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  1. Vynneis

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    Not saying that attacking diomedes was wrong, I agree with that. I was pointing out that he complained about cos attacking a micro, while rolling a weak af aa (albeit one with a stolen bank from Argos) CB is irrelevant to what I said. I just pointed out that it was hypocritical
  2. Vynneis

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    > posts unfunny shitpost about attacking 3 nation alliance >whines about rolling micros. kek
  3. Vynneis


    when you get pinged in 8 other discord channels about the same thing
  4. idk man pretty tricky, heard you need to click on a link and and and and and hear this you have to click on another button the says 'apply' idk man seems pretty confusing i'm thinking they should make a video explaining all this stuff. @godfury ia your recruitment is trash
  5. Vynneis

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    damn godfury sexy af 10/10
  6. Zeus, first cause, prime mover; for what thing without Zeus is done among mortals? The Gates of Olympus are thrust open, will you join us in our halls? You may not see us, but you always see our work at hand, raw might, volatile power, the rolling of the thunder through the great pastures and fields, the swaying of the wheat, the churning of the ocean, the cold grasp of death and the very turning of the earth. We are everywhere, all around you, our pantheon (hehe copyright) has guarded humanity since the dawn, and will continue to do so at the dusk. Join an alliance that has come far since it's beginnings, but not just an alliance but a brotherhood, and thriving community! Will you join us in this chronicle, in this chapter of our history? Will you strive to carve a name, to work with us in the establishment of something great? Requirements: Activity, we need you to log in regularly, that's all. We HIGHLY recommend getting discord, would explain all the benefits but i'd be writing an essay 😃 Have fun, in the end, we are a community, not just an alliance. What we offer: Thoughtfully and carefully made guides to the game, that will take you through everything you'll need to know. Mentors and an academy that will help you through your time as a novice and will answer any questions that you might have. A very active and determined leadership core and the chance to rise and help the alliance in many different ways. An active, passionate and driven community that's always welcoming to new members. A community that is altogether VERY determined and driven, just look at our recruiting officers: Just look at that determination and vigour! Look at how happy that applicant is! You too can be a part of this! Alliance Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4894 Our discord will be on the alliance page
  7. Vynneis

    Afrikan Safari

    fixed it for you bb ❤️
  8. Vynneis

    Afrikan Safari

    Your point being?
  9. Vynneis

    Afrikan Safari

    Well, for starters we're much younger than TUE, sure we're just dogpiling TKR coalition atm so you can't really call it a war, so I won't mention that. I also didn't decide to say that I knew nothing of an alliance, just pointed out the irony in what you said, which in itself is idiotic since Akuryo's in an alliance that was created 3 days ago.. the frick were you aiming at? "Oho, never heard of your 3 day old alliance, haha you suck"
  10. Vynneis

    Afrikan Safari

    sorry, but what has TUE done?
  11. Vynneis

    Open Season

    dunno why you guys hate arrgh praying, they're not even jewish.
  12. Vynneis

    Shifty News Network LLC-Children of the Sea

    ming strong you're talking about sweden...right?
  13. Vynneis

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    why do terms need to be self righteous bullshit where every side does what's 'fair', might as well just ask for the other coalition to impose all the other terms on themselves too. Seems reasonable.
  14. Vynneis

    Creed's Chance (UH Peace and Withdrawal)

    People don't like reading a dictionary, same reason they don't like reading this.

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