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  1. This pair of questions is difficult to answer because they are somewhat contradictory. Some rule violations go unpunished because they escape moderator notice. We have a small moderation staff and each moderator cannot read every post on the forums. We rely a lot on community reports to draw our attention to areas that need review. The rules also give us some discretion with respect to a lot of the rules, so we make judgment calls about particular posts and issue a warn when we determine it is necessary. I don't believe we are heavy-handed, but if you have a particular example in mind, by all means bring it up with us in private. Because the community doesn't make the Forum Rules - Sheepy does. To the extent that restricting the freedom of account-holders to create whatever content they choose on a private forum is "censorship," we believe we can enforce censorship because the Forum Rules establish what is and is not permissible, and each and every account-holder accepted the Forum Rules by joining the site. We do. But to answer the real question you're asking, "Why don't you sit back and only intervene when I think it's necessary?" the answer is simple. Because Sheepy, not Syrup, makes the Forum Rules, and it is Sheepy, not Syrup, to whom we are answerable.
  2. Merged the two threads in order to fill the request of the thread creator for two reserved posts after the OP.
  3. Moved to moderation support, where discussion of moderation issues belongs.
  4. Because this entire thread is made up of images designed to avoid the word filter, and responses to and quotes of same, I'm locking it.
  5. Guys, let's try to keep the discussion here constructive. Save your combo spam for the Spam Subforum.
  6. Creating posts “calling out†moderators or the game staff is prohibited. Any concerns with the moderation staff should be addressed with the game administrator, Sheepy, via pm. Locking this thread now.
  7. When Skynet said the thread would be unlocked when Sheepy returns, there was an implied "from Peru" at the end of the sentence. Perhaps it could have been stated more expressly, but that's why the threads haven't been unlocked yet. Sheepy hasn't returned from Peru. We want any discussion on the issue of changing rules to occur while Sheepy is present to see the discussion as it is happening, rather than coming back to a long, detailed thread that has likely gone off the rails into non-productive discussion. This is important because a change in the rules needs to be the result of a conversation with the admin, not just a conversation in front of the admin.
  8. Locked. I've merged your two accounts and restored this account to the same status as your previous account (Banned).
  9. Questionable Actions and Content The guidelines above may not cover every situation. Should we encounter something that we deem harmful to the community, we reserve the right to take action against it. Moderation Staff Speculation regarding the identities of game staff and/or revealing identities of game staff is strictly prohibited. These actions are punishable up to, and including, a ban on your forum and game account. Being rude or disrespectful to any of the game staff is not allowed. Creating posts “calling out†moderators or the game staff is prohibited. Any concerns with the moderation staff should be addressed with the game administrator, Sheepy, via pm. Abuse of the report system is strictly prohibited. Do not ask to become a moderator. Moderation positions are invitation only. The response we've given to this action has been generous. I publicly posted that further instances of the behavior would be unacceptable, and you responded by deliberately defying that statement as well as violating the specific rules regarding Moderation Staff. For that, you received a warning. Then, you deliberately came here and created a post calling out moderators, again in violation of the specific rules regarding Moderation Staff. In response to that second violation, instead of locking the thread immediately and giving you another warning, I unlocked the thread and gave a more detailed explanation for the reason behind my initial post (the one you deliberately ignored). It might have been. A short post like that is less likely to evoke a visceral response than the ASCII picture you were using. But ultimately, the issue was with the repetition, not the content. Had I made similar post in response to you copy/pasting "Hurrah, we won," then the same result would have occurred had Pfeiffer made the same post, only substituting "Hurrah, we won" in place of your "Dio flag."
  10. The thread shouldn't have been locked, but the warn was justified. This is the same as when we've had members respond to threads by simply quoting another person's post with no additional content. It's fine for a short time but eventually it becomes spam. By all means, celebrate your victory. But don't just copy/paste the exact same message as everyone else without anything further.
  11. That's enough of these posts guys. Further ones will result in warns.
  12. As you can see, that word is not filtered here at all. Clearly someone who typed @$$ would be guilty of attempting to evade the word filter, but would not receive a warning because he has not evaded the word filter. In other words, I have no idea what you're talking about. The problem you identify doesn't appear to exist, and the event that you say prompted this post doesn't appear to have ever happened.
  13. Moved topic to Moderation Support, as it is a discussion regarding moderation rules. Be advised that the moderation team is the final and only arbiter of what is and is not a rule on these forums. Any discussion had here, no matter how much of a consensus you think you have built, will not be binding on the moderation team in determining what is and is not acceptable word use. That said, see this post for a simple rule-of-thumb that may come in handy when deciding whether to report something for profanity. In addition, two warns have been issued in this thread for filter evasion.
  14. Replying to, or “bumpingâ€, old, unpinned topics which have been inactive for at least 30 days.
  15. Alliance Affairs - topics with no posts for at least 10 days will be considering gravedigging.
  16. No, this is an open discussion forum. The subforums are non-discussion forums.
  17. Okay, that's enough guys. The next contentless reply in this thread will get a warning.
  18. Stay on topic, people. I've hidden the topics that were completely off-topic. Do not respond to the portions of posts that are off-topic.
  19. Moved to Game Discussion forum.
  20. Let's try to keep responses in this forum productive.
  21. You made it. It's your art. You're not the owner. You donated it to the Socialist International, and the Socialist International now owns it.
  22. Not to mention it isn't harminator's job to police forum etiquette publicly like this. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If you see what you believe to be a violation of the Forum Rules, file a report using the link next to the post button. Replying to the offending post does not constitute a report, and does not guarantee the post will be brought to the attention of a moderator.
  23. Couldn't have done it without all the rest of you! I'd like to thank the all-father Paladine and everyone else whose efforts made this possible.
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