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  1. Morgan

    Message Report

    Thank you. Already did. However, I'm pretty sure this guy or someone he's associated with has sent sexually suggestive messages to one of our members in the past.
  2. Morgan

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  3. Morgan

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    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=155915 Ruler Name: Oranges Nature of Violation: In-game communication, vulgar language
  4. Morgan

    The lord beckons me

    Best of luck to you and your friends, Apeman.
  5. The Brotherhood of the Clouds and The Federation proudly presents A Meme Competition! What is it? Its a meme competition where the top 3 winners will win a cash prize! Scared to lose your money? Yeah...I am too...just kidding. How does it work? A template will be selected by Kosta and I. To participate, you will deposit $1,000,000 in game money to the Bank of The Federation and send your meme to me on Discord. Participation is open to all. Except Kastor. He a bad man (is he even still around?). Participants are limited to 3 submissions. When and where? Submissions will begin immediately. Message me on Discord and I will send you the template. Participants will have 72 hours to make a submission. The competition will take place on the BoC Discord in the #meme-competition channel. How are winners chosen? Participants will be given a role on the BoC discord. Only participants can vote on submissions. Once submissions have completed, each submission will be posted in the channel for participants to vote. Winners cuts Participant with the most voted meme gets 60% of all money. Second place gets 30%. Third place gets 10%. How do I know this is legit? There will be a spreadsheet that tracks every submission. We don't keep any of they money. All of it goes to the winners. Click here to view the spreadsheet. Why are you doing this? Why not? Lets have some fun.
  6. Morgan

    "The Die is Cast"---SPQR is Here

    Just merge with RnR.
  7. Morgan

    Cloudy Garden Party

    May the Dragon Gods bless this alliance!
  8. Morgan

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    Best of luck Pantheon
  9. Morgan

    Fun New alliance

    6 days, 8 hours, 29 minutes
  10. Morgan

    Valyria protects Order of Storm + Gov Changes

    Prior to the last war, Valyria had tried for an extended time to work with Rose and better relations, with the potential goal of becoming allies. However, it was became evident that Rose didn't want to work with Valyria after a number of unsuccessful attempt to open diplomatic relations with them on our end. Those kind of things happen with time to time when relatively new alliances like Valyria are trying to establish themselves within the realm of foreign affairs. Some will want to want to further relations, others won't. Now to claim that Valyria intended to seperate them from Rose to bring them into our sphere. We did want them in our sphere, and that's evident as we offered protection to Oblivion. From the beginning Oblivion made it clear that they would remain close to Rose. I along with other Valyrian government acknowledge Oblivion's intentions. But to suggest that we wanted to seperate them from Rose, that's absurdly unfounded. Once Rose signed Mensa, that is where the issue developed. So long a Rose remained within our current sphere there was never an issue, and Valyria never intended to seperate Rose and Oblivion.
  11. Morgan

    Valyria protects Order of Storm + Gov Changes

    I'd welcome you to point out the relevance of your quote. Otherwise, stick to your...Lordaeron.
  12. Morgan

    Valyria protects Order of Storm + Gov Changes

    My comment was in response to Keegoz's. It was logical for me then to respond to your baseless quote of my response to Keegoz.
  13. Morgan

    Valyria protects Order of Storm + Gov Changes

    Valyria had no intention maintaining Oblivion protection if their other protectors swapped spheres. It was a choice I personally asked Oblivion to consider, going with us or Rose. They chose, no hard feelings. Now, Kastor that's what was best for us given the potential circumstances we could have been pushed into having to protect an alliance protected by alliances on both spheres. Any alliance acts in their best interests and that is certainly no different with Valyria. While it may be acceptable practice for an alliance to have multiple protectors on opposite sides of the treaty web, Valyria exercised its right to ask Oblivion to consider the ramifications of being protected by two alliances with nearly opposite foreign affairs paths. Oblivion then exercised its right to withdraw from Valyrian protection.

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