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  1. The war changes sound like they are for the better. Resistance meter and additional wars adding an additional 2 days to beige are welcome changes. Thank.s
  2. Hey, My name of William of Cobden and I belong to an alliance called Odd Squad. For those just starting out it can be rough, and if you don't join an alliance other nations will attack you once you come off the color beige. It's important that you join an alliance before that happens. For veteran players, please consider Odd Squad as your alliance of choice! Personally, I have been with them since I started playing this game, and they are a laid back group that don't have a tonne of rules. But they'll always have your back if someone starts going after you... Notices: - Odd Squad does not require an alliance based forum membership for entry. - Members are accepted immediately - The official religious beliefs of Odd Squad is Dioism. Treaties and Protectorates: MDP: Socialist Workers Front Raider Assistance Agreements with: UPN, Magister Mortalis, & SWF Odd Squad is protected by Viridian Entente Policies: 1. Do not raid nations in alliances with more than 10 members or alliances that have protectorates. If you would like to raid an alliance with more than 10 members, run it by leaders. Raiding inactives outside of an alliance is always acceptable, raiding inactives under an alliance is not. 2. Make sure to stay active. This means to try to login daily. If you plan on being inactive for more than 3 days, please message me and let me know what's going on. Nation’s that go purple will be kicked. Vacation Mode is always an option as well 3. Don't be afraid to ask us for stuff. If you need money for your new city, commerce, w/e tell us. We're more than happy to assist. If you need advice, feel free to ask us. If your request has not been processed, or you have not been granted your new city, etc, without a response within 24 hours, message Ansom and we'll take care of it over the message. Programs We grant up to your 5th city In addition to 5th city grants we now offer help with funding for 6,7 and 8. We grant 100% Commerce to these first 5 cities. This means if you need resources to build your banks or stadiums, please tell us. Members are not required to use our forum, but we do have one under construction. Members are not required to join the forum, and applicants do not have to sign up to it to be accepted into Odd Squad. Our Tax rates are almost always 10% Revenue only. Taxes will never go higher than 40% Revenue only, and very likely aren't ever going to get that high. If our alliance is at war taxes are will be 0-5% revenue only. The first and third Sunday of the month taxes will be 25-40% for 24 hours. When a nation has been here for 30 days, they get the loyalty bonuses. The current loyalty program we have is when you have 5 cities with 1000 infra in each of them as well as having your commerce maxed, you are eligible for a Free Nation Project* We offer interest free loans up to 2 mil. (This is the current maximum to a loan a member can take out.) If a member wishes to take a loan out they need to provide their daily income, a specified time to payback their loan, and possibly other questions. If you do not get a response after submitting the loan request, feel free to send me Ansom message and we can address it there. *The Free National Project we offer free of charge do not include the following: Nuclear Research Facility International Trade Center Vital Defense System If we are the alliance for you or your looking for a relaxed place to start, Join here
  3. Missile chance to hit/damage lowered, but action points needed to launch also lowered. In reality it's not hard for someone to fire a missile, it shouldn't take alot of action points. What's hard is making it hit it's target ...
  4. There should be an option to get rid of a treasure if you don't want it, or block your nation from accepting one in the first place. Unless you are in a top alliance they are just a big target on your back and an excuse for small alliances/nations to get rolled by bigger ones. ...
  5. The option for transparency if an alliance so chooses? Alliances sometime want to keep the totals within their bank secret to prevent spy nations from potentially getting a hold of the intel and passing it on to whoever. But at the same time members of an alliance, the one's who are paying the taxes, may like to see what the resources of the bank are being used for and where they are going. Currently blocking the bank totals, also blocks being able to see transactions within the bank page of the alliance. It'd be nice to have the option to separate the two for those alliances that wish to hide one, but not necessarily the other. Pretty simple little change I would think.
  6. It would be useful for alliances to be able to block/hide their bank totals from members for security, but still allow members to see individual bank transactions from within the bank page.
  7. Correction, this game has turned into a cluster!@#$ ...
  8. my perfomance was pretty damn good previously, bought my missiles. now i am back down to $1 mil and no missiles. yay!
  9. I lost my missle launch pad, and all the money I had saved up to buy that project ... ridiculous.
  10. I like it's kinda similar to sneaking cigarettes when you told your wife you quit smoking ... that shit is hard to do cold turkey.
  11. I'm probably not supposed to get involved in this, but I got to say one thing ... It's depressing that even a role-playing game like Politics and War has to deal with the phenomenon of the "outrage industry". So what's up, they have a kinda-maybe a flag with a maybe-kinda nazi symbol in it somewhere, and a ball team with "SS" in it? Admittedly I skimmed some earlier posts, so maybe a few other lil things like that too? Did you really expect to participate in an online war game where you create your own nations and not see a touch of nazi inspired naming and symbols? I dunno, maybe I'm just older and wiser than most I guess.
  12. Nation: The Puryan Order Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19310
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