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  1. @VE You're screwed... Happy hunting guys
  2. an awesome alliance full of awesome people you'd of thought you'd never see this here but... o/ Vanguard Now let's get some assimilatin' done!
  3. Too bad Having Khestra on our forums would be cool
  4. Khestra is cool Why isn't Khestra a diplomat to Arrgh?
  5. ummm how do you think we learned to grow Corn (A plant native to Mexico)? the ag revolution played out independently in North America and Asia aswell. namely mid continent North America and the Asian steppe/Yangtze valley. That was all low yield farming tho, they were vulnerable to droughts and famine/crop failure. what makes you valuable is high yield farming that could support a moderate population for 2 years off one crop season. that and better irrigation practices, the practices back than were on par with that of sub saharan africa today. Industry is another thing that makes you valuable,
  6. can you cook Fillet Mignon? if so what's your favorite recipe?
  7. Somebody gets it! Thank you What I was saying is alot of communities filter Ass, but not Arse, Fanny, Backside, rear end etc. I guess this could be extended to other words aswell. I intended this also to be a discussion of filtered words in general. alot of what we have filtered aren't bad words at all. What I'm getting here is we're filtering words because they SOUND vulgar when in other contexts they're not vulgar at all. in your points of view what should constitute a vulgar word?
  8. Judging by your avvy I came to the conclusion that your lucid dreams involved nuns and AR-15s lol
  9. How come on forums like this, Ass is a bad word and is usually filtered but Arse is allowed when they mean exactly the same thing? I mean wouldn't it make sense to filter US cusswords and their UK english counterparts (ie filtering both Ass and Arse) since you could sidestep the word filter by simply using the UK spelling? what prompted this was Ozon3 getting busted for using the word Ass and confusing the word filer, but numerous posters have used Arse (Which isn't filtered at all). I feel the word filter should be expanded to cover the UK spellings of swear words. discuss.
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