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  1. No I skimmed them. I gtg, but it was nice talking to you (except for the insults).
  2. 1. Shit that happened in the 30s can hardly be used. 2. ^^^ There is no more racial segregation. If you are poor then you are in low-income neighborhoods. That's not racism you idiot. 3. Private businesses should be able to hire or not hire whoever they want. I wouldn't WANT to work somewhere someone doesn't want me. But hiring discrimination is also illegal, so that is bullshit. At my old ambulance squad in Monroe, NY (a very conservative area) the whole station is plastered with anti-discrimination signs. The government also can not discriminate against races. That statement is purely bullshit. 4. I am not too sure about this one, but I will look into it. 5. If you can't afford food then you don't have food. This applies to white people too, dunce. 6. Same as above. At least @Hodor has an argument. You and @Akuryo sit on the side lines using insults to justify your insecurities and SJW beliefs. Get in the fray or get out. I can hold respect for Hodor as someone with opposite beliefs because he has the guts to defend them. You are worse than wrong, you are just tip-toeing around trying to win by throwing "ignorance" at me and trying to discredit my valid opinions and arguments.
  3. Lmao, if I was to pretend to be anyone I wouldn't pretend to work a minimum wage job sir. What point did I miss my friend? Also, I am far from an apologist. How many fricking times have I condemned that cop. I hope he goes to hell for what he did. But, unlike the real murder apologists here, I am also condemning the violent and lethal riots around the country. frick you and your apologist shit. Hypocrites.
  4. I am waiting for a rebuttal, any response, from anyone that disagrees with me. Please, the tension is boiling over.
  5. I am saying both sides. I condemned no violence. It is not explicitly about anything. And no, bad people are not by my eyes people of color. I specifically said that racism should not be tolerated. I was making a point that you cannot say that it is wrong that more black people are killed, it is just the situation that it is. There are no fricking traps keeping black men in poverty. That belief is ignorant, and every black millionaire would tear you a new !@#$ for that and that belief in and of itself is racist. I am not racist, not even close. I firmly believe all races are equal and are bound by their own actions. In the United States, a capitalist and democratic nation, you can move up and down classes through your own actions. Latinos own businesses, Asians own businesses, and those of color own businesses, there is no fricking trap. Please tell me where I was wrong? Am I wrong when I say these riots are unjust? Or saying police brutality should be punished? Or maybe me providing evidence debunking the police targeting of black people?
  6. The murder of George Floyd was a tragedy and the officer should be punished. The rioting is unacceptable, and rioters should be arrested. People of Orbis, what are your thoughts?
  7. All lives do matter equally. If I asked a 1000 random people on the street if black lives matter they would all say they do. The issue is, we don't need to focus on the black. Or white. Or anything. The issue doesn't lie inherently with race. There are white people who hate black people. There are black people who hate white people too. Black cops that are racist towards white people I'm sure. The issue isn't race, the issue is that there are bad people out there. That will never go away, so let's try and remedy it. Bad cops should not be cops, period.
  8. Also, read this. https://quillette.com/2019/07/27/dont-blame-police-racism-for-americas-violence-epidemic/ Black cops kill more black men than white cops. I shall say say again, police brutality is horrible and should not be accepted. But don't make it a matter of race or anything, it's all across the board. Shitty cops exist. Punish them.
  9. Colored folk and Hispanic folk are 80% more prevalent in gangs then white people, and Colored folk account for 50% of all homicides in the U.S. Black youth is 50% more prevalent in robberies and murders than other youth. It is also way more common for a black man to kill a police officer than a white man. Less black people yet more crime committed by them is kinda worrying to me. Still, it doesn't make police brutality right. I am just saying. Oh, also, it is suspected it wasn't over race anyways. Floyd and that officer worked at a nightclub. What if it was over some girl, or promotions or something? Why does everyone jump to racism?
  10. Hassan, Shifty, Boris, Shadow, and I love bullying and harassment. Especially when directed at us. We are got at trolling and being salty because we grew up being bullies and salted. This is why you will never live up to us. Proceeds to bully Firwof
  11. Nobody says "Dudettes" anymore. That's some 2009 shit.
  12. Did you know half of all police killings are white? And the other half is split between black, asian, and latino? I don't see white riots. Or asian or latino for that matter. Mind you, police brutality is horrible no matter the race. Look at my updates and come back to me.
  13. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=221625 Nation- Big D*ck Land Leader- Sir Big D*ck
  14. Oh rip. Great series, it's so funny.
  15. I have been suspended the past month lmao.
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