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  1. Erin


    love u !@#$
  2. Crush the fascist insect
  3. Don't forget your malaria shots.
  4. If you sell me all your food, I promise to resell it at an equitable 99% of the market value
  5. That is true, and interesting. I'll have to read further. Would you happen to have links to specific alternate estimates?
  6. Since you seem to be going for a quasi-realistic approach, it's been projected that an all-out US-USSR nuclear war would not have come close to wiping out humankind, although it could perhaps be nuclear war in combination with something else. A pandemic, perhaps, or...
  7. Much love to my comrades. Bombs shall fall.
  8. Erin

    Orbis Date

    Yes it can. The date advances at a constant rate of 12 Orbis days per real day, so Orbis's line graph is due to catch up with ours at some point. As of the time of starting this writing (1:37AM server time) the current O-Date is 1992-07-14 which is 195 days into the 1992 year based on this calculator. Since 1992 is a leap year, there are 171 Orbis days left in that year, or 14 real-time days and 6 hours. These are linear functions, y=mx+b. The disparity in days between "then in Orbis" and "now in reality" is currently 8175 days, which is our constant. Since that number will keep increasing at a constant pace of 12 Orbis days per real day, our Orbis time coefficient is 12. The equations, if we take today 2015-05-21 as "day zero", are (with X representing the increment of real-time days): Real time: y = 1*x + 0 Orbis time: y = 12x - 8175 Then we equate both right-hand sides and solve for our answer. x = 12x - 8175 8175 = 11x x = 743 real time days, and 4 hours (2 Orbis days/turns remainder) Thus, Orbis time will be equivalent with reality at 4:00AM, server time, on May 13, 2017. In general, an Orbis year is equal to 30 real days and 10 hours (or 12 hours for a leap year), or roughly a month, which makes sense with the 1/12 time compression of the game world. Therefore somewhat more than two decades' date difference should take a little over two years to catch up, from a rough glance, with each real year heralding the passage of a little less than 12 Orbis years. Please do feel free to vet this for errors. I already realized one (missed a year's worth of Orbis days from 1993 to 2015 in the original calculation).
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