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  1. I actually really like this treaty. Very wholesome. May your years be bountiful and fertile. Amarr House is the next top 50 alliance.
  2. 'Bout time. Glad we don't have to swoop in and give Aurora a good anime indoctrination session.
  3. Oof I just got hit with nostalgia from the days of IronFront.
  4. Whoops, I should clarify. Healthcare and insurance are profitable while everything else I said is not. @Zim I wanna respond but I am about to leave for work, so I'll respond later.
  5. What part of Orbis school did you miss? K.
  6. Lmfao. Maybe you mistyped. Reread the message you quoted me in, then said I missed some part of orbis school.
  7. Because what you said was clearly meant as an insult. And also, my alliance is literally to the left of this message smh. Also pt. 2 you must have a very short attention span, but I won't begrudge you with my past.
  8. What part of common sense school did you miss? But for one, ad hominem. For two, none. As I have been in every field you can possibly be in in PnW.
  9. raid /rād/ noun a sudden attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces in warfare. "a bombing raid" verb conduct a raid on. "officers raided thirty homes yesterday"
  10. That's more than the GPC members had on them, damn. Guess in this day and age people just keep massive chunks of money on their nation 😜
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ For a radio host, tbh, that vid was kinda poor quality. TL;DR, TCM decides to start fighting back.
  12. Omg, we totally should do that. Weebunism, TCM, Chocolate Castle, and a bunch of micros would be poggg! Sadly, I doubt that'll happen.
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