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  1. Tfw the troll you're complaining about consistently makes more detailed and higher effort posts than you
  2. good luck have fun o/ everybody make sure ya'll blow shit up so the war is plenty fun
  3. This is a quality of life suggestion I've been wanting for a long time, I've seen it suggested elsewhere but it never really got done. If there was a checkbox where you could just set it so that any changes you make to a city are done to all cities, it would make it much easier to handle the nations with 10+ cities. Maybe it could only be allowed in cities that have identical improvement counts (to prevent bugs) or something, I don't really care - I'm just really tired of even a small change to my nation build requiring an unreasonably large time investment.
  4. Perhaps rather than completely removing them, we could make them soft caps that get exponentially more difficult to get more of as your nation grows? So the smaller nations would have a tangible benefit in that they have a higher resources produced : infra ratio, but you can still acquire some more slots as you go.
  5. It would actually be really interesting to see a dynamic market with its own crashes and booms take place. Maybe not fun for everyone at all times (which is definitely a concern to think about), but a realistic market with huge variation based on the ingame needs and productions would certainly have an appeal of its own. At any rate, it would probably be better than "everybody absolutely needs to max their steel production... and then other than that do whatever really"
  6. Aw yis, illegible treaties are the best kind Go Valdoroth! Make SK's treaties great agan!
  7. The playerbase pretty much self-regulates the immature players out. Most of them find themselves booted from their alliance, war decced, etc. pretty quickly, especially those leading alliances. The only exceptions are the immature players in neutral alliances (but those kind of players aren't typically very vocal or active, though it does happen), and the trolls who are literally just there to piss people off anyways. So, combine the fact that it shouldn't change much of anything with the absolute impossibility of implementation and the loss of players who are young but actually know how to play the game properly, and... well, you get a whole lot of nothing.
  8. That isn't even remotely related to the topic at hand, though. He's suggesting that you can tell your soldiers to target infra, loot, etc. Not that planes could do literally anything different from what they currently do.
  9. I currently still have the flag from the D'Haran Empire, but unless I change it I'm unable to edit any other nation info (including color, government type, etc.) I don't think it's unreasonable to allow people to keep flags that are already assigned to their nation
  10. Nah, last time a bunch of members got poached by Uranicus Socialitus and our remaining few went our separate ways. I was the only one to go to SK.
  11. Thanks everybody And it's cool Glorton, I don't take any of it personally. There's some mechanical flaws that make it a bit more difficult imo, but to be real without them there still would have been the whole issue where our lower tier was fairly sparse and yours is much more extensive, and with the offensive strike against us I don't think there's any way we could reasonably have expected a complete win there regardless of mechanics. Honestly this was probably coming regardless, I won't have a lot of free time for a long time to come. This just kind of accelerated the process because the last thing I wanted was to be an inactive leader who had to sit by while his alliance got raided.
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