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  1. Comrade Roq has seized the means of production.
  2. Ranoik

    War Stats

    *Ominous Music Plays*
  3. Ranoik

    I see you

    I mean, when SK it's involved, why not both?
  4. I dunno Rose, has a history of making some pretty bad Blitz's of their own
  5. Why wasn't the NPO invited to this bloc? We're as collectivist as it comes man. Down with the bourgeois!
  6. I want to suggest a project to get rid of some slot taxes for power plants National project name: Experimental Fusion Reactor Small description: Provides a base amount of power for each city Project effect: Provides power for 2000 infrastructure in each city. Consumes 1.2 tons a day (0.1/turn) of uranium per 1,000 infrastructure. Resource cost: 2,500 Steel, 750 Uranium Cash cost: $40,000,000
  7. I mean, that's not how this works at all. He just said that when they've recovered, they are going to want to look for someone to fight, and it'll probably be you. All you've done is prolong that a little bit. Unless you are going to destroy TEst, or keep them at permanent war, at some point, they are going to recover. And now 100% they are going to go for you now. You may put a term in the peace deal like "We agree to no hard feelings" and they may sign it, but paperless doesn't forget. They'll manufacture or use some other kind of casus belli, but this will be the reason.
  8. No matter what, Lilac, you're still the best thing about Rose
  9. You're definitely not wrong, and the fact that such things happened are a testament to incompetency on our side. Instead of thinking long-term a lot of alliance leaders tried to gain short term advantages. This being said, it was also a different time, a time when our alliances were competitive to yours at least. When Rose, UPN, VE were at the top of their game, and at the top of the alliance rankings. Our leaders decided to destroy relationships with plots because they thought they could take Syndisphere in a fight. Obviously, we were wrong. Now, the question is what to do moving forward from now. We can't catch you anymore, unless you let us catch you, is the point I'm making. If you don't want to let us catch you, then it's just going to be curbstomp after curbstomp until our side just stops playing, or someone gets ambitious in your camp and tries to upset the order of things by breaking up your bloc. Just a disclaimer, I'm definitely not speaking for the NPO on this issue nor do I have any idea where our FA guys and our Emperor want to take the NPO. I'm speaking for myself, a person who considers himself part of the opposition. Not because I don't like you guys or anything, many of you guys are pretty awesome and I've always had great war conversations with you all, but simply because I've always been part of an alliance who has fought Syndisphere in the past.
  10. Yup, they did band together for survival, and that's a good point. A few years ago, it was tC & Paragon that were the monsters, not the Syndisphere. However, unlike Paracov, those core groups didn't really have an established history of bad blood between them. The struggles and friction between SK and Rose, Rose and tC, and SK/Guardian and VE were always apparent during those eras. When it was time to band together for our survival/hegemoney, many of us did not think well of each other, and that fragmentation translated to miscommunication on every level. And that miscommunication leads to things like Rose only have 1 day to mobilize, as in during the Silent War. Losing a war with someone often makes bonds stronger between those alliances, but losing enough wars with someone makes you resentful and lethargic. I'm only speaking for alliances that have been here for some time, obviously the NPO hasn't been here too long, but being NPO also comes with its own baggage as well.
  11. Exactly, you guys have a strong links among your core groups, and each of these links also contain a significant amount of strength. It's very true that more could have been done, or could be done, to foster a cooperation between our side, to make NPO/tC/VE as close as MenSyn, or Voltr-OOSyndisphere, but at this point, strength on our side is basically tapped out. In order to try and "dominate", we'd probably have to move to your sphere and co-opt those other alliances, all of which you have probably been good too, treated well, and have warm relations with, making it really difficult to poach. And the question is, as soon as we start making some treaties, will we get rolled? If we need to get to the point where we are going to start being friendly with everyone, we can just simply join your sphere for real. Of course, thats not really how it works. People get bored, and its been shown that both sides are more than willing to use weak or non-existent CB's for war, which is fine, but it also means that as soon as any core group from the syndisphere feels like we may be becoming a threat, we'll get rolled. Even if your bloc implodes, I cannot see anything to break OOSyndisphere short of a massive leadership change, you guys are just too good friends, and you control too much NS. I didn't even include Guardian in my numbers average (sorry, I forgot about them :[ ), which means that the OO/Syndicate/Guardian/Mensa Core Group is ~913K, which is just under 30% of all the NS for all alliances in the game. That's pretty insane and well earned. The total combined NS for NPO/VE/tC/Polaris is just above 14% of all the alliances. Syndisphere as a whole just shy of 50% in terms of the total strength of all alliances. In order to compete for dominance, we'd have to unite every other non-TS aligned alliance against you, nearly impossible or try and cause your bloc to implode by you allowing us to break your bloc apart, after which we would need to poach at least 15% of the other alliances that break from you due to remain competitive. Otherwise, its just another curb stomp. Oooh, can we join and be the MIGs!? We should make a Mutual Enmity Pact (MEP). The treaty simply binds the Top Gun signatories and the MIGs! to only engage each other in the event of global, multi-alliance war, and we agree to defend each other from all outside parties that wish to ruin our battle royal in the sky.
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