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  1. Dear Manthrax, Also I was Mi6 and Mi6 Gov and became leader of Vanguard so I don't see how one can bring up us hating on Mi6 and than me being appointed. Plus me and the true mastermind Chim are on decent terms.(That I think of, I didn't join Mi6 after he tried to poach me last time, so he may dislike me) When I was in Vanguard the only time a T$ treaty was brought up is when Mensa was raiding us and I asked how to get off the raid list and they brought up signing you guys. That instance also pushed me further away instead of bringing me closer. Love, Carter
  2. I would like to write in roquentin as my vote
  3. All good things come to an end. Vanguard started out as a merger of Guerilla Republik and Earth Systems Alliance about 10 months ago that was arranged by Cynic. A lot has changed since then. In those ten months, we have had our ups and downs. The challenges have been immense. However, we have never fallen into complacency and have always evaluated our options carefully in terms of how to best proceed on our journey on Orbis. After careful deliberation, we have chosen to join our friends and former Vanguardians in the New Pacific Order. We see this as an opportunity with lots of promise and they have been accommodating to our needs every step of the way. We thank everyone who has shown us kindness for their support especially our former treaty partners, Rose and the Viridian Entente, along with our associates in Arrgh. We also thank everyone who has been part of Vanguard past and present for their contributions to the alliance. While our members transition, the Vanguard affiliation is under the protection of the New Pacific Order. Carter0912, Commander MrHat, Lt. Commander NationRuler, Lt. Commander Longbowe, Architect Roquentin, Assistant to the Traveling Secretary
  4. Did you guys forget this one where you take a shot at your allies? https://vimeo.com/154738026
  5. My bad guys call it off, we are done here.
  6. Vanguard Recognition of Hostilities In the past week, Mensa HQ has launched 42 wars against Vanguard member nations. <Pfeiffer> you're free to retaliate, obviously Carter0912 Commander of Vanguard
  7. Mr. Hat has resigned from the position of Commander. His leadership and guidance has been invaluable during his tenure, but the new year brought new opportunities in "real life" that must take precedence. We wish him the best of luck in these endeavours and are very thankful for his service. While Mr. Hat will not be able to devote the amount of time and effort necessary to be Commander of Vanguard, he has agreed to stay on as Lt. Commander. Persuant to Article II of the Vanguard Charter, Mr. Hat has named me, as his successor. Effective immediately, the following is the Government of Vanguard: Commander Carter0912 Lt. Commander(s) Mr. Hat NationRuler The Architect Longbowe
  8. Take my salt and my congratulations
  9. Didn't you start the thread? Kind of brought yourself in really.
  10. Ingen is 2 average score better than tlf, I really respect that you don't just recruit mass noobs it has helped you so much stay 13 spots behind them.
  11. Can't wait to sit back with oblige and see the fallout from this
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