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  1. Dwemyrn

    Obligatory "Name This War Thread" and Stuff

    I've kinda just up & quit the game but uhhh rose war should be Rose vs Everyone war should be called: Rose Bowl Mensa/sk/guardian should be Dio & Co Vs Rum Induced Idiocy Mensa/Vanguard stuff: Deja Mensa Have it all fall under: 168 Day War
  2. Dwemyrn

    donate for projects?

    Also have this. https://politicsandwar.com/donate/timer/reset/
  3. Dwemyrn

    One year ago

    I think my bank was one of the first you robbed.
  4. Dwemyrn

    UPN Joins the Brawl

    You did see that UPN and North American Confederacy treatied yes? So UPN is optionally declaring on the side of Rose which North American Confederacy is fighting for.
  5. Counter raid my ass, if you were counter raiding you wouldn't have completely killed all my military including making my remaining spy a widow cuz you killed his 59 other wives.
  6. Not true. In the skype group we suggested it be carried over. Kat and I are trying to convert Grealind even now. He mentioned something about ansonism...ew...
  7. Dwemyrn

    Apology from the Socialist Workers' Front

    No no no. We must drag it out as long as possible...
  8. Dwemyrn

    Apology from the Socialist Workers' Front

    I'll let bae know.
  9. Dwemyrn

    The Alliance Power Rankings

    Could you refer to my post and lord of puns post in regards to war webs and detail in the next ones?
  10. No...right before the war, they decided to upgrade OS to ODP
  11. Dwemyrn

    The Korrigan Isles Launches The Boom & Dooms

    Ideally I would have fought back if I didn't get gang banged and lost all my military, I at least held onto it for 2 days, but such is life.
  12. It was a raid as in I was looting them for cash while their military was down? Why do you not follow?
  13. I was raiding with no regards to the official war, or rather, looting... then tkr came and decided to kick my ass but I ain't even mad

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