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  1. For Ashland! I miss the spy master.
  2. I died when I saw Pantheon packed for a vacation gg
  3. You can thank my spur of them moment decision for that.
  4. o/BoC, glad to have this treaty with some old friends.
  5. Congrats on a treaty between 2 great alliances.
  6. Here's a blast from the past LF. Onto the next now, good luck.
  7. Glad to finally have this up. It's been great working with t$, I look forward to our continued friendship.
  8. You made a weiser choice bud. I look forward to working with you Jesse, best of luck moving forward.
  9. This looks like a dank banner, it was meant to be. Signed for The Chola, ArkiriArch, Triumvir Aerys Targaryen, Triumvir Conroy (V) (o,,,,o) (V), Triumvir
  10. The stay logged in option for P&W no longer seems to be working for me anymore. I check the box and log in, but once I close my browser it doesn't save. I have tried redoing it multiple times, I am not using it on multiple devices, so I don't believe the problem is on my end..
  11. Well of course, where else is a lowly pleb to find a bank that's 10/10 gr8 m8?
  12. #CirrusBank2016 The fabulous one shall rise again.
  13. I can confirm he has a bank. He only services plebs though.
  14. I'm sorry but you're sheepy for life, there's no escaping it. Also thank you for adjusting the spy odds display.
  15. The nation age sounds like a good way to do it. The hard part will be coming up a long enough time period though. It can't be too short or else there's not much value to the whole idea. You also have to remember the oldest nation currently is only 645 days old.
  16. Moreau III, greatkitteh, and inst of course. The 3 great pillars of our community.
  17. There's nothing wrong with the city images, I think it's a nice addition. If we could eventually upload our own images like others have said that would be even better. The only issue that needs to be fixed is the mobile city display. Simply revert it back to the previous mobile display.
  18. Who are you all and what have you done with the Orbis community? This guy normally would have been K.O. 5 min in.
  19. Mad Max please, http://picresize.com/
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