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  1. Why do your posts keep showing up as unread for me?
  2. Now poor Lyro's gonna have to go comfort NotABot... That douche RIA_FA_BOT won't make things any easier.
  3. Lol @ me in the background
  4. Best alliance of the month: Guardian Most annoying player: Spyro Best war: BoC-ESA Best Alliance Thread: N/A Best Leader: Prefontaine Best new player: Fox Nicest Player: Don Juan Best Alliance Recruitment Thread: Sigma Best Forums: Guardian Best Military: Guardian Most Likely to get Rolled: Guardian Best Treaty Signed: I guess the Dawnguard thing
  5. Spyro repaid Fraggle's loan. Fraggle was expelled after he admitted to spying on other nations to destroy their missiles. Spyro wanted his repayment on Fraggle's behalf refunded, after Fraggle had been admitted into VE.
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