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  1. I have returned. I understand that I made a mistake declaring war on the 99 percent. They bested me in combat by reporting my multi "Itsafap" With all of that out of the way, I have discovered a false neutral alliance. This false neutral is known as the "Green Protection Agency" They are all full of noobs ready to be penetrated. Because Sheepy is a moron, I cannot make a alliance as of yet, but later when I do create one... GPA will be penetrated. For now though - My Alliance, "Penetration" officially declares war on the Green Protection Agency for being a false neutral. We are equal coalition members with Guardian and Terminus Est. GPA... You just got penetrated. ~PENETRATOR~
  2. The Penetrator himself has returned for some more assasinations. Message me if anyone deserves some maximum penetration. I'm excited to be back on the forums to wreck all the noob kids, though I am done with the 99%. ~PENETRATOR~
  3. My multi did. I declared war on that bad alliance though!
  4. Well the 99% is weak. So many inactives, so many weak soldiers. I am at the level where I will crush their raiding. At least enough to dent them
  5. Recently I have noticed a terrible small alliance filled with amateurs. Yes, they are the 99% and their raiding will be put to a stop. Let me and my multi go to work on these kids
  7. Nah Sheepy's gay. He can't lift a small finger and ban my ass. That little shit..
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