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  1. Number 1 is useless Number 3 is absolutely broken, I have relatively low land for a food producer and it would still near double my income. I can't even begin to imagine how much someone like wampus could make.
  2. Join a poker discord server or something, definitely not something that needs to be done ingame.
  3. Oh, I actually made this suggestion on one of your previous posts. I disagree with replacing it, just buff spying infra with a chance of destroying improvements.
  4. I always liked my nation quote- "If god wanted you alive he wouldn't have sent me" -Genghis Khan.
  5. "Man who leaks everything he can get his hands on in an attempt to gain popularity isn't told stuff by influential officials, utterly confused why"
  6. All sound pretty reasonable and balanced at first look. I wonder how meta picking up the 2 land projects will be for whales.
  7. Aluminum simply is not being spent in wars, and I completely disagree with the others here about increasing the steel cost of tanks, if you look at the worldwide total steel graphs you'll see that tanks are at a good place price wise.
  8. @Lord Tyrion I assure you that nuke sniping was definitely something that happened, and bots were not used. That being said I think you're right and the game should be more clear about when a nuke/missile is spyable, nothing is more annoying than a person basically spy slotfilling someone because they don't realize the nuke is protected. As for pre, perhaps buff spy vs infra? It's literally so bad that it's a meme, so maybe let the spy kill some infra and a random improvement (excluding NPPs). It wouldn't make it overly strong, but it would give the function some use.
  9. Maybe make nukes cost 250 aluminum and uranium more (up to 1000 aluminum/ 500 uranium) but make nukes destroy 5 improvements instead of 2. Personally when I get nuked I really don't care, I won't have to rebuild the city 90% of the time. Nukes currently are near exclusively for infra damage, but what if there was that risk of the nuke really destroying enough that you have to rebuild the city?
  10. Higher infra = higher risk = higher reward. If you have 4k infra and make a ton of cash every day it should come with some risk, and if you're at 600 infra with no passive income it should come with some benefit (or raiders would find life incredibly hard.) You may not see raiding as a "valid" way to play, but they still exist and shouldn't be pushed out of the game.
  11. Why would anyone sign this? "Oh I know we are at war but their precious infra" i just don't see the point of the treaty
  12. You really think this would have the effect of "smaller alliances having a chance to survive"? That alone tells me you haven't given it enough thought.
  13. If goose is sexy does that mean golden goose is even more sexy?
  14. I must say this is a bold play, best of luck to both sides.
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