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  1. Bout 2 weeks too late bro... seriously, what is it with aliances in this game, it's no wonder only a few get any respect!
  2. Careful Syrup, otherwise you'll be accused of having butthurt over these new changes!
  3. I don't think I ever made it into the top 3...
  4. When the test server was first annouced many months ago, I went and made 300m in cash and held 9 treasures. Please, don't assume that the test server is anything like the actual server we play on. The dynamics are totally different, not to mention people often get masses of resources and cash handed to them by Admin. Those that 'try the game and don't like it' have zero bearing on me and my raids, as well as those 'super arrgh nations', to get in to our range, you'd need to be at least 3-4 months old. So once more, stop with the utter bullshit that our tactics of low score/strong military impacts on new players. It does not. It's the failing of the game from the off that causes the retention issues. It's the slow pace of the game, from starting an account to completing all you need to do in a day takes about 15 minutes, after the first day, it's 2 minutes. The game does not grab peoples attention. It's not my responsibility to play the game for other peoples enjoyment. If they are not willing to seek the protection needed, then they deserve to be raided.
  5. He had no choice, he knew he was only days away from being smashed like the majority of his alliance. If you know you about to be punched in the face, you might as well strike the first blow and make a scrap out of it.
  6. Balance and fairness imo go hand in hand. Each style needs a plus and a negative, which roughly should balance out. Giving one style all the plus points, leads to one style of play. Which effects balance and future conflicts.
  7. I don't think it is, I need only 16 slots to hold a near full military build, 20 slots to hold full, due to pop caps. This is 800-1000 infra, you wouldn't be gaming the system and you'd be playing as intended (each 50 infra is one slot). With this build I would still be a pain in the arse. Unless you are suggesting that infra has all the upsides with no downsides. Which from what I can see, that is what people want with this up date. To match a fighting account as well as having a decent economy, to me, is not fair.
  8. I dunno, after the last war I was losing twice what I am now, when I got rid of commerce, civil and most of my manufacturing I saved myself about a million a day! Sheepy's mechanics are so full of holes, it won't take someone long to figure out how to game the new system. Let them cry for all the things they think will save them. 1.3m is what my daily upkeep is, so with all these extra slots, I'd be just breaking even. Thats without factoring in the extra costs, like restocking, rebuilding and rearming. It's not all sunshine, roses and resources at these levels.
  9. Better suggestion then the one Sheepy and Pre are trying to push. It seems that low infra and high improvement slots is what really has peoples knickers in a twist (as if it's some sort of major advantage), this tackles it without resorting to the extreme of losing one every 50 infra.
  10. tbh, having all those infra slots being used is costing you even more money per day. So it's not even desirable to hold onto them.
  11. I don't and have never seen what you describe, maybe because I was insulated from the worst of it by Mensa being !@#$ing beasts. My experience has been, I slap the shit out of you and you stay slapped till I either beige you where we wait out the beige counter and have someone slap you again or pass you along to someone else to carry on the slapping after the war timer is up. Every fight I've had the side that has the upper hand continues to hold on to it and hold on to it with ease.
  12. As I've stated time and time again, having more slots then your infra can take is something that needs to be adressed. It's easily adressed by having 1 improvement destroyed upon losing 50 infra. That to me seems the most logical, The problem comes from the extra improvements destroyed nations can carry. Is there anything wrong with a nation having 800 infra with the correct amount of slots? He would still be an 'Arrgh' type account, but he would be playing the game as 'intended' would he not? If the alliance finds success in the low infra tactic then I say good luck to them, they are playing a viable strategy and if it proves successful in the long term then other alliances may need to adjust their builds. There are no hard and fast rules of how best to play this game, that is one of it's appeals. A 12 city player can only hit the 8 city player if he has a butt load of Infra boosting his score (as well as boosting his economy, that is the trade off), if the 8 city player is dumb enough to boost his overall score higher then his military power can handle, that is his fault.
  13. The only alliance I have seen make a fight back from getting the shit kicked out of em was Arrgh and could it really be classed as a 'fightback', it was more an annoyance then something deadly. The rest you mentioned (apart from the Marionette War, I have no experience of that war), would have required someone else to ease the pressure. None of the alliances you mentioned could have mounted any kind of comeback with their own power. I was in Mensa for every single one of the wars you mentioned, we cruised through most of em, sniping down the bigger guys one by one, with very little to no threat. That's not to say that the tide could not have been turned against us, with a decent counter, Shit Creek was but a paddle away. But again, that would have invovled outside forces being brought in to ease pressure. I think I'm quite correct in stating that once you lose the first round, the second round is also lost, 99% of the time.
  14. Mensa nations have no need to wreck their accounts in order to 'deal' with us. The vast majority of them could build up and would be on par with us, some would even have larger armies! You consider it broken because you feel the need to have higher then 1300-1500 infra. It's broken because some people have a number in their head for the ideal city/infra count, it's broken because some people have built their acounts in such a way that they have seriously nerfed their military power in exchange for economic greed. No one is defending the improvement bullshit, I think most are in favour of them being removed upon the loss of infra. Yes, having 44 improvement slots per city in an account of less then 1200 score is OP, but also very very rare. Some would maybe argue that it's to help beaten nations manage a fight back, but as we have seen time and time again, once you lose the first round, it's very rare that you can fight back effectivly in the second round. Calling people 'butthurt' and 'cowards' for opposing this particular change is not helpful. Butthurt and cowardness have nothing to do with my opposing of it. I oppose it due to it being a shit idea. It's handing already rich players with high infra, yet another advantage. It will breed inactivity. Had this change been brought up a month or 2 ago, when I was still in Mensa, I would still be opposed to it. It's got sod all to do with Arrgh. They are not the only ones who use a variation of this low score/high military tactic. Coupled with the population caps on all Military Units, the best tactic now is to pad your cities full of infra seeing as it gives all the benefits without any downsides now, decom as soon as you can, move all your resources and cash to a 'safe' account and missile and nuke your enemies infra, then build up for the second round and curbstomp him due to the population caps.
  15. Please, you are not a raider, don't try to speak for us. We do grow, we just don't waste our money on Infra, we spend it on cities. The true measure of power and growth. Granted, we waste a lot of cash on restocking, rearming and rebuilding, but that is part and parcel of being active in the game. We do have a cap on tanks and planes. Sheepy already tried to [email protected]#$ us over once before. He's trying again and from what I see he likely to succeed, more due to the fact that Arrghs heart ain't in the fight anymore then anything else...
  16. 'New' players are welcome in to 'Arrgh's Death Range', if they come well equipped, they will travel safely through our field of killing. If not they will learn the harsh lessons that the 'old' players who currently occupy the land have learnt. That being said, these Fresh Faced 800-1000+ score nations do not have to make the pilgrimage alone, many alliances out there can show them the safe path across. Walk quickly and carry a big stick, is the saying I think... There is no point to it. It's just something to do. I find the life of a pirate to be more fulfiling then not logging on for a week and then coming back to a few more millions in the bank, a few thousand more resoruces and then spending it on some infra and maybe a new city. Infra is not important, cities are the most important, they dictate your true power. It's a shame that Ischelle left the game, she was the perfect example of how raiding can aid your build, at less then 150 days old, she had caught up with me in city counts and was one of Mensa's strongest accounts.
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