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  1. "Nick gur" is pretty clear. Also multi.
  2. Writing up a response now, sorry for delay. @Nadya Iwakura
  3. Corpsman


    I couldn't agree more. Some I would look at more than others, we don't want to funnel extremists here like NationStates. Focus on the more relaxed and more memey channels than hardcore political channels.
  4. The Queen receives the General's message, and decides to change her plan. As the Human's do not want help, they will not get help. The Israelis will still attack the Demons and Vampires.
  5. If this is a scam to you I envy your life.
  6. Can confirm, Firwof is like that uncle who thinks 5G gives you cancer.
  7. Firwof, you're a great guy....usually. Face it, you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed. It isn't hard to figure that out. But to play devils advocate, ChangeUp lives in the state that technically isn't even a state and they think they are still part of the 13 colonies.... Ahem, "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania" You gotta be pretty silly in your head to live there.
  8. https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/the-burning-monk-1963/
  9. Nationstates flashbacks Oh God.....
  10. I read up on it. Red-lining doesn't make sense, because if a bank doesn't want to give someone a loan they don't have to. Then they miss out. No loans=no interest=no profit. There is obviously another reason that you don't see, why would someone not loan out to a man that can pay it back? Now, if said man cannot pay it back then they don't loan to them. To be blunt, there is something other than racism that isn't studied in "red-lining". COINTELPRO was a pretty shitty thing done by the US government. But frick you if you think that it was racist. They attacked the Black Panthers as much as the Ku Klux Klan. They were not justified, but they weren't racist either. They targeted anyone against the government, white or black. The "federally funded crack epidemic" is bs. It was shipped from Columbia by drug traffickers. There is no evidence that the U.S Government backed it in any way shape or form. Ghettos, as I said, are not exclusively black. They are poor. Ghettos have no issue of their own, they have healthcare, education, law enforcement, and elected representatives. If everyone in a "inner city neighborhood" left (and took their graffiti, trash, and drugs with them) it would look like any other part of that city. The issue is the people in that neighborhood, not the neighborhood itself. "Stop-And-Frisk" of minorities I can't provide any evidence against, so I will give you that one. I couldn't find many reliable sources on it and I hear about it a lot so fine, cops check minorities more often. Tbh I don't blame them. The majority of police officers feloniously killed on duty is by black men https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/ucr/leoka. I don't think it is justified exactly, but it makes some sense. I do love having these debates by the way.
  11. Israeli PT boats circle the wreckage and collect survivors. Cmdr. Uri gets court martialled for attacking, although he didn't know a cease fire was ordered. The remaining ships retreat. Israeli losses are damaging, but not crippling. 5 frigates sunk 4 corvettes sunk 1 cruiser heavily damaged 3 corvettes heavily damaged 40 planes destroyed 9,000 Israeli sailors and airmen are killed or missing in action. It is a somber day in Israel, and the seeds are sown for an all out war with Mariage one day. Witch hunts accelerate in Israel and mass executions of non-humans are being administered by Duchy militias and the Israeli citizenry. Upon returning, a daring plan is set up to support the Human Alliance in Asia...
  12. Tbh, if Weebunism or GPC joins in I will join in and bring my allies. Cuz damn, we need a GW again. *thicc Jk Shadow's skinny af.
  13. Queen Alice hangs up. She turns to her advisor, "Well. I suppose we will have to find another way to the Human Alliance. Pull back the Israeli ships, have them repaired in the Duchy of Arabia." The message is relayed to the fleet, but not quite quick enough. Although visibility is nil and the Israelis are heavily damaged, the first 2 frigates ram the enemy cruiser and 4 corvettes ram the enemy frigate. The ships pushed through the magical shield, and the Israeli sailors hopped off onto the now sinking enemy ships. Every sailor is armed to the teeth and will fight tooth and nail to the death. The witches on the top decks are gunned down before they can respond, and the Israelis start spreading out. Every surviving witch is hogtied and handcuffed. It is unknown if they can escape or not. The Israeli aircraft return and launch missiles towards the airships, before turning around and landing on the carrier which is currently retreating at max speed. Israeli ships not currently in combat retreat. Currently in combat are, 4 frigates, 6 corvettes and 1 cruiser.
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