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  1. Feel the power of.. TOASTY!

    1. Alex
    2. Featherine
    3. Rimski


      Why are we talking about jewish bread?

  2. 6 March 2019 - 3:00 AM Meta Board Administrative Statement Starting today is a new era for the Meta Board. Thirty-two years ago the Battle of the Senate happened which played a huge role to our existence. The Senate led by Featherine was nearly dissolved when Lambdadelta won the battle. When Featherine got involved in the Meta Board long after Lambdadelta's administration. Featherine strived to reform the Meta Board to turn our reputation around. She used all the power she could to dismantle the Rokkenjima Alliance's influence over the people. We're proud to announce that today. We were successful and the Senate is fully in charge over the Administration. So how does this affect you? We've terminated all previous signed treaties prior to 6 March 2019. We've did this to start anew. Our foreign office is still open if you wish to negotiate to sign a paper with us again the Department of Foreign Affairs is located in Lunar City. Pay us a visit! We're in the process of reworking the Lambdagrad News Channel too. New staff will be hired and the current anchor Karin will remain at her news desk so she isn't going anywhere. The Rokkaku Corporation still owns the network and will work with us to keep the Media Outlet on air since Rokkaku Media's unfortunate closing in February 2019 because of the Rokkaku reconstruction plan made by the CEO to cut expenditures. So what about Police? Will this affect the security of the country? - The answer for that is no. The Department of Civil Protection is just under new management. The administration behind it will now be managed by the Eiserne Jungfrau. We expect Police Activity to increase over the next 24 hours. We take pride in ensuring the safety of visitors and our own people. Wait? You guys are moving the capital? - That answer is yes. Lambdagrad is no doubt the most populous area in the nation. But we're moving our operations to Lunar City in the near future. We've already moved over a few agencies to Lunar City and the Lambdagrad Tower will be renovated and tagged as a Historical Landmark. A new tower is in the planning stages and we're eager to share more information when we have it. We kept this letter short and sweet so we're not taking too much of your time. We hope you all have a fantastic week! - Maita Aurora, Administrator
  3. Because Alex somehow finds it completely necessary to make changes to the game JUST AS A WAR IS ABOUT TO START?
  4. Oh look. I got older. How depressing.

    1. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax


      (But erm, hope you have a good one.)

    2. Featherine


      Exactly my thoughts. Lol.


    3. Rimski


      Tbh we are all dying at different speeds. The older you get the more of a Usain Bolt you want to be of dying.

  5. Featherine

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    A five city nation leading the fourth largest alliance. I have to ask. Is this some sort of... Off-season april fools joke? Is there something i'm not getting here?
  6. A reminder that you should remove Kebab.

  7. Never heard of you. At least you are smart enough to tell the world your inventory though.
  8. Featherine

    100% multi

    I know this is a no-discussion forum but i'm here to help out the OP. OP, next time you make a report. Censor or exclude your resource bar from the evidence screenshot. Your resource bar is sort of a thing that you should keep to yourself because it can affect you negatively if the general public knows about it. Just looking out for ya' is all.
  9. Introducing the best kind of microtransactions into the Politics & War. Coming soon! Wiki Credits! This is a premium currency which allows users to edit the wiki for a small fee each article costing 1 credit If you think this isn't ridiculous enough. You can always buy our patented wiki boxes which may contain random characters that you would normally grind for 70 hours for. Because who would want to grind for the letter "A"? BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you pay for our special offer that contains 10 credits for the one easy payment of your soul. We'll throw in a framed poster to hang on your wall saying "I sold my soul to Featherine and all I got was this lousy poster". Watch us go from 0 to Electronic Arts on steroids in just 24 hours! 

    This is a Parody. Not an actual feature.

    1. Patrick Higgins

      Patrick Higgins

      Alright, what’s the catch?

    2. Rimski


      *slips a bill of one hundred trillion Zimbabwe dollars* I'm listening...

  10. Featherine here with a Public Service Announcement. Don't feed the piranhas. You might lose your hand, that is all.

    1. Rimski


      Here is a friendly tip as well, dont trust Hitler

  11. Featherine

    Im new!

    Welcome to the game but DAT NAME.
  12. Featherine

    2018 P&W Award Voting

  13. Save America. Join the Enclave. /s

  14. I RRREEAALLLYYYY hate rain.

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    2. Vladamir Putin

      Vladamir Putin

      That's it, let's make rain illegal.

    3. Featherine


      Mother Nature goes to jail. 

    4. Rimski


      Mother nature is bit~ch

  15. "My sister takes after me. Living dangerously is our specialty."

    #2019 #NationalAffairs

  16. Why would a Featherine write this post with the intent to confuse the shit out of everyone? That does not make sense. More importantly, you have to ask yourself. "What does this have to do with this post"?... Nothing.. Ladies and gentlemen, this has nothing to do with this post.

  17. All hail Lord Tachanka!

    1. Rimski


      Boi you need some Jesus,hit up@Thalmor You'll be able to kick out a lot of  Jesus out of him

  18. Featherine


    Welcome to pnw.
  19. Featherine

    Can I attack people in my own alliance?

    Oh, I wish. I have a naughty list and I constantly check it twice
  20. I made this post for a certain kind of person. To hurt them. 

    The pointlessness of a post can go a long way to express the emptiness of your soul. 

  21. Featherine

    The Ultimate Nation vs Nation DoW

    Well. At least you're being a good sport about it.
  22. Remove Kebab

    1. Rimski


      God bless the serbian people (I couldn't do anything better than gfycat, sue me you fuqers)

    3. Rimski


      Serbian Jesus - Tupac

  23. HELLO Orbis! Welcome back to another "Name this war!" I'm your host, Featherine. A war erupted between The Inquisition and Bad Company and you fine ladies and gents may already have a name for the war. But I want to see how many of you can come up with names for this rather sudden war. Let's begin.
  24. Featherine

    Name another war! - Ask Alexio Edition

  25. IT HAS BEEN DONE! Successful login for Windows 98 Yp5UCj3.jpg

    1. Balish


      now to move to IBM

    2. Rimski


      Let me try it

      Email and password also credit card num plus pin 😄


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