Can't Sheepy just buff the plane scores?
  5. We detest pfluff in mensa too, so don't feel too bad about it guys. Also, tell me more about the bit where mensa lied.
  6. One round (5 days) from 2-3 guys and you would be raid fodder for the rest of your life with this update.
  7. Remorse? We just think your side are useless !@#$s and have no problem telling you so. I wish you luck on your planning of the next attempt to roll t$/Mensa.
  8. They failed the blitz (again) which allowed for the others to quickly gangbang em and put em out the fight. It's pretty obvious that Rose have not improved or learnt anything.
  9. To what length was it tested? Something such as this needs extensive testing, so you understand how it will directly effect the game. From what I read, you wish to !@#$ over the defender (loser) for the rest of the war. Seemingly to put a spot to high city count, low tier raiding... After 5 decent days of getting the shit kicked out of you, your war is over. The next war will see countless rage threads about how shit this mechanic is.
  10. Something like this should have been tested on there first. In my opinion this make some alliances even more deadly, leading to yet again more boring wars. One mensa blitz and the fight is over... Don't do this to us Sheepy!
  11. Once again I'll ask seeing as I was ignored. Was this change to the war mechanics tested out on the test server?
  12. Nicely and timely from the mods...
  13. Nice to see Alpha finally picking which side of the fence to fall.
  14. Is the outside world as horrible as pfluff makes out?
  15. Rose ain't got the bottle for a 1v1 it would seem after all. 170 odd days ago, I'm sure oblige offered us one (cba to look for the post, maybe one of you kind fellas will do it for me). Shame, would have been more entertaining then what actually transpired.
  16. Your example just shows a different way of playing. Regardless of the changes, you'll always have people that will specialise in kicking ass. All you are doing is moving the goal posts...
  17. All I've seen Nukes do is lower my war range allowing me to whoop some poor saps arse with my 3 city advantage, while taking me away from the war range in which I could be 'put out of the war' by conventional means. Let's keep them, so the stupid people continue to waste money and resources while at the same time, !@#$ing over their alliance mates in the lower ranges.
  18. I'd have happily sent back the alliance loot had I been asked...
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