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  1. For Ashland! I miss the spy master.
  2. I died when I saw Pantheon packed for a vacation gg
  3. You can thank my spur of them moment decision for that.
  4. o/BoC, glad to have this treaty with some old friends.
  5. Congrats on a treaty between 2 great alliances.
  6. Here's a blast from the past LF. Onto the next now, good luck.
  7. Glad to finally have this up. It's been great working with t$, I look forward to our continued friendship.
  8. You made a weiser choice bud. I look forward to working with you Jesse, best of luck moving forward.
  9. This looks like a dank banner, it was meant to be. Signed for The Chola, ArkiriArch, Triumvir Aerys Targaryen, Triumvir Conroy (V) (o,,,,o) (V), Triumvir
  10. The stay logged in option for P&W no longer seems to be working for me anymore. I check the box and log in, but once I close my browser it doesn't save. I have tried redoing it multiple times, I am not using it on multiple devices, so I don't believe the problem is on my end..
  11. Well of course, where else is a lowly pleb to find a bank that's 10/10 gr8 m8?
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