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  1. Thanks for all these replies. Unity is strength indeed, that is why it is interesting to play together. I doubt I will come back to P&W, but when the game would change to my interest it is possible. I will stay in contact with a lot of you so maybe we will meet again, I do hope so.
  2. Some 385 days the nation Nowhere was started in Orbis. It joined Mensa because there were my mates from eRepublik (a dying game). P&W was a slow game it was said, however that was not true. So much there is to do each day, very interesting. The road to understand the game was a pleasant one. Mistakes and defeats only made the game more interesting for me. Mensa was a good place to learn the game mechanics, their guides and organisation are awesome. I was a loose cannon in Mensa. Their hierarchy is something I could not cope with. For me it is a foreign culture, although it is always interesting to learn from that. I came in conflict with some members of Arrgh and their culture was to my liking. I left Mensa, joined Arrgh and a new adventure began. I made many new friends and some new opponents. It have been good times since then. My destroying of pixels, mine and others, raised a lot. I do hope these raids and wars were interesting also for my opponents. The interesting part of a game for me is to get into problems and to search for solutions. In real life I hate to destroy things, so I do that in games. Sheepy did change the rules recently in a way I think it is bad because wars will become easier to win once you have won the first round (so be on the attacking side and organise well, you will have far better chances). The changes he said were needed because many players complained about the older mechanics. It was needed too he said because new players had little chances against the ones with many cities and low infrastructure. I think his changes did make many happy although I doubt it will be the newer players. New players are now handicapped because their low infrastructure will cap their armies so the older players with higher infra can easily defeat them. I could adept to the new situation (I have made some more wars recently and I could defeat my opponents as usual), however I think P&W is not a game for me any more and decided to leave. I thank you all for the fun I have had. Especially I thank the ones that have defeated me in wars. That made the game very enjoyable because I had to work hard to overcome the problems. I will miss you. I wish you all much fun and excitement. Arrgh!
  3. The "minor" change Sheepy made did even more than he told us. The cap that comes on soldiers and so does work also for your rebuild rate. My rebuild rate for soldiers went from 62k per day to 33k per day (my max soldiers only went down by 25%, my max planes only by 33%). I am sure many players will like it. I always play a game for interesting things. I do not mind being smashed by good tactics of my opponents (cheers for Mensa and co), but I do mind being crippled by changes. I play a game for interesting and difficult choices I have to make. That gives me fun. These minor change will bring more boredom. I know I can adept, the problem is why should I?
  4. This change does narrow possibilities indeed. Defeated nations will be easier be defeated in round 2 and further on. Result is that it is easier for winners to win on all fronts. Smart alliances (like Mensa, Guardian and SK on Arrgh and PP) do a good first strike. Less coordination is needed to go on crippling defeated nations because the caps changed a lot (less soldiers (for me from 133k to 100k at 500 infra, you know once defeated you are around 350 infra in a city) less tanks, less planes (ships doesn't matter). Easier to win with a good first strike is easier gameplay is less excitement as result. Sorry I do not think this is a good change although naturally most players will like them because their gameplay will be easier.
  5. Good luck raiding my pink friends! It is a way to have people staying active in the game or loose some pixels. Log in once a day and you will be safe, not that difficult I would say.
  6. I liked Vanguard. I hope you all will find a good place in NPO.
  7. Love is what keeps us being active in P&W. Best is when it is mutual despite the pixel burning. I fear there is not much love in the air despite Valentine's day was there a few days ago.
  8. Well deserved and needed. Arrgh!
  9. You were in my range, but thanks to Cobalt I decided to sent my troops elsewhere. Now both our troops can do damage to our opponents. That makes me glad.
  10. It was an interesting fight. I am a bit sad that it is finished but I am glad we still have the rum. Rum is the most important. More rum means more fun. So it is a good peace!
  11. You are wrong about why I left Mensa. It was the tyranny of the Mensa leadership together with the many insults I got from part of that leadership. Insults are not statements or jokes I think, but maybe it is in Mensa's culture, IDK. For sure there was a cultural divide in Mensa. I hope it is fixed now. I do not need a lesson about the Swedes and Spaniards because I know the history about dioism from eRepublik. Maybe you could ask Spite.
  12. Love is the only solution out of this tricky situation. The only problem I see is Pfeiffer, I fear he will not spread love. However I am all open to surprises.
  13. No he isn't wise, he despises Spaniards and Swedes. Those brave warriors will fight the worshippers of Dio and because of that hatred Dio spreads it is a failing ideology.
  14. So many nice people in Mensa. I wish it would be possible. It is I have found freedom and I love it. I have never been Dioist, Spanish is in my blood. The only possibility we could unite is that Mensa abolish Dioism. I think that will never work that to happen, so the best we could achieve is to fight together against our common opponents. I would be pleased that would happen and I know that will change Orbis forever. I have tried that to become true, but it failed because Mensa leadership didn't want that.
  15. Yeah indeed, several members of Mensa scarified their improvements and infra to wreck me and some other Arrgh members. However it turned out that only one was beaten quite well (me) but that all the Mensa members going down were wrecked and joined the Mensa members already in sad circumstances. It indeed proves Mensa members do care about their lower tiers (although Spite said there were hardly ones in Mensa) and I think that is the right spirit. Mensa is a worthy opponent I will never hate.
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