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  1. Introducing the best kind of microtransactions into the Politics & War. Coming soon! Wiki Credits! This is a premium currency which allows users to edit the wiki for a small fee each article costing 1 credit If you think this isn't ridiculous enough. You can always buy our patented wiki boxes which may contain random characters that you would normally grind for 70 hours for. Because who would want to grind for the letter "A"? BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you pay for our special offer that contains 10 credits for the one easy payment of your soul. We'll throw in a framed poster to hang on your wall saying "I sold my soul to Featherine and all I got was this lousy poster". Watch us go from 0 to Electronic Arts on steroids in just 24 hours! 

    This is a Parody. Not an actual feature.

    1. Patrick Higgins

      Patrick Higgins

      Alright, what’s the catch?

    2. Rimski


      *slips a bill of one hundred trillion Zimbabwe dollars* I'm listening...

  2. Featherine here with a Public Service Announcement. Don't feed the piranhas. You might lose your hand, that is all.

    1. Rimski


      Here is a friendly tip as well, dont trust Hitler

  3. Featherine

    Im new!

    Welcome to the game but DAT NAME.
  4. Featherine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

  5. Save America. Join the Enclave. /s

  6. I RRREEAALLLYYYY hate rain.

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    2. Vladamir Putin

      Vladamir Putin

      That's it, let's make rain illegal.

    3. Featherine


      Mother Nature goes to jail. 

    4. Rimski


      Mother nature is bit~ch

  7. "My sister takes after me. Living dangerously is our specialty."

    #2019 #NationalAffairs

  8. Why would a Featherine write this post with the intent to confuse the shit out of everyone? That does not make sense. More importantly, you have to ask yourself. "What does this have to do with this post"?... Nothing.. Ladies and gentlemen, this has nothing to do with this post.

  9. All hail Lord Tachanka!

    1. Rimski


      Boi you need some Jesus,hit up@Thalmor You'll be able to kick out a lot of  Jesus out of him

  10. Featherine


    Welcome to pnw.
  11. Featherine

    Can I attack people in my own alliance?

    Oh, I wish. I have a naughty list and I constantly check it twice
  12. I made this post for a certain kind of person. To hurt them. 

    The pointlessness of a post can go a long way to express the emptiness of your soul. 

  13. Featherine

    The Ultimate Nation vs Nation DoW

    Well. At least you're being a good sport about it.
  14. Remove Kebab

    1. Rimski


      God bless the serbian people (I couldn't do anything better than gfycat, sue me you fuqers)

    3. Rimski


      Serbian Jesus - Tupac

  15. HELLO Orbis! Welcome back to another "Name this war!" I'm your host, Featherine. A war erupted between The Inquisition and Bad Company and you fine ladies and gents may already have a name for the war. But I want to see how many of you can come up with names for this rather sudden war. Let's begin.
  16. Featherine

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

  17. IT HAS BEEN DONE! Successful login for Windows 98 Yp5UCj3.jpg

    1. Balish


      now to move to IBM

    2. Rimski


      Let me try it

      Email and password also credit card num plus pin 😄

  18. Greetings from Windows 2000!

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    2. Rimski


      Salutations from ur mum lmao gotcha

    3. Featherine


      Windows 98 is next. As soon as I can find my installation disc.

    4. Rimski


      Yeeting from Windows 7, yea I know nothing to brag about lmao

  19. Four seconds to midnight. This forum doomsday clock was brought to you by Featherine's patented countdowntilltheworldexplodes™ clock.

    1. Rimski


      You good bro? I mean I get high so much to get a pet rock and keep it for many months but this... d a m b 

    2. Featherine


      Rimski! I know you would come! The prophecy foretold it.

    3. Rimski


      You can thank my habit of checking forums on my phone as I am taking a shit

  20. Featherine

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    Welcome back people from your thanksgiving dinners. Now. About this name. How about we ask Alexio?
  21. Featherine

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    I honestly thought of The Culling more than anything.
  22. Featherine

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    Gets handed a paper It seems to me that another player (alliance) has joined the game. I don't know. Ask Alexio. As the polls near. We must remind ourselves that asking Alexio is the only solution to our problems.
  23. Featherine

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

    Are you sure it wouldn't be "The GREATER Sock War"? Can't rule out that possibility
  24. Featherine

    The Grand Theatre

    OOC Note: The Meta Board isn't part of the map-based roleplay. The Meta Board follows the ingame events hence part of the main forum section. (Stay tuned on that).

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