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  1. There's Kastor for you. Now, I've wanted to transmit this special message to Heinrich Kaufmann: Ha! Told ya so! Lol this is even worse than robbing the bank. Selling an alliance, I gotta say, that's a first
  2. I know, my nations still here because I can't delete because of war
  3. I quit my nation. I'll be taking a spectator position in the forums soon
  4. I would tell, but I would get rolled even more than I already am. And yeah, you're right about Cobalt (obviously)
  5. I don't think they should have. But I mean, I could name 3 alliances that want to roll Titan in the top 20. Rose is just trying to pick a fight with Cobalt. They have been for a long time.
  6. Lol, "Your Mom". Anyways, good luck. We've always had good relations.
  7. Are you kidding me? Wow, Rose, you really need to put more thought into whom you protect.
  8. Somebody needs to take down Titan before it is to late. And Rampage, you seriously joined Titan?
  9. Was it "Quick and Dirty" or was it higher? Because Quick and Dirty might make sense depending on the amount of soldiers he had.
  10. Can confirm that Henry does indeed poach.
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